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The Downwards Procrastination Spiral And How To Permanently Break Free

Last update: Sep 9
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Scientists confirm: procrastination has much worse side effects than we thought. Even worse, the damage is both mental AND physical. But you’re going to love this cure to this dangerous habit…

We’re paying a devastating cost for being lazy.

And the worst part is that most of us are completely unaware of the damage it’s causing.

Every time we mindlessly scroll through our phone…

Or lose hours staring blankly at random videos and social media posts…

We may THINK it’s just time we’re wasting.

We may THINK we can catch up later.

But it turns out we’ve been very, very wrong.

New studies show that our phone addictions, laziness, and lack of focus… are breaking havoc on our mental health.

And while I hate to give you even more bad news…

These seemingly harmless habits can also cause long-term body problems.

It’s actually extremely stressful on our bodies when we don’t follow through on our goals — when we ignore our responsibilities and don’t pursue our full potential.

And just a quick look around you proves my point!

Rates are skyrocketing for depression, anxiety, drug or alcohol abuse, diabetes, cancer, and dozens of other diseases that used to only affect a small number of folks.

How have things gotten so bad?

Could it really be connected to our lack of motivation, wasting time, and losing focus?

Short answer: Yes!

And if you don’t address it soon, things only get worse.

Some good news: it’s actually really fast and easy to break out of this dangerous cycle… once you discover your “Procrastination Type.”

It’s the key to literally dissolving all the resistance and dark clouds in your head.

Once I unlocked these hidden sources of my problems, it blew open the doors to relief and real happiness…

My self-esteem came flooding back. It’s like I was truly living for the first time. Depression became a thing of the past.

Once you discover it, you might feel a surge of regret over not learning it sooner…

You’re about to discover why you’re the victim of a very common, very sneaky set of habits called The Procrastination Cycle… 

And how to eliminate it forever…

Woman wondering

So if you’re dealing with symptoms like…

❌ Low self-worth

❌ Depression and low energy

❌ Anxiety over your future

❌ Conflicts with others

❌ Unstable mental or physical health

Then I’m willing to bet you’re a victim of this “Procrastination Cycle.”

And more importantly… 

If you’re serious about freeing yourself from this horrible cycle…

If you’re sick and tired of suffering from depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety with no good solution in sight…

If you’re not willing to settle for this as your fate…

Then pay close attention to what I say next…

Because I’m going to share an idea that shatters the bad habits at the heart of all your troubles and misery.

And it’s especially effective for women who are struggling with their self-worth and prioritizing their happiness.

Since we’re dealing with a flood of mental and physical health epidemics right now.

What you DON’T need is more…

❌ Motivational YouTube videos

❌ Feel-good Instagram quotes

❌ Advice telling you to suck it up or that you’re just over-reacting

Psychiatrist cartoon

Because these solutions treat you with a one-size-fits-all approach…

And science has proven that until you address the TRUE source… and your UNIQUE personality…

Then you’ll get nowhere. And that’s a remarkably depressing place to be.

So how does the Procrastination Cycle keep you struggling and miserable..?

Here’s what’s been secretly controlling your life and tricking you into being a failure.

While we’ve been told we need medication, therapy, yoga, or better lovers… THIS has been hidden in the background of our inner experience… running the show(yikes!)

Keep in mind, this is what therapists discovered as the key to finally releasing all these blocks to personal happiness.

Your life goes something like this…

1. You Set A Goal

You get inspired, fed up, or are finally ready to do “the thing.”

You feel a rush of happy brain chemicals and the world is your oyster — nothing can get in your way (yay!… the Instagram quotes worked!)

2. Unhelpful Rules About Life And Assumptions About Yourself Kick In

This is where the wind is ripped from your sails.

You have beliefs that cause you to freeze, hesitate or feel undeserving.

These beliefs show up as rules and assumptions about you and your life.

Things like…

“I can’t be seen as a failure so it’s best if I don’t try”

“The outcome is too uncertain so I just won’t do anything”

“If I screw it up, others will judge me and I’ll feel humiliated”

… and a thousand other assumptions we have about ourselves that keep us small.

And once these kick in…

3. Discomfort Sets In

Let’s remember where you’re at.

You’ve got this beautiful goal in mind… but now there’s this limiting belief keeping you small and making you believe it’s too hard to achieve your GOALS.

This causes you unbelievable discomfort — both mental and emotional.

In fact, when you sit with it, it’s actually physically uncomfortable to want to chase a goal while you won’t take action.

But this leads to the next very well-known stage of the cycle…

4. Excuses

We’ve now got to convince ourselves of why we can’t achieve that goal.

We have to come up with a “logical” reason why we can’t take action.

And the excuses are usually horribly weak.

Things like…

“Oh, well it’s just not a good time – I’m so busy and all”

“Well, I probably wouldn’t be successful anyways so…”

“I’ll just be made fun of and attacked… I can’t take the stress”

But you KNOW that you’re strong and talented enough.

You know that these excuses are flimsy at best.

And so, to distract yourself, you turn to…

5. Procrastination…. Wasting Time

This is where you turn to mindlessly scroll through Instagram…

Binging Netflix and YouTube videos.

Finding someone to argue politics with.

Complaining, drinking, playing on your phone for hours and hours.

And the consequences of all that are…

You add jet fuel to your depression, low self-esteem, and anxiety…!

All that procrastination!

All of those distractions!

All of that mindless entertainment keep you from feeling your emotions!

And all it does is make those negative feelings 10X worse!

This is where the true downward spiral begins. Where you “lose yourself” and become a shell of the person you once were.

If it’s been going on for years, it can still be reversed.

But every day you wait makes it that much more difficult to face in the future…

Angry woman

How to eliminate The Procrastination Cycle and FINALLY thrive…

If you’re fed up with this self-destructive pattern…

Fed up with feeling like something’s wrong with you…

Then listen close to this:

Everything makes sense once you dissolve the beliefs that are behind your inaction and unworthiness.

And it actually happens fast once you can see the Procrastination Cycle play out in your own life…

You struggle with beliefs like:

❌ I can’t deal with failing

❌ This is beyond my abilities and skills

❌ It’s too difficult to make a decision

And these rules or assumptions are different for each person, making your way of procrastinating and distracting yourself unique.

When you discover your procrastination type, there are easy approaches that unlock your energy to conquer your GOALS.

When you learn that, the floodgates of motivation blow wide open…

How Does It Work?

Using an app called Sensa, you get to discover your core blocks to taking action…

Exactly what sits at the heart of your bad habits.

Many women often think it’s their “ADD” or that they’re just unmotivated, but as we went over, what rests just beneath all that is actually insecurities and feelings of inadequacy.

It’s amazing what we can hide from ourselves! And the damage it causes us.

This leads to missed OPPORTUNITIES and failing to conquer your GOALS!

Learning what sits at the bottom of our biggest issues is the first step.

From there, your tailored plan gives you:

✔️ Simple practices that gently shift mindset + supercharge motivation

✔️ How to re-frame crushing fears, letting you easily own meaningful GOALS

✔️ Input from trauma-informed and experienced mentors on your unique personality

✔️ Scientifically proven(and quick!) methods to stay focused for HOURS at a time!

To really put this in perspective, this is a brand new approach to a widespread and devastating problem.

And it can work for anyone, not just the “gifted” few who seem to be “destined for greatness.”

They start you at your own level and pace.

You’re able to accomplish small wins, growing easily and comfortably…

Until you begin to embody your true potential.

Take a Quick 3-Minute Quiz and Discover Which Procrastination Type You Are to Break Through Your Self-Imposed Limits
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Written by
Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

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