The 7 habits I use to get the Summer Body of my dreams

Who hasn’t heard of the Summer Body? Yes, you guessed it, in this article we’re going to talk about shapes, prejudices, doubts but also what motivates us to reach our physical goals.

As you know, a woman’s body is constantly changing. Some people don’t like it, and her beauty can be appreciated by those who sublimate it or are its detractors.

In both cases, it is up to each one to know how to appreciate herself, at her true value, and to fully assume her curves.

I wish I could say the same about my extra pounds, but I know that I need to slim down a bit to feel good about myself.

So, I decided to share with you the 7 habits I use to get my summer body but not only. It’s also an opportunity to discuss the elements that revolve around this trend and to give you, my opinion.

You didn’t think you could escape it?

Come on, I’ll meet you just below to discover the rest.

Really, what is the Summer Body?

Like every year, the moment to go to the beach is a big appointment. For some, undressing is a source of stress, yet the goal of the summer body is to feel good about yourself.

So, I summarize, do you have a body and a bikini? So, you have a bikini body.

The summer body is a body in which you feel good, we could call it the ‘happy body.’

There is no need to stress about exposing your body, the important thing is to enjoy your moments of relaxation.

Summer is the perfect time to reclaim your body and implement a healthier lifestyle. The happy body is a body that you should feel good in all year round, so a few habits to put in place won’t hurt.

When we talk about the summer body, what are we talking about? Sculpting the most beautiful silhouette in order to obtain the perfect body?

Honestly, does the quest for this perfection fantasized by the media make you happy?

I’m like you, you know, depriving myself of eating foods I like without having the certainty that my results will last leaves me perplexed.

Or testing the new miracle slimming formula and hoping for the so-called miracle just doesn’t work for me.

So, I decided to opt for a new way of looking at things: The important thing is to feel good or to make sure you feel good. Positive vibes only! That’s it.

I prefer to live my life without regrets and get to know myself as a woman to understand what my desires and needs are and to detach myself from sexist pressures that are still too present.

I spoke to you earlier about reclaiming our bodies. We are all subject to the opinion and criticism of others. However, what you may not know is that the criticism that hurts us is most often our own.

Before we can prove or show something to others, we want to convince ourselves.

Too often I have heard myself say: ‘You think I’m fat? What if I did some UV sessions before putting on my swimsuit, I’m white as snow – I can’t show my face, I have extra pounds, it’s not very pretty’, or ‘I would like to change so much, I don’t like myself.’

It’s about time this stopped, isn’t it?

Everyone’s tastes are different, don’t forget that. Everyone is free to judge, but that doesn’t stop you from being you and being proud of it.

What habits do I put in place to get my Summer Body?

1 – I don’t deprive myself of food. I eat better and that makes all the difference!

Do you want to deprive yourself of food to lose weight? Big mistake. It’s important to learn to eat a balanced diet while enjoying yourself.

I have my own routine for this. I eat at regular times. I try to eat lighter in the evening to encourage my sleep. Recovery also counts.

I avoid snacking. All the little temptations are out of my reach. Well, I admit it, I allow myself a little ice cream in the sunshine from time to time.

2 – I eat healthier

I have replaced overly sweet and fatty foods and soft drinks with healthier eating habits.

I choose fresh products rather than ready-made meals. I replaced chocolate bars and cakes with fruit. No more cravings.

3 – I drink water

Hydration is a key point of the summer body. I put aside the sodas and drink exclusively water or tea.

Water helps flush out toxins and fat. I make sure to drink at least 1.5 liters a day, throughout the day, to enhance my results.

If you can, choose lemon or peppermint tea as they soothe the digestive system and help the belly to deflate.

Water is your ally because it acts as an appetite suppressant and speeds up your metabolism. Your body consumes more energy and burns more calories. Isn’t that great?

4 – I do sports

To slim down your body, tone it up, or gain muscle mass, you have no other choice than to go through sports.

Good for you! Sport helps me feel good in my body and in my head. I feel in perfect health, ready to take on challenges throughout the year.

I try to do it regularly to maintain the results I have achieved.

5 – I let go of my complexes

Who invented the word cellulite? I wonder. In the meantime, I prefer to let go of what is natural rather than focusing on the aspects of my body that I don’t like.

6 – I stop comparing myself to others

I realized that we are both unique and different. Why would I want to be like someone else? I am already lucky enough to be able to do something about myself. And who said that there was only one summer body?

7 – I take it ‘one step at a time’

I don’t put pressure on myself either. I have goals and I commit to them. Each time I make progress, I congratulate myself and continue.

Doing the opposite is useless, it would only discourage me, so I move forward serenely and at my own pace.

In fact, I would like to tell you more about my pace and the solution that allows me to obtain my results.

The Keto Cycle Ketogenic Diet

I am fortunate to have discovered Keto Cycle. I’ve been with them for some time now and they’ve helped me understand how to eat a varied and balanced diet to stay healthy.

Okay, I can see where this is going. You’re thinking, “What exactly does she want to talk about?’

First of all, I want to introduce you to the principle of the ketogenic diet. It is a diet very low in carbohydrates (bye-bye sugar) and very high in lipids (fats).

I talked to you about it a little earlier in this article, I put all sweets out of my reach. I let you imagine the apprehensions I had at the beginning of my diet.

And yet…

I didn’t feel the slightest urge to snack or crave food because I had a personalized meal plan designed to fit my pace and cravings.

I can also use their app to make delicious meals for myself. There are over 1,000 recipes. If I have any questions at all, I can just write to them. The customer service is available 7 days a week – 24 hours a day.

Honestly, I am quite surprised by my first results because I have discovered that the ketogenic diet is a way of life in which you apply a real strategy to change in the long term.

Are you ready to become the person you dream of being?

I’ll tell you right now, you’ll need perseverance and determination because the results won’t come without your participation.

It is a commitment you make to yourself but the price is worth it.

I believe that there is no chance, if you find yourself reading these few lines, it is because something is reasoning within you.

Maybe you are missing this little click?

Go to the website or the application of Keto Cycle and answer their quiz.

It’s not very long, they ask you to fill in your age, lifestyle, and habits to receive your personalized meal plan. The plan is tailored over 28 days to your needs.

Join me, together we are stronger.

Results may vary due to personal features.


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