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I Found a Powerful Weapon for Growing Beautiful and Strong Hair That Almost Nobody Is Talking About

There’s always that one person who does whatever to their hair, and it’s still flawless. 

It doesn’t matter what shampoo they use. Or that they heat dry or roughly towel-dry their hair regularly. No matter what they do, they always seem to have beautiful and strong hair.

Like, how is that possible?

I looked around.

I saw shampoo and conditioner bottles lying all over the bathroom floor. Some of them were new, and some of them weren’t even half empty. You can only guess how much it cost me.

I asked myself why… Why couldn’t I have such hair like those people? What was I doing wrong? Maybe they had some kind of hair growth secrets kept away from everyone?

And here I was, having these frustrating thoughts. Standing in the bathroom, looking straight into my own reflection. Right after I was done cleaning the drain that was full of hair… My long dark hair. 

It was nothing but a mess…

I tried almost every kind of shampoo and conditioner. The good news was that the results did change. But the bad news is that it went from nothing to irritated skin, drier, and even more tangled hair.

I had this anxiety whenever I had to take pictures with friends. I always looked for excuses to avoid being photographed. I didn’t want to show myself like this in public and traumatize people for life.

I was tired of others who had better luck than me.

I was tired of wasting so much money only to end up losing more hair. It should have been the other way around.

Later, I found out why so many hair products had failed me before

After reading tons of reviews, I realized that I wasn’t the only one. I’ve seen thousands of women just like me complaining about hair care products they had tried. And for a good reason. 

Many believe that most hair products don’t work because they have potentially harmful chemicals.

Most hygiene products used in the US contain parabens and sulfates (SLS, SLES).

They have been a part of the beauty industry since the 1920s. You can find parabens and SLSs in shampoos, conditioners, face creams, soaps, and more.1 2

Parabens act as preservatives and fight against bacterias or fungi. 

These chemicals are synthetic. Depending on the concentration, they can cause allergic reactions, for example, skin irritation, acne, rashes, or dry skin. Sulfates can remove too much oil from hair, making it rough and brittle, so it breaks easily.3

Did you know that the European Union has banned these substances? But the US still manufactures them?4

It seemed very familiar with my case. So I checked the labels on all of my bottles. And it was true. They had sodium lauryl sulfates and methylparaben.

Woman in sweater

It’s scary that most people don’t even know it. Neither did I. But there was more

I threw away almost all my face creams and shampoo bottles. I was afraid that all this time, I was doing more harm to my hair rather than helping it. I believe this wouldn’t have happened if I had the knowledge.

How can people expect their hair to grow if they use banned chemicals? I believe that many dissatisfied people were harmed by synthetic products. 

I started looking for some natural and environmentally friendly hair growth products.

So I skimmed through what people said about home remedies. 

Some recommended rinsing the hair in coconut oil or rice water. Using coconut seemed like a simple solution. 

But from the comments I read, I found that it worked just for a handful of people. When I tried it myself, it smelled great, but it made my hair dry, and I saw slight color changes.

The same happened with rice water. But this time, parts of my scalp got all flaky. My strands got even dryer than before. 

I saw others discuss the pros and cons of a scalp massage with eggs. But I already had enough of trying magic tricks. 

Of course, I wasn’t going to give up on searching. If someone’s desperate enough, they will find their way out. And that’s what I did.

That’s when I found thousands of people talking about this 4-step organic hair care routine

This caught my attention real quick. I saw comments pouring from all over the world. They claimed that their hair got thicker. Some reported results even after a few weeks.

Everybody was excited about it. Many believed it was the best investment in themselves. 

No synthetics, no parabens, no harmful chemicals, and no animal cruelty. Only healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients.

They used a special set of actions combined with natural products. They called it a 4-step organic hair care routine that includes organic minerals.

It’s supposed to work for all ages, genders, and hair types. And may even help prevent some conditions like androgenic alopecia (a common form of hair loss in men and women).

  1. It starts with using a shampoo dense with organic minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It helps cleanse individual strands and removes harmful toxins. It’s essential for hair recovery after exposure to parabens or sulfates.
  1. The next step requires a conditioner. After detoxification, the hair absorbs liquid and becomes softer, silkier, and shinier. It helps restore keratin, so the hair becomes less frizzy and easier to brush.
  1. The third step involves using a hair mask. It helps infuse your hair with a healthy dose of minerals and vitamins, so the hair repairs itself and grows faster.
  1. And the fourth step requires to top it off by spraying minerals all over the scalp after every wash. This step promotes hair growth. This way, all the minerals disperse equally and nourish the hair.

What was so special about these organic minerals?

They come directly from the soil. They’re created when plants digest rock material through geochemical reactions. This cycle continues for millions of years.5

Minerals include iron, zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, B7, and many more. I learned that minerals are, in fact, safe. They could help hair grow faster and become stronger.6

Smiling woman showing palms

They are often used as health supplements to help boost the immune system. They have anti-inflammatory properties and are rich in antioxidants. 

People who used the 4-step organic hair routine also shared this tip:

“Most hair products use lower concentrations of minerals. That’s why you’d need larger bottles. It also means you’ll have to wait for months to notice any effect.”

I also found that there are mineral-packed hair growth products. They come from a relatively new haircare brand called Moérie. 

Apparently, it’s one of the first companies to use fulvic acid.7 It’s a fraction of soil organic matter that is extremely dense with minerals. 

Fulvic acid has 77 different minerals, 5 vitamins (A, B, C, D, E), biotins (vitamin B7), and antioxidants. They are purely natural elements for healthy hair growth.

Now it all seemed clear why nothing had worked before, what I was missing this whole time. 

I felt that Moérie had that healing mineral power I needed. Here’s what happened when I tried it

I combined the 4-step organic hair care routine with Moérie’s fulvic acid hair growth set.

After several uses, I felt the difference in my scalp. After carefully massaging my head with the shampoo, I felt a slight warm effect. It meant that my skin absorbed all the necessary vitamins. 

The conditioner smelled incredible and softened my hair. It indeed made my locks look silky and shiny. After using the mask, my hair became extra soft. 

When it came to the spray, I was a little worried about it making my hair greasy, but it just made it shine instead! 

My hair feels clean and fresh even after a few days. 

And if we’re talking about my thinning hair, it’s much better. Whenever I run my fingers through my locks, I can feel how thicker they’ve become. I’ve also noticed that my hair is longer and healthy-looking.

I use the 4-step organic hair care routine that feels like meditation. I can keep myself calm and know for sure that it’s doing wonders for my scalp.

Every time I’d take a shower, I’d notice there were fewer hairs in the drain. In fact, soon there weren’t any. 

Now, I wash my hair without worrying about what I’ll find afterward.

When I look back, I just wish I had found this solution earlier. It could have saved me tons of money, time, and nerves. Today I revealed to you that same hair growth secret almost nobody is talking about.

This routine helped my hair become less tangled and brittle. It has grown thicker, became healthier, but most importantly, I finally solved my hair loss problem. 

Looking at my old photos, I would have never guessed that it was me. I am amazed at how shiny my long dark hair is. Today, I feel like a stunning, sexy, confident woman!

Before and after

Use the Ultimate Combination of Minerals to Restore your Hair Health with Moérie’s Hair Growth Set!

Results may vary due to personal features. Always consult a professional for medical advice.




  1. I’ve been dealing with male pattern baldness since I was 20. Yeah, perhaps I lost the genetic lottery… but I didn’t give up hope that one day I will enjoy fixing my luscious hair in front of my mirror like I am today! If you’re wondering if I used growth hormones like rogaine or finasteride, the answer is yes. They were effective, but I had to deal with some side effects that affected my libido; for some, this is the worst-case scenario. I was also unlucky… For the majority of my life, I believed I was born unlucky. But then I came across this article about minerals and a 4-step organic hair growth routine. I had no other option but to give it a shot. And here I am, messing around with my new, soft hair. I used Moerie for at least 7 weeks before completely stopping the use of growth hormones. It worked for me personally. On the Norwood scale, I was at stage 4! But if someone has a more severe condition than I had, then you should probably ask your dermatologist first and then act accordingly. Anyways, thanks again, Moerie, for my new looks!

  2. I was tired of using mainstream products that weakened my hair. I had no idea what was going on for a long time. And this article provided me with all of the information I needed. It was eye-opening! I’m paying more attention to the labels now. I think everyone should understand what these names mean and what they can do to your body. I’ve had my Moerie set for two months, and I’m very happy with it.
    I followed that 4-step organic hair growth routine, and I can’t describe how much my hair has changed since then. Friends, coworkers, and even strangers have complimented me on my hair. By the way, I have curly brown hair. It’s incredible that people notice the improvement that Moerie has given me! I no longer have to collect my hair from the hairbrush, which used to be pretty annoying. I’m enjoying my trips without having to worry about fixing hair. There are so many things I want to say, but one thing is certain: it works!

  3. This is soooo true! I’ve lost count of the number of different hair care products I’ve tried. It’s just mindblowing how these fulvic minerals helped with my hair strength! I’d always wanted thicker, shinier hair that I could enjoy brushing without it getting tangled or breaking. I can now start my day much quicker without needing to untangle my hair and without further damaging it with chemical products. I can feel the power of nature flowing through my hair every time I use Moérie.

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