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Personalized Weight Loss Plans: Holy Grail Of Weight Loss Or Just A Fad Phenomenon?

We have all heard of personalized slimming plans: these famous personalized diet plans take into account our food preferences, our body type, or our sleep habits to burn our extra pounds quickly.

Originally from the United States, this new trend of the “tailor-made” diet is currently all the rage in France, in particular among the younger generations who seem to be more and more concerned about their nutrition and their health 1. But what should he think of these personalized diet plans? Do they really allow you to lose weight faster than “classic” diets? Or is it a simple marketing trick used by the weight loss industry to attract more customers? Our team takes stock.

Thousands of French men and women now swear by personalized slimming plans: these “tailor-made” diet plans take into account our food preferences, our body index, our age, or our body type, to make melt away our extra pounds as quickly as possible. At least that’s their big promise1

While the popularity of this new type of diet is undeniable, many people remain skeptical. Can we really say that these personalized diets are more effective in losing weight than “mainstream” diets, such as the ketogenic diet or the Dukan diet, for example?

According to several nutrition specialists, tailor-made diet plans would indeed have a better chance of working than conventional diets, provided you pay attention to certain scams on the market3

“Some people try to lose weight, but the diet they’re on isn’t really suited to their metabolism,” says Lorraine Brennan, professor of nutrition at Dublin University College.

“They would be more likely to lose weight and maintain their ideal weight by following a diet better suited to their needs.”

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Dr. Cécile Hamont, a nutritionist and dietitian based in Paris, also seems to give the advantage to personalized diets, however warning users:

“While personalized diet plans developed by qualified nutritionists remain one of the most effective ways to lose weight permanently, there are now many so-called “personalized” plans that turn out to be completely ineffective, even lying” 4, explains Dr. Hamont.

In this article, we give the floor to several nutrition experts on how to choose a reliable and effective personalized diet plan, while avoiding scams. For our interested readers, we also offer, in this article, a personalized diet plan suggestion recommended by several nutritionists.

Why do the vast majority of diets fail after just one month

According to a British study conducted by the Medical Research Council, more than 90% of diets fail. Worse: The vast majority of people who start a diet end up weighing more than their original weight 2

This is the famous “yo-yo effect”, which everyone has already heard of. Thousands of people looking to slim down their line suffer from this yo-yo effect every year:

They begin a new diet full of enthusiasm and motivation.

They manage to lose a few pounds in a few weeks while maintaining an iron will.

But after a while… their bodies end up cracking, and they throw themselves on their favorite dessert, candy, or “cheat meal” to relieve the immense frustration accumulated for weeks…

Result: All of their dieting endeavors are sabotaged in minutes of guilty pleasure.

But how come people always end up cracking up? Why do most conventional diets almost always fail?

According to specialists, there are two main reasons for this.

The first is that most mainstream diets are “rejected” by our metabolism5. As Vienna-based nutritionist and dietary researcher Dr. Carl Brunninger explains:

“The majority of popular diets (keto, Atkins, Dukan, low carbs, etc.) are doomed to fail for a large portion of the population. Why? Because they are simply not suited to our metabolic preferences, which are completely unique and extremely difficult to change. This explains why many people who start a new diet feel like they are forcing themselves, punishing themselves, suppressing their true food cravings.”

“The truth is, if the diet you’re trying doesn’t feel ‘natural’ to you, then this probably isn’t for you. Your body will always take over,” he explains.

(We’ll explain later in this article how to choose a personalized diet that can eliminate the “yo-yo effect” for good).

The second reason why mainstream diets don’t work for millions of people is that our metabolism reacts in completely unpredictable ways to the foods we eat6

In other words, eating caramel ice cream can lead to the storage of fat in one person, and produce nothing at all in another…

In a recent study whose results were presented at the annual conference of the American Society of Nutrition, American researchers studied the impact of certain dishes on the metabolism of 1,100 American and British adults, including 240 sets of twins.

They monitored the participants’ blood sugar, insulin and fat levels after they ate dishes such as muffins and glucose drinks.

The study results are troubling to say the least: Foods that spiked a person’s fat levels didn’t necessarily have the same effect on the person dining next to them, even if they acted twins6. In other words, if you give the same muffin to two twins, it is possible that one will gain weight and the other will not!

The conclusion of this study? We cannot hope to lose weight by following a mainstream diet, because the impact of these diets on our metabolism is completely unpredictable.

This is what has led many weight loss experts to strongly criticize mainstream diets:

“Our recommendations, both medical and public health, were based on the principle that if people followed a standard diet, they would lose weight and develop fewer chronic diseases,” says Dr Tim Spector, professor of genetic epidemiology at King’s College London. “In reality, this reasoning is now completely erroneous”6.
It is for these reasons, among others, that so-called personalized diets are becoming more and more popular in France1

Can personalized plans really make us lose weight faster than conventional diets?

Unlike regular diets, personalized diet plans have a reputation for being completely tailored to our metabolism and food preferences. But are they really more effective than conventional diets?

According to several experts, it seems that this is indeed the case. As the prestigious Harvard School of Public Health reports:

Precision nutrition [a diet personalized to our unique metabolic needs] is based on the principle that each person reacts differently to certain foods and nutrients, which implies that the best diet for one person may be completely different from the best diet for another. “ 7

– Harvard School of Public Health

Lorraine Brennan, professor of nutrition at University College Dublin, makes the same observation: personalized diet approaches to our metabolism are more likely to make us lose weight sustainably3.

“Some people try to lose weight, but the diet they follow is not really suited to their metabolism,” she explains.

“They would be more likely to lose weight and maintain their ideal weight by following a diet better suited to their needs.”

And according to Dr. Cécile Hamont, a nutritionist and dietician based in Paris:

“In the vast majority of cases, tailor-made diet plans turn out to be much more effective than standard diets in losing weight, and above all preventing the yo-yo effect in the medium to long term. The most effective diets are generally those that take into account our body index, our food preferences, our body type, our lifestyle, and the specific areas where we would like to burn fat.

However, despite the effectiveness of these tailor-made plans, it would be a mistake to jump on personalized diet plans with your eyes closed3

When personalized diet plans turn into a marketing scam… And how to choose a reliable personalized diet

“While personalized diet plans developed by qualified nutritionists remain one of the most effective ways to lose weight permanently, there are now many so-called “personalized” plans that turn out to be completely ineffective, and even sometimes untruthful”, emphasizes Dr. Hamont.

“There is a difference between a truly tailor-made plan produced by a professional nutritionist, and a free slimming plan generated in two minutes after answering a quiz asking us if we prefer salmon or chicken…”

“Many of the “personalized” plans available online are not reliable at all. They are not made by qualified nutritionists. They do not take into account your body type, your body index, your lifestyle, or your rhythm. As a result, many people end up following loose plans that don’t match their metabolic needs at all.”

Eating salad after workout

“Be aware that the weight loss industry is very unregulated, so scams are quite common,” she explains.

But then if many of these plans are not reliable, how to choose a personalized plan that is really adapted to our body and effective in losing weight?

According to Dr. Hamont, an effective personalized diet plan should share the following three characteristics:

1. Made by a certified professional nutritionist8

“Any personalized diet plan worth its salt should be done by a certified nutritionist. This is the bare minimum. Quality nutrition cannot be improvised. Nutrition is a profession, and if you want to achieve the best possible results in terms of weight loss and health, it is strongly advised to seek professional help,” explains Dr. Hamont.

2. Optimizes our caloric intake according to our body type, and our work and sleep habits

“Everybody is different. When you have a pear-shaped body, you can’t lose weight the same way as someone with an hourglass figure. Our body type must therefore imperatively be taken into account in the development of the tailor-made diet plan. In addition, an effective plan must take into account our work schedule and our sleep cycles, in order to optimize our calorie intake. It is not for us to adapt to the regime, but for the regime to adapt to us.”

3. Allows us to eat our favorite foods as part of the diet

“Finally, a personalized plan must offer us the possibility of eating what makes us happy (while remaining reasonable of course), such as entrecôtes with garlic and butter, chicken wings, or cookie ice cream, for example. If we cannot eat what we enjoy most as part of our diet, the body will inevitably produce irresistible food temptations that will lead to diet failure. The more ‘natural’ the nutrition plan feels to us, the more likely we are to keep the pounds we lose.”

Is there an effective personalized diet plan on the market today? Editor’s Choice

To help our readers, our editorial team has made it their mission to find the best-personalized diet plan on the market today. We have studied the market in-depth and compared more than 14 “tailor-made” diet plans available in France. Each nutrition plan that we have analyzed meets the quality criteria mentioned above by Dr. Hamont.

Based on our analysis, and based on the opinions of professional nutritionists, we believe that an excellent tailor-made diet plan on the market is the “Beyond Body” personalized diet book.

The “Beyond Body” book is a fully personalized manual of more than 300 pages, which takes into account the unique specificities of our metabolism to offer us a tailor-made slimming plan.

This personalized book is generated from a precision nutrition algorithm developed by Christine Zalneraite, certified head nutritionist, dietetics expert, and co-founder of Beyond Body. This precision algorithm, developed by a team of nutritionists led by Christine Zalneraite over more than 5 years of research, makes it possible to create a unique diet plan that corresponds very precisely to our body type, our lifestyle, and our specific dietary needs.

This book can be generated in minutes after answering a detailed questionnaire, prepared by Beyond Body’s nutrition team.

In a few points, the Beyond Body personalized book:

  • Offers you a tailored nutrition plan to burn calories fast based on your specific body type and where you find it hardest to lose fat;
  • It is tailored to your age, gender, food preferences, stress levels, alcohol consumption, work pace, and sleep cycles;
  • Gives you more than 500 recipes, including all your favorite dishes, to make the diet seem as “natural” as possible;
  • An exercise plan tailored to your body type and schedule to accelerate your slimming results;
  • And more.

Over a million personalized nutrition books have been printed since Beyond Body was founded in 2018. And user reviews have been mostly positive.

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  1. Great book! The slimming advice is relevant, and the recipes are both healthy and appetizing. I feel better about my body since I started the plan.

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