Perfect Body’s DNA Book Review by Nicole Schaller

Let’s get one thing straight: the weight loss industry is overwhelming for a person who is just trying their best to get healthier and stop eating potato chips for dinner. 

There seem to be so many crazy rules and contradictory different dieting advice that finding one right path seems impossible. 

I was that person who eats chips for dinner. Right now, I am someone who would occasionally indulge myself with a crunchy treat but mostly eat right without breaking a sweat.

What changed? It’s hard to achieve any results if you don’t have the right plan set in place. Once I started following my personalized wellness program from Perfect Body’s DNA book, I knew exactly what I have to do. 

What’s the fuss about this book? 

Nicole Schaller

It seemed that this book followed me everywhere for a while, from my Facebook feed to my Instagram stories. But it wasn’t until I saw a hard copy of it at my friend’s place that this program really piqued my curiosity.

The book had my friend’s name on the cover, and the entire content was created for her. She is a vegetarian, so the entire meal plan was meatless. She got a personalized workout plan and tips on how to stay motivated and healthy. 

If you follow my Instagram, you know that I am genuinely interested in health and wellness, so I knew right away that I must try this program. 

How does it work

Once you get to their website, you have to answer a ridiculously thorough questionnaire. Of course, it’s necessary to do it because how else would they personalize the plan for you. It’s about 25 questions that cover nutrition, fitness level, your current goals, and other topics. 

You can even choose the color of your book (I chose yellow!)

Check out my first impression of the book in this unboxing video: 

Once I got the hard copy of the book, I was really excited to see that not only it included my name on the cover but also my measurements and goals. It truly makes you feel special!

The program covers 28 days during which you eat healthier, exercise more, drink more water, sleep better, and build healthy habits. It includes a ton of useful tips, including what to do if you cheat on your meal plan.

I found it really useful because the most important thing for me is not to lose weight but to change my behavior. And this book delivers!

For me, one of the key benefits was the value the book provides compared with the price. It is way less expensive than a personalized weight loss program created by a pro dietician and trainer, but it brings just as many benefits. 

The verdict

Nicole Schaller

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is new to weight loss and healthy habit building and does not know where to start. 

This is an extensive guidebook that not only tells you what to do but also explains how your body works and why you should implement the 

Best of all, even though the program is detailed and comprehensive, it’s also very flexible. All the meal plans are based on ingredients that can be interchanged or substituted. I didn’t have to go to a shop or find exotic ingredients once.

Would you like to see what kind of results you would achieve in 28 days with Perfect Body’s DNA Book?

The Results of the Quiz will show you how much weight you could lose in just 28 days.


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