People Used to Stare While She Ate. Now All Of Them Are Loving Her Sparkling Body.

Have you ever noticed how, when a girl’s heavy, people stop and stare while she eats? It’s as if they want to tap us on the shoulder and say, “if you didn’t eat that stuff… you wouldn’t be so big!”

Hi. My name is Jenny. I’m 52 years old, and up until a year ago, I was the fat lady that everyone was staring at. 

I breathed heavily when I walked. I sweated when I ate. I wore loose clothes that wouldn’t cling. I wasn’t just overweight. I was fat.

One day last February, I just broke down and started crying. I couldn’t help it. I had reached my breaking point. I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

I had been on a strict intermittent fasting diet for nearly two weeks. 

Intermittent fasting was producing remarkable results. The weight was practically flying off my body. 

It was working so well that I thought maybe I could give myself a little break over the weekend…

Maybe I could indulge that nudging little voice in my head. So I gave myself permission. “Eat until you’re full.”

Until my cravings were satisfied. 

But the scales said I weighed 196 pounds. 

I couldn’t believe it. Somehow I gained all the weight I had lost in an entire week… in one lousy weekend. 

No big deal? For me, that was a tragedy. I had been trying to lose weight for the last 20 years. 

Keto, Atkins, paleo, even a crazy grapefruit cleanse. Every quick-fix and fad diet known to man — I tried it all. 

They all caused me to feel extremely hungry and deprived. Or else, they took months to show any results, and by that time… my motivation was gone. 

Intermittent fasting was the ONLY diet that helped me lose weight so fast. I lost a good 11 pounds in my first two weeks. 

But intermittent fasting wasn’t without problems. Intermittent fasting, too, got me hungry. It didn’t feel nearly as restricting as traditional diets because you don’t have to watch what you eat constantly… 

But still, a little fun on the weekend was enough to ruin it all for me.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want this to sound like a sob story. 

I’m not telling you all this because I want you to feel sorry for me.

There’s no need for that anyway because my story has a very happy ending. 

Jenny, 52

The next day after my breakdown, I found a fantastic way to reduce, no, almost completely silence my cravings.

It all started with a little quiz I did by a company called DoFasting. They asked me a few routine questions about my age, height, and eating habits. It took no more than 60 seconds from start to finish. 

Then, they made me a personalized offer for a new, appetite-suppressant supplement they made. 

I was skeptical at first, because the last thing I wanted was to be disappointed again. 

But I had nothing to lose so I decided to give it a try. 

This supplement contains a new, patented combination of rare dietary fibers: Glucomannan and Cellulose. These are mother nature’s best natural hunger fighters.

Just one packet a day kept my cravings at bay for over 16 hours. 

Trust me. I know it sounds too good to be true. I wouldn’t believe me either. 

But defying all expectations, the supplement brought my hunger to a dead full stop. And here’s the best part.

Once I started losing weight — with measurable differences in my waistline during the first 36 hours — I kept it off. Permanently. Because I wasn’t hungry all the time. 

Look, I didn’t become super slim overnight or anything like that. But I was seriously impressed. 

And not just about the weight loss I was seeing.

It’s so weird, but I easily eat less now. Gnawing hunger is shut off. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Because DoFasting’s supplement didn’t just stop hunger from interfering with my weight loss. 

The supplement helps me stick to my fasting schedule effortlessly. And because it’s zero calories, it doesn’t get me out of my fasting zone. 

That’s a biggie because no other supplement I know of is specifically helping people make the most out of fasting. My fat-burning is turned on full-time around the clock. 

As soon as I started taking the supplement, my problem areas started shrinking and shaping. 

This includes body parts that I’d never think would look good, like my thighs and midsection.

Today they don’t just look “unfat.” They look great. 

What made the difference? For me, everything changed when I realized and accepted one thing… for good.

Hunger is an irresistible force.

It’s true. I could never lose weight and keep it off on any diet that left me hungry. Sooner or later, my willpower always gave in to hunger. 

Looking back to all the diets I tried… it was clearly true. Hunger was my weak spot. Once I realized and accepted that everything made sense. 

DoFasting’s supplement is a shield against hunger. And a shield against hunger is one of the most reliable ways to lose weight if hunger is your weak spot.

Honestly? If hunger is your weak spot, then I think DoFasting’s supplement is the MOST reliable way to lose weight.

If you can find anything that reduces cravings better than this, I’m happy to buy it from you and pay you good money for it. 

Want to know how losing weight without hunger feels like?

I don’t mean to make you jealous. I just want to let you know what’s possible. 

I didn’t count calories. I didn’t measure portions. I barely even watched the foods I ate. 

Weight loss happened automatically. 

Since I was never really hungry, I’d probably forget I was on a diet if I wasn’t losing weight so fast.

Jenny, 52

Except for when I weighed myself, I forgot I was on a diet.

Some people will hate hearing this and say I’m vain or full of hype. 

Well, all the proof I need is in my mirror. Thanks to DoFasting’s supplement, I have a sparkling new body. 

God, does it feel nice to be able to wear all the tight clothes I never could.

Most importantly, my self-image has improved. 

I don’t just look better. I am more healthy too. 

Bad habits like snacking at night are gone. 

Weird aches and weaknesses in my hands, back, knees, and shoulders all got wiped off. 

My skin has cleared up. And it seems like even some of my wrinkles have faded. I sleep better, and I wake up with more energy.

In short, I feel GOOD. 

How did it happen? I attribute almost ALL of my results to the addition of DoFasting’s new supplement to my intermittent fasting routine.

Would I recommend DoFasting’s new supplement? Here’s my honest opinion

If you’re the type of person, who doesn’t get cravings or easily fights cravings, congratulations. You probably don’t need to try DoFasting’s appetite-suppressant supplement.

But if you’re anything like me – a person who needs a bit of help to control and kick cravings – I honestly think the supplement is 100% worth it.

Here are 4 good reasons why I love DoFasting’s supplement:

✅ Decreased my appetite: One packet in the morning was all it took to crush my hunger pangs.

✅ Didn’t break my fast: I was able to power through long-fasts effortlessly and enjoy the full benefits of fasting. 

✅ Increased my fat-burning: It kept my fat-burning on full-time. My weight loss was faster and more consistent. 

✅ Natural and safe: I experienced no side effects or any issues at all, even though I had high blood pressure and type II diabetes. The supplement is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO.

Want to give it a try?

You can get your own supply of DoFasting’s supplement today. 

But before you do, you need to complete DoFasting’s 60-second free quiz. 

You just tell them a little about yourself – where you are in your fasting journey, your hunger patterns, age, and your goal weight.

Then, DoFasting’s team takes that information and makes you a special custom offer that’s perfect for your body’s exact needs.

If you like the offer, you can try the supplement. If you don’t, no problem. You can just leave with the free information you received about yourself. 

Worst case you lose 60 seconds. Best case… 

Can you imagine? Experiencing for yourself the amazing fat loss results that many of DoFasting’s customers rave about…

Just like:

Holly, 49

Holly, 49

Elisa, 62

Before after

Felicity, 67

Before after

Take the 60-Second Fasting Quiz and see how much weight you can lose with the help of DoFasting’s supplement

Results may vary due to personal features.


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