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Paula: One Easy Weight Loss Decision That Transformed My Life

You wouldn’t dare to think that this beautiful and confident lady in red, Paul Jensen, was at the edge of a total emotional breakdown just recently. ‘It’s tough to remember those days…’ — says Paula, who now lives a healthy and fulfilling life, celebrating significant milestones in her career and relationship. ‘Still, knowing that one simple step can be enough for the change to come, I feel like I must share my story.’

The difficult period began when Paula lost her job. At first, she tried applying to new positions, but dozens of unsuccessful job interviews left her absolutely shattered. Paula lost all the confidence and motivation and isolated herself at home. She was spending most of the days snacking and binge-watching TV series as it was the only (and the easiest) way to feel better. Or at least she thought so until she gained those 25 extra pounds

It was a wake-up call for me.‘ — tells Paula. ‘I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror anymore.’ Somehow, she found the strength to try out home workouts on Youtube but gave up on them immediately. ‘I didn’t know how to exercise properly on my own, which lead to strong backaches.’ While none of the home workouts suited Paula, she felt too ashamed of her body to start a gym routine.

Hoping to shed some pounds off, Paula decided to try dieting as well, but the results were highly disappointing. Cutting the daily calorie intake too drastically led to overeating at night, which, again, resulted in a fast weight gain. And while some diets seemed promising at the beginning, it didn’t take long to realize that she’s putting on twice as much weight as she planned to lose. ‘I felt hopeless. I didn’t want to be with anyone. I was devastated.’ — she remembers.

A handful of the closest friends tried to cheer Paula up by inviting her to local pubs, parties, or events. They wanted to do anything to brighten her days, but none of it worked. ‘I appreciate how kind my friends are… I was just too downhearted to go out at that time.’ 

One day her best friend Judy was no longer able to cope with Paula’s excuses. She was angry and sad to see her beautiful and talented friend in such a terrible condition. Judy knew that there was no way to force Paula to go out, so she offered the simplest possible solution — to download the KetoCycle appThis health & fitness app that offers personalized meal plans and workout routines for a very reasonable price was highly recommended by her co-worker. ‘I guess I wouldn’t have tried the app if Judy hadn’t promised to do it as well.’ — smiles Paula. ‘So we started the KetoCycle journey together. I had no expectations, just wanted my friend to feel better about me.’ — she adds.

The app also comes with a personalized home-workout plan, but I was not ready to exercise back then. Judy has started it right away. I joined her after a few months when I was feeling lighter, stronger and more confident.’ — she adds.

Paula noticed results after the first week. She was in a better mood, had clearer skin, and reduced belly-bloating. While her friend Judy wasn’t overweight, she liked the app no less than Paula, thanks to diverse recipe options and home workouts that helped to tone her body. ‘We were both impressed that it’s possible to get in excellent shape at home — with no gym or severe calorie restriction.’ — tells Paula. ‘On top of that, most of the meals include our favorite products — bacon and eggs!

After four weeks with KetoCycle, Paula lost 40 pounds. This was a huge confidence booster. She started going out more often and was spending more quality time with friends and family. She would go to the park just to admire the beauty of nature. Paula also had to buy new clothes as she dropped 3 jean sizes. This time, shopping was fun and exciting rather than painful. ‘I looked at myself in the mirror with fresh eyes. My face was shining, I was smiling. And I knew it was just the beginning.’ — she tells.

Paula was absolutely right. After 6 weeks, she got a dream job as a business consultant in a local agency. She was soon promoted to lead a data research team. When she was going to visit Judy to celebrate the great news, she suddenly noticed a handsome stranger smiling at her from a distance. Paula looked around, trying to find a girl whom this smile might be intended for, but within a few minutes, the guy approached her. It was the first time she said ‘hi’ to the love of her life.

Paula is now working as the Data Analytics Manager in the same agency. She’s married to Tom and has a 2-month-old girl Emilly, feeling grateful and blessed for everything she has in life. ‘All I needed from the beginning was a strong motivational push and a plan. I got the first from my friend, and the second one from the app.’ — she laughs.

‘Of course, old habits die hard. I don’t feel like a champion every day. From time to time, I struggle with late-night snacking and sugar cravings, but KetoCycle keeps me on track. I love my daughter and husband, and I really want to live a happy, healthy, and long life with them.’ — tells Paula.

It’s important to trust the people around you and dare to try new things as it might be the turning point in your life.’ —  she shares the last thoughts.

Paula Jensen recommends KetoCycle for people who need to feel more confident and want to start loving themselves. After all, if you can’t love yourself, how can you expect to love someone else?

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