New Start-Up Helps People Finally Solve Their Sleeping Disorders

A new start-up company recently announced the perfect formula for solving the global insomnia crisis. GoodNightPal combines science-based ingredients and, with the help of artificial intelligence, analyses each individual to create the best formula for their specific sleep problems. 

The science behind this supplement is based on the natural production of melatonin (sleep hormone). GoodNightPal gummies have been proven to boost that production, which helps us fall asleep faster and sleep through the night effortlessly. 

“The fact that GoodNightPal is solving the insomnia crisis at incredibly low fees made it one of the fastest-growing sleep supplements in the U.S.,” says Cristine Ellis, the Head of Nutrition of GoodNightPal.

A study from the Cleveland Clinic showed that 70 million people in the U.S. have various sleep disorders. And these numbers are growing every year. 

This is because of our new habits that are really hard to be controlled or changed altogether. We spend a lot of time in front of screens, such as mobile phones, TV, or computers. These screens burn and slow down the production of the essential sleep hormone – melatonin.

GoodNightPal gummies solve this problem. Not like any other sleep supplement, these gummies consist not only of a couple of grams of melatonin but also have additional 6 ingredients that support each other and create the perfect recipe to help with sleep-related difficulties.

So what are the benefits of GoodNightPal gummies?

  1. You will fall asleep within 10 minutes or faster.
  2. You will stay asleep through the whole night.
  3. You will feel well-rested both in the morning and during the day.
  4. Your stress and anxiety levels will be reduced.
  5. This supplement is all-natural and not addictive. 

Is it going to work for you?

Currently, there are countless sleep supplements and programs in the market. But if you check their formula, you will notice the same ingredients: usually, it’s melatonin only, or melatonin + Vitamin B6.

GoodNightPal gummies are rich in scientifically verified ingredients helping solve your sleep troubles:

  • Melatonin – kicks off the sleep process and tells your body it’s time to dream.
  • Magnesium – helps you to finally relax and drift away into dreamland.
  • Zinc – fuels the biological and chemical reactions needed for sleep.
  • Vitamin B6 – increases brain function, enhancing your dreams and making them more profound.
  • Ashwagandha – lets you relax deeply and improves your sleep quality.
  • Chamomile – leaves you calm, helps your dreams last longer, and remain uninterrupted.
  • Lemon balm – keeps you unagitated, making your dreams cheerful, light, and airy. 

Currently, GoodNightPal offers a promo deal! Buy 1 bottle, get 1 FOR FREE! 

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