My Friends Think I Had Plastic Surgery: Scarless, Painless, and Cost-Effective Method That Actually Transformed My Body

I’m Linda, 44, a mother of two beautiful children – an eleven-year-old Brian and a nine-year-old Amy. My friends think I had gone under the knife to lose weight and shape my body, but I didn’t. 

I recently invited a group of friends over to my home, because we hadn’t seen each other for too long. As a result, I was “interrogated” by at least 3 of them about the changes in my appearance. 

They think I had an actual Mommy-Makeover done and surgically removed fat all around my body!

I was proud to be a mother but became ashamed of my post-pregnancy body.

I must admit I wanted the procedure some time ago. It was my dream because after having two children, I saw my body change. And I couldn’t get over it. 

When Brian was born, I gained 62lb. 

Since my old clothes didn’t fit anymore, I continued wearing maternity clothes. Every time I had to dress up, I felt embarrassed. Eventually, I became angry at myself and others. 

I didn’t like the feeling. So I found some of the most popular diets at the time and tried at least 3 of them. 

I must admit the weight was slowly coming off. Still, it was so restrictive to the point where I couldn’t control myself and overate as a result. 

The hunger that I constantly felt would often leave me even angrier. I started lashing out at my child and husband. 

My unhappiness with how I looked interfered with my daily social life. I didn’t want to go out anymore. 

All the weight I would lose would come back again quickly. Then I would compensate for my horrible behavior and sadness by indulging in “forbidden” foods. It was a vicious cycle.

I was looking at the mirror, and I couldn’t recognize myself anymore.

While battling my weight and fighting my emotions, I got pregnant again. Brian was going to have a sibling, and my husband and I couldn’t have been happier. 

When Amy was born, life got even more hectic, and I lost track of who I was entirely. 

For some time, I stopped taking care of myself. I didn’t care how I looked – I was still wearing my maternity clothes, my belly was sticking out more than ever. 

It was about this time when my relationship with my husband started to change. 

I didn’t want him to see my body, and it seemed like I didn’t need him to be close to me anymore. I almost felt it was only a matter of time until we broke up. 

Sometimes I even wanted that myself. I tried to hide from everyone, including my own husband. 

I had these memory flashes of how I looked and felt before, and I was sad I didn’t appreciate my body then. 

When my children grew up a bit and I had more time on my hands, I decided I needed help with my body weight and appearance, so I started searching for a solution. 

I have tried most well-known diets before (keto, paleo, the WeightWatchers – you name it, I’ve tried it all). But I couldn’t even imagine myself going through the same dieting experience. I thought that a surgical procedure would be the best choice for me. 

I wanted to lose weight so badly that a difficult recovery wouldn’t have changed my mind. 

Bit by bit I was gathering information on the topic. I became obsessed with gathering information on the topic. I searched for liposuction and Mommy-Makeover surgeries as these promised the most visible results. I had this dream and vision of myself – of how exactly I would look after I’ve gone through it. 

But the more I looked, the more discouraged and frightened I felt. I found a forum where women were sharing huge scars left after the procedures. 

I’ve read many articles about complications and incredible pain that women had for months after their surgeries. They often couldn’t lift their children for two months or more. 

But the truth is I wanted it so badly that these facts wouldn’t have changed my mind either way.

However, as I later found out, I didn’t have enough money for the procedures. 

I was shocked and devastated when I calculated that the average cost of liposuction is around $5,000, and a Mommy-Makeover costs between $17,500 and $25,000!

There was no way in the world I could afford it. I remember how bad this news hit me. It seemed like I was trapped forever in this body that I didn’t like anymore. 

Just as I was about to give up, I found a solution that changed everything.

“There has to be an alternative,” I thought. I wanted to get myself back. 

I realized I had to change my approach to what I was looking for. I decided I’d look for a guide or an assistant. 

Something or someone to bring me the results I’m striving for. I decided to put myself first and to become the best version of myself. 

I knew all the other things would follow – my relationship with my husband and children, social life, and mental health. 

I was as stubborn as I have ever been, searching for something that would give me the same results as plastic surgery, but without the pain, scars, or unreasonable bills.

It took me at least a few days to filter all the information I found on the internet until I stumbled on a short quiz related to intermittent fasting. 

Little did I know that this one-minute quiz would completely change who I was. Thanks to these 60 seconds, I’ve achieved my dream to be happy with my weight again.

  • After three months, I’m halfway to what I weighed before I had my children – 34lb down and counting. 
  • I’m rebuilding my relationship with my husband, and my children are smiling more because they’re clearly in a happier environment now. 
  • Social gatherings are one of my favorite things. I love and embrace every compliment I get (and I get a lot of them!).

The one-minute quiz led me to the DoFasting app, a personal intermittent fasting assistant and guide in achieving my goals. I couldn’t believe I was considering plastic surgery or liposuction before! 

Unlike all those women who had plastic surgery, I didn’t have any pain (not even hunger pain) while losing weight. I have no scars because no scalpel was used during my transformation… and I saved thousands of dollars. 

I had my doubts before diving into intermittent fasting.

So before I signed up for DoFasting, I made a pros and cons list.

But just seconds into it, I understood I had nothing to lose. If I had agreed to go through surgery and not pick up my children for three months, why wouldn’t I agree to try and incorporate fasting into my life? 

Once I started using the app, I learned it’s more straightforward than I would’ve thought. I had easy-to-make, delicious recipes at hand. A progress tracker to see how far I’ve come, effective workouts (just 10 minutes a day for me), tips, and complete 24/7 guidance throughout the process – everything was there. 

I realized that following some simple guidelines is way more doable than enduring three months of pain after surgery and paying medical bills for the rest of my life. 

The app guided me and did ALL the hard work for me – counting my calories, macros, showing me what and when to eat, and so on. As a result, I had no hunger pains. I learned that setbacks are ok, and I finally am where I was always supposed to be – happy with my weight and life. 

My friends couldn’t believe my body changed so much without any pain, scars, or spending thousands of dollars.

I hadn’t seen my friends for more than three months before I decided to invite them over for dinner. I, of course, wore the new clothes I bought for the occasion and made sure they accentuated my body in the right places. 

The reaction I got was more than I expected. When I opened the door, I saw their eyes widen and look at me for a couple of seconds before realizing that it was me. 

My friends started screaming, asking if it was really me. Then, of course, they needed to know all the details because they thought I had plastic surgery. 

Not being able to afford an actual surgery turned out to be one of the best decisions of my life because it led me to DoFasting. 

So what makes DoFasting so effective? Here’s my honest review

✅  It’s a diet you can easily stick to and follow consistently

No more unrealistic yo-yo diets. I feel like I can finally relax and breathe… I don’t have to obsess over calories and macros anymore. Or guess if I’m doing everything right – they tell you everything! It’s like a personal fasting trainer in your pocket – it keeps you focused, accountable, and helps you lose weight without making you think much about it.

 It’s an easy solution to control and kick cravings

The real reason all those fad diets fail? They make you restrict foods, and then you feel deprived (yes, that’s why you crave, eat too much, or even binge). But DoFasting is not about restrictive dieting – they offer healthy meals that actually taste amazing and keep you full throughout the day. Plus, you can still enjoy the treats you like.

 It’s a convenient meal plan that does all the work for you 

No more guessing about what, when, or how much to eat. Professional nutritionists choose all the recipes for you and adjust them based on your preferences. They’ll tell you how to mix and match ingredients for quick, tasty meals and when to eat, so you’re not starving and relying on your willpower.

  It fits your schedule and lifestyle – not the other way around

You can choose a fasting routine that fits your existing lifestyle – and DoFasting helps you choose the best one. Plus, it guides you through the process every step of the way, so you’re never alone on your weight loss journey (there’s also 24/7 support!). And TONS of tips and educational articles to help you ease into it.

See the results from other women who also successfully lost weight with DoFasting and become one of them!

Elisa, 52

Before after

Felicity, 67

Before after

Adelaide, 51

Take a quick 60-second quiz and discover how much weight YOU can lose with DoFasting


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