Defining Muscle and Burning Fat for Men Over 50 (Success Story)

Do you find yourself piling on the pounds as you get older? Well, you are not an exception, and I wasn’t either. 

But only until I learned how to take advantage of the method weightlifters use to burn fat and maintain muscle (without lifting weights). 

Now I understand why more men are choosing this method to lose weight or get back in shape.

I was bullied for the choices I made

I was kind of lean and active in my 20s and 30s. 

But then sedentary life kicked in after my marriage, and I gained a lot of weight. At first, only the beer belly, but then I became large and floppy. 

The clothes I used to wear became tight, especially around the waist. 

I was being mocked by many people—my friends, colleagues, and even some of my family members would comment on my neglected body.

It was their way of motivating me to look after myself better. 

Of course, it was in vain because (I thought) I knew weight loss required a lot of work, so I made the easier decision just to ignore it. 

All the bullying and teasing became a known territory for me. 

But honestly, deep inside, I always wanted to end the mockery. I just never had enough motivation. 

The 3 buttons that pushed me to the edge

This was me back in 2017.

I weighed 265 lb with a body fat of around 40%.

That year we had an event in the office—something like a party. I’m having flashbacks of this event to this day. 

As I was reaching for a can of beer over the table, 3 buttons from my shirt popped off. 

Right around my gut. My bulging stomach was now fully revealed in front of all of my office. 

The anxiety went through my body like a heatwave. Just in seconds, I was burning red from embarrassment, dripping sweat from my forehead and all over my body. 

I saw people laughing. I heard the comments some of them exchanged. 

I tried laughing too. What else was I supposed to do? I muttered a comment myself to ease the embarrassment and tried playing it cool. 


Weightlifter’s method to burn fat, not muscle

A few sleepless nights later, I was determined to find a way to lose the excess weight. 

I started my research. I was still too anxious for the gym, but I knew I could do something about my food. 

So, to start with, I tried finding the dietary approach that would bring the best results. 

I’ve read that weightlifters often use intermittent fasting as a method to lose fat faster without decreasing muscle mass. 

I was hooked. Not on the heavy lifting, but intermittent fasting seemed like a decent approach. 

I saw myself setting my routine around eating and fasting windows easily. But that was all I knew at the time. 

I needed guidance but didn’t have the courage or funds for a professional trainer. 

So I downloaded this intermittent fasting app to kick off my fat loss and guide me through the weight loss the right way.

This was the only approach that seemed attainable for me. I had to answer a few questions in the quiz and got a personalized(!) fasting plan to achieve the best results before downloading the app.

The effects of the weightlifters’ method 

My father had taught me the idea of getting habituated to anything if done continuously.

With that in mind, I went with a 28-day intermittent fasting challenge from the app. And I chose the optimal protocol—16:8 (8 hours of eating).

I must admit I was mostly worried about having to cook and eat dry chicken when starting. 

But actually, with the app I used, I had access to so many tasty and easy recipes I didn’t even manage to try them all to this day. 

I’ve got some of my favorite recipes in the app, and it’s a no-brainer for me at this point. 

And once I started my program, in like 5 days, I saw a significant decrease in my weight. 

As soon as I saw some changes in my appearance, I got a massive amount of motivation. 

I started following the recommendations and tips from the personal fasting app more rigidly. 

What most drove me was that I started noticing I had muscle under the layer of fat. 

And the longer I practiced intermittent fasting, the more fat I lost, the more prominent my muscles became. 

The weightlifters’ method worked for me, even though I wasn’t lifting or doing any physical activities—just the usual errands.

I don’t know about you, but success is my best revenge.

I lost so much weight I started feeling more youthful, bought myself some new clothes, and I’m feeling like myself again. 

And the results… I’m still shocked that I managed to lose the fat yet maintain and even define the muscle. 

I’m sure it was the intermittent fasting app with my personal weight loss program that helped me the most.

Of course, anyone can go through the quiz, get their own personalized weight loss plan, and use that app. It’s called the DoFasting app. 

I should mention I wasn’t going through this alone. My office lunch peeps (images below) followed their personal weight loss plans with the DoFasting app too. Everyone in the office was laughing at us for that. Look who’s laughing now, guys.


You can kickstart your weight loss now by completing this 1-minute DoFasting quiz

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