Moerie Beauty Review: I Tried It for Two Months and Here Is What Happened

Let’s talk about hair.

My hair was extremely curly from birth. It was very thick, one spiral on top of another. 

Unfortunately, whatever the reason, I experienced significant hair loss after my first pregnancy, and the hair just never returned to what it was. After my second pregnancy, my hair yet again managed to get even thinner, but it seemed like it also lost its curl that time around.

It was breaking a lot – and not only at the ends, but also at the roots. It was limp, dry, damaged, probably at its worst state ever.

Though my hair didn’t curl anymore, my confidence did go into a downward spiral. So I started to search for products that could help me get my hair back in some way.

Moerie before and after

And for years, I found nothing but products full of lies.

Believe me — I tried everything. 

Shampoos, conditioners, serums, sprays, vitamins, supplements. Even some weird hair growth pills.

You name it, I tried it.

And while they all promised me thick, luscious hair… defined and rich curls…

All I actually got was extremely oily and weighed down hair – not that there was much left of it anyway.

I got so tired of misleading – NO – downright untrue advertising. Of paying more and more money for something that left me even worse off in the end.

I don’t even want to begin to think about how much money I’ve spent and how much energy and time I wasted.

But a few months ago, during what seemed to be an endless search for a fix, I found Moerie Beauty hair products. And it was an absolute game-changer.

Here is what I think of my experience with the products and how my hair has changed since I started using them.

curly female

Did it work and how fast?

Before I started using Moerie, I was left with hair that was super thin, not really manageable, extremely frizzy, and only curled the slightest amount when wet. So yes, a bird’s nest on my head. 

No exaggeration, but my hair was light years away from what it used to be before I had my children. 

The results I have today took some time, but damn were they worth the wait. 

One thing that hooked me to the product happened immediately, and that was the return of my curls. They literally came back to life.

Mind you, I still had super thin hair, but my hair was much more curly after just one wash. That was both amazing and unexpected.

It didn’t make my hair oily and greasy like all the other products I had tried before. Instead, my hair felt soft and silky.

It took about 4 weeks to start seeing more hair growth. So, it took a bit of patience. But then, once I started to see those baby hairs, they were much thicker and they were everywhere.

I was super happy, and it was definitely worth the wait. Now, a few months in, my hair is already looking curly, thick, and healthy again. My curls are not as tight as they were when I was younger, but they are definitely luscious once again.

I can’t put into words what that meant for my self-confidence. Even my friends started asking about “my secret” and throwing compliments around.

So yes, Moerie hair products really do work. 

Shipping, ingredients, and bottle size 

If you spend $60, shipping is free, and the company ships to the United States, Canada, and Europe. Afterpay (shop now pay later) is also available for US customers.

You can also save more by signing up for a subscription. For me, the products arrived quickly, within a few days. 

Now the ingredients are where they got me interested most. 

The product has 77 minerals, 5 vitamins, and 18 amino acids. 

It contains betaine, caffeine, arginine, fulvic acid, biotin, and coconut – all essential elements that stimulate natural hair growth.

The product is also natural, paraben-free, silicone-free, sulfate-free, GMO-free, DMDM free, artificial fragrance-free, color-free, and cruelty-free. 

For size, Moerie shampoos and conditioners come in 8.4 oz / 250 ml. Which seems pretty standard for these types of products. 

curly female

Is it worth the buy?

Moerie products are absolutely worth it. They do as they claim, and your hair growth is truly the company’s goal – I’m the living proof of that.

You can expect the products to:

✅  Promote hair growth and regrowth  

✅  Prevent hair loss

✅  Cleans the scalp from all the build-up

✅  Restore damaged hair follicles

✅  Add shine and softness

✅  Prevent shedding and dandruff

✅  The smell is like real oranges 

I had wasted TONS of money before on products that promised me the moon and simply didn’t deliver.

But the capabilities of Moerie are truly worth the price tag. 

Your hair will thank you as it starts to feel brand new. As it starts to grow like it never has before – yes, even if your hair is super thin and falling out at the moment.

I truly believed that my hair would never grow back. But it did – all thanks to Moerie.

It managed to achieve something that no other product did. I’ve been trying for YEARS, and all it took with Moerie was a couple of months.

I’ve never looked back since.

And I know for a fact it’s helped many women like me. I strongly believe it can help you too.

If you’ve been struggling with thin hair or hair loss… and want to have beautiful, thick, luscious hair, you should definitely give Moerie a try.


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