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Middle-Aged Woman Trades Repeated Diet Failures for Dramatic Weight Loss Success With One Simple Change!

Hi, my name is Mona and I’ve tried just about every diet there is over the past 20+ years.

From the Keto Diet to the South Beach Diet to the Atkins Diet to the DASH Diet to the Gluten-Free Diet, the list goes on and on and on.

On a few of the diets I tried, I did actually manage to lose a few pounds, which I promptly gained back along with a few additional pounds when I went off the diet.

The sad truth is my dieting efforts have been one failure after another – either I don’t lose any weight or, as I said, I lose a little and then gain it back a short time later.

Mona before weight loss

If you are reading this maybe you have also experienced your share of dieting failure …

If so, I want you to know that you’ve been lied to … for all intents and purposes, you have been set up to fail!

Following a strict fad diet is not the way to achieve long-lasting weight loss. I haven’t met anyone who can follow those strict weight loss rules every day for the rest of their life …

And the sad truth is, just like what has happened with me over and over again, when you stop following those strict guidelines and go off the diet the weight comes back and it often comes back with a vengeance so that you end up weighing more than when you started!

You fall into this yo-yo diet pattern where you keep dieting, keep losing a little weight and keep gaining it back. 

You feel like a failure … like a loser. But it really isn’t your fault. You haven’t been given the truth, but that is all about to change right now.

Find Out How I Finally Overcome What Was Really
Holding Me Back & Lost Over 50 Pounds!

You know, that cycle I mentioned earlier of dieting like crazy, losing a little weight and then gaining it back …

That cycle is just what the big diet companies want you to go through! Because it keeps you using their products and programs.

It wasn’t until I went outside the diet industry and spoke to senior medical editor Robert Walker that I learned the truth.

Mr. Walker has spent his life debunking the lies and misinformation that is put out by so-called weight loss experts and large diet companies.

He’s the one that finally told me the truth and, as a result, put me on the path to having the thin body of my dreams.

What Did He Tell Me?

He told me that eating healthy and eating less can only take you so far. 

Ultimately, you are going to run into a “brick wall.” You might hit that wall the first day of your diet or on day 5 or day 10 or some other time … but the key is when you hit it your weight loss is going to be stopped in its tracks!

Have you ever starved yourself all day and then got on the scale the next morning and your weight hasn’t decreased? Maybe you even gained weight?

You think how in the world can this be? Well, you’ve hit that brick wall. And what exactly is that brick wall?

It is your gut health! 

Gut health

That’s Right, Gut Health is the Real
Key to Weight Loss

You see, the typical western diet, which includes a lot of fast food and processed food, combined with frequently taking antibiotics and consuming high amounts of sugar …

Have allowed bad bacteria in our guts to thrive while at the same time diminishing the good bacteria.

This imbalance leads to a whole host of health problems, including: weight gain, bloating, loss of energy and even leaky gut syndrome, which can produce widespread inflammation that can make us look and feel much older than we are.

Inflammation can also weaken our immune system so we find ourselves getting sick a lot more often.

The truth is for most of us by the time we hit 40 or above, our guts are nowhere near as efficient as what they used to be when we were younger. 

This is another reason why middle-aged and older women and men gain weight and find it so hard to lose.

Poor gut health can directly lead to weight gain, the signs of aging and a greater likelihood of getting sick!

But here’s the exciting part:

By taking our attention away from fad diets and what they tell us and instead focusing on our gut health we can lose weight, improve our health and send our energy soaring!

Unfortunately, there is another problem that must be addressed before this can become reality …

Probiotics Are NOT the Solution
for Better Gut Health!

A recent large group study of healthy adults revealed that when they were given a cocktail of 11 common probiotics for a full month (including the popular strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria) the end result was not better gut health.

Instead, the results showed that half of the probiotics went in through the mouth and straight out the other end. And the other half lingered only briefly… until the body’s existing gut bacteria bullied them out! 1

In other words, probiotics are a waste of money.

So What is the Solution That Will Allow You to
Improve Gut Health & Lose Weight?

The answer is a supplement called ColonBroom!


ColonBroom contains natural prebiotic psyllium husk to improve your gut microbiome. It enhances your body’s detoxification process and helps to remove accumulated toxins in the gastrointestinal tract.2

That’s why this powerful solution is ideal for emptying your bowels, reducing constipation, eliminating ongoing belly bloat, and, most importantly as it relates to today’s conversation, for slimming down your body.

Plus, there is another weight loss benefit of ColonBroom – the supplement’s ingredients are medically proven to reduce your appetite! 3

The Bottom Line…

Just a few scoops of great-tasting ColonBroom a day is all you need to clear your gut, relieve constipation and lose weight.

Customers are reporting weight loss results in as little as 48 hours!* And the more they use it, the better results they are experiencing!

I know that is exactly what happened to me. As I’ve continued to use this supplement the weight has continued to come off and I’ve felt better and better physically.

Today, I feel like I’m half my age (I’m currently 48 by the way but feel much younger) and I’ve lost more than 40 pounds. I haven’t been this thin since I was a child!

Before and after ColonBroom

ColonBroom has made an incredible difference in my life – so much so that I created this web page to let you know that there is a weight loss solution out there that really works … that really delivers as it promises.

And not only does ColonBroom help you lose weight but it also improves your health by helping your body get rid of dangerous toxins which can zap your energy and cause all sorts of health issues with prolonged exposure.

Now Here’s the Best News of All…

When I contacted the makers of ColonBroom and told them what their product had done for me and that I was going to create this page to tell my story …

They wanted to do something special for my readers!

That’s why, if you click on the link below, you can get ColonBroom for a fantastic low price.

This is your chance to “sweep away” fat … and toxins … so that you lose weight and feel better than you have in years! 

Erase the negative effects of the typical western diet and experience real, lasting weight loss along with numerous other benefits like more energy, clearer thinking and less aches and pains (from inflammation).

Just click on the link below to learn more about ColonBroom, including pricing information. 

Warning: Current supply chain shortages have impacted the available supply of ColonBroom. Act now while supplies are still available. 


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  1. So pleased to see another person ColonBroom has helped. It took me months to find the right product for me, but I am so pleased I persisted. Can’t imagine my life without it now.

  2. Wow, what a transformation. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I’ve been looking to take the next step myself, but had no idea where to start. Can’t wait to share my results with everyone!

  3. I wish I had seen this sooner! I have been struggling with bloating and constipation for the last 7 years. I tried ColonBroom after reading this, with some reservations – but it has completely changed my life, thank you!

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