Effective Ketogenic Diet For Men And Women Over The Age of 40

It gets harder and harder to lose weight, and easier to gain it back. When that happens, Ketogenic diet may be the shortcut you need to lose the unwanted fat fast.

As You Get Older:

  • your metabolism starts to slow, causing weight gain;
  • sleep quality and energy levels decrease;
  • sex drive slows down;
  • skin becomes less elastic;
  • you develop digestive issues, back problems, and muscle loss happens…

Unfortunately, those extra pounds are the thing that can make you age even faster.

That’s where Keto comes in: it allows you to enjoy delicious carbs-free meals, lose weight quicker, and regain your youth. 

Keto Shortcut  #1

food cravings

How to Avoid Cravings & Emotional Eating?

You don’t.

If carbs-heavy snacks or meals make you gain weight, here’s a pro tip:

  • Replace them with low-carb high-fat foods, and you will reach satiety faster without needing to suppress your appetite. Plus, you will accelerate your metabolism.

Sounds contradicting? But that’s exactly how the keto diet works: by limiting carbohydrates and getting energy from healthy fat sources, your body enters ketosis – an intense fat-burning state.

It’s not the snacking we should blame; it’s what we put in our mouths. 

IMPORTANT! Making a keto-friendly shopping list can do wonders for your overeating too: you will have no choice but to eat satiating keto meals that melt those pounds. Especially if you take them to work!

Keto Shortcut #2

couple keto diet

Avoid Foods That Can Decrease Your Metabolism

Some people tend to lose weight by following any diet or exercise regime. They won the genetic lottery.

Others can gain this superpower by doing just two things. 

  • Consuming foods that can increase your metabolism:
    • zinc, selenium and iron-rich foods like meat, seafood, legumes, nuts, and seeds;
    • oolong and green tea may increase metabolism by 4–10%. This could add up to burning an extra 100 calories per day;
    • spices like ginger, grains of paradise, and cayenne pepper;
    • apple cider vinegar;
    • coconut oil.
  • Avoiding foods that can decrease your metabolism:
    • refined grains (pasta, bread, and pizzas)
    • alcohol
    • traditional yogurt (has plenty of added sugar)
    • soda drinks & fruit juice (has plenty of added sugar)
    • frozen meals
    • granola bars (has plenty of added sugar)

Keto Shortcut #3

jogging nature running

How to Continuously Breakthrough New Levels of Fat Loss, Quickly and Effortlessly?

There are moments when you may feel like jumping off the wagon and going about with your previous routine. 

This is where we suggest that you increase your fat loss momentum by increasing your sleep. 

– nutritionist Christine Ellis

Lack of sleep makes your body produce stress hormones like cortisol, making you more likely to eat sugary foods.

Other than this, you can also give cardio a shot:

  • do a 15-minute stretch in the morning;
  • jog;
  • park your car a half a mile away from where you want to go.

Keto Shortcut #4

How to Set The Metabolism on Fire Every Single Day With 3 Simple Ingredients?

There are various sets of ingredients that lead to proliferating your metabolism levels. Some pertain to coffee, others to salads, or even some ayurvedic concoctions. 

However, we recommend going for the salad and coffee because the ayurvedic concoctions are not conducive to every body type. 


Mix pumpkin seeds, spinach, and cucumber to give a fiery boost to your metabolism. Another combination can be green cabbage, dill, fennel, and grated carrots. In this, the fennel seeds are amazing to amp up the metabolism and control appetite. 

Coffee is love, isn’t it? Well, how about drinking coffee to increase your metabolism rates. It is possible if you add cinnamon, coconut oil, and honey to it (although honey is carbs, carbs can make up to 5% of your total daily calorie intake).

Keto Shortcut #5

How to Increase ‘Healthy’ Cholesterol?

Normally cholesterol is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. However, some forms of cholesterol or “good cholesterol” prevent such conditions. 


  • Calcium supplement pills
  • Cranberry juice
  • Grapefruit
  • Oatmeal cookies
  • Dark chocolate

BONUS TIP: Try to have the healthiest meal in the morning

Willpower is highest in the morning. Use it to focus on what you’ve been slacking on lately. For example, your diet!

Two Reasons to Try The Keto Diet as Soon as Possible

A keto diet can have life-altering but positive effects on your body, health, and mind. Time does not stop for anybody, and with age, your body will undergo many changes. Switching to a keto diet when you turn 40 is imperative for a couple of reasons.

  • One, you will eat healthily and consume a body-conscious diet.
  • Secondly, you will learn to gain more control over your body.
  • Thirdly, you might transform your body; just like these women have:
Sophia, 46
Emma, 43
Isabella, 49

Curious to see how much weight you could lose on a 28-day Keto diet?



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