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What I eat in a day on Keto diet while being in my 60s

Being 64 and trying to figure out what to eat every single day got me bone-tired. 

Why is it so hard to have multiple delicious and healthy meals without having any struggle in the kitchen?

All of those famous chef’s books on my shelves and recipes downloaded online didn’t do me any good. I’ll be honest, all of the mentioned ingredients in the recipes stayed on paper.

And even if I tested some meals that my friends suggested, I would still come back to my usual menu.  

The routine got me thinking – I was eating the same meals for more than 20 years! 

Even my family got tired of the meals I prepared – ‘As usual, fried chicken. Mmm, thanks, mom.’

Of course, those meals were fine but after some time I was not only bored of them too but also gained a lot of unwanted pounds. 

At first, I didn’t care about my figure that much, there are more things to worry about in life, right?

But I came to the point where nothing could be hidden – my belly was showing from the back of the room and I didn’t like what I saw in my reflection. I even avoided mirrors just to avoid overthinking about my body.

I remember those days when I didn’t need to think about what to wear – everything fitted fine, I was looking just fabulous.

Oh… the old days, when I didn’t need to wear darker colors to make me look slimmer, or shorter blouses. Now I want to hide my body.

I didn’t want to hide my body and feel ashamed of unhealthy eating habits anymore. Why did I eat the same meals all those years? 

If I wanted to change my body, I needed to rewrite my daily menu.

I started searching for the best diets all over the internet. And all of them sounded extreme.

I experimented with a gluten-free diet, tried out Paleo-based meals with unprocessed foods, and even invited vegan meals to my kitchen.

I’ve tried every diet I could find online. 

I still couldn’t find the best solution that would change my daily menu and appearance. 

Also, I wasn’t determined to keep going so I would always get back to my usuals…

The solution to my diet hunt was simple. I just needed a little bit of guidance!

After some time I came across this Keto diet. Wasn’t sure what keto was at first but it didn’t look as hard as other diets.

Unlike other low-fat diets, keto focuses on reducing carbohydrate (such as grains, vegetables, or fruits) intake and replacing it with fat.

It also seemed to have an array of recipes with chicken, pork, and even bacon!

I wasn’t wondering anymore, I needed to try this variety of dishes. But I was still afraid I would lose track.

I wanted something that would set out my whole day of meals for me – so that I wouldn’t need to worry about what’s for breakfast or dinner.

Also, I was hoping to slim down, and after some research, Keto seemed like the fastest and easiest way to do it. 

Since I’ve figured out that Keto could do this in just a few months, and I could finally wear my favorite dress that had been hanging in my closet for years now – I didn’t hesitate to rewrite my menu in a Keto way!

But how did I learn that it would only take a couple of months to slim down?

It was just a short quiz that helped me to see how many pounds I could lose.

I was skeptical at first when I came across this KetoCycle quiz – How could a simple test create a dedicated meal plan just for me?

But the quiz was personalized – I chose my favorite food options, entered my age, weight, height, and even health problems. 

Since I have high cholesterol I was worried that eating high in fat food would not be the best solution.

But I’ve figured out that Keto diets can even help lower total cholesterol!

After entering my preferences I got a personalized Keto meal plan in my inbox – just a few clicks and I had a full menu with unique variations of food.

The best thing about this Keto plan – it was created just for me and my body!

When I signed up for the KetoCycle’s app, it had all the menu details I needed in one place. 

It was like having a personal chef on my phone!

✔️ I could choose from over 1000+ recipes that were not only easy to make but delicious too.

✔️ If I didn’t have one of the ingredients in my fridge – I could easily swap the components of the recipe in the app. I didn’t use this function often, as every recipe has simple ingredients that can be easily found at my local grocery store.

✔️ What I liked about these keto recipes – they take only 15-20 mins to prepare, so I don’t need to spend my time in the kitchen all day long. 

✔️ After a while, I changed my plan as the process I’ve seen was stunning – even my family started to notice how happy and slimmer I looked (lost over 15 pounds in one month!). I believe now I’m even more energetic than my 30-year-old daughter!

After trying keto, I didn’t go back to my past menu. Now I realize how bloated I’ve felt after eating my usual meals all those years!

What do I eat in a day on a Keto diet?

For me, breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day but also it has to be the most delicious. Who doesn’t want to start their day on a good note? 

As I’ve selected the products that I want to have in my grocery list in the app, on my breakfast plate I see all the ingredients I love – cooked eggs with bacon strips and some cheddar on the side. I also enjoy a cup of coffee with some heavy milk (no sugar!).

With keto I didn’t have to change my favorite meal of the day, all I had to do was to adapt it a bit – for example, I don’t eat bread anymore as it is not part of the keto diet. And I don’t miss it!

When it comes to snack time, before keto I remember taking everything I could find in my pantry – from candy that my grandkids eat to my husband’s leftovers. 

Now that I know keto options, my snacks vary from nuts to full-fat yogurt – I choose the amount I want in the app, so I can track exactly how many calories I eat in a day.

I’m so relieved that I don’t need to figure out what to eat for the rest of the day.  

I always have a balanced meal plan, so when it comes to lunch and dinner – the only thing I need to do is follow easy recipes with multiple choices – from beef steaks to delicious salmon meals. 

Sounds too good to be true?

The Keto diet not only got my daily menu to the next level but also helped me to lose unwanted pounds!

Just a look at me now, I’ve never felt happier with my body. No-fuss with difficult diet instructions, just enjoying different keto meals every day.

Now I do not only get compliments for my cooking skills but my figure too!

I’m happy that after these long hunts for the perfect diet I found a way to change my daily menu easily with Keto.

Women our age shouldn’t restrict themselves to drastic diets as the lost pounds get right back where they were. All we need to do is follow the right guide and incorporate keto into our daily life. 

Just look how other women my age look after keto:

Isabella, 64
Emma, 60
Sophia, 62

I’m really glad that KetoCycle got me this personalized keto meal plan and led me to the journey of a better life. 

I believe now I’m the best version of myself with more energy to give out my family and more happiness to share with the world.

No more questions about what I’m going to eat today, tomorrow, or next week. No more unnecessary pounds that lower my self-esteem. No more shame about how I look or what I cook!

You can also get your own personalized keto meal plan today and experience for yourself the amazing fat loss results that KetoCycle’s customers are talking about.

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