I Tried A Weight Loss Plan Based On My Zodiac (It Actually Worked)

Did you know that your zodiac sign could affect the kind of diet that works for you?

It’s okay if you don’t. I certainly didn’t.

But this new zodiac-based meal plan I tried has me losing weight faster than I’ve ever lost on any other diet.

My name is Sonya, and I’m a chronic dieter. You could say dieting is almost like a hobby for me.

A very unfun hobby, but one I’ve stuck with over the years, like an abusive relationship (think something like being married to a narcissistic Gemini). 

I’ve jumped on every bandwagon.

Keto, Weight Watchers, Noom, Beachbody’s portion control — I lost then swiftly regained dozens of pounds through all of these programs.

I clapped like a goofy teenager when I saw my chubby thighs shrinking… Only to watch them balloon right back. 

What I really wanted? 

Something easy to stick to that provides a steady and effective way of losing weight from all of my problem areas…

… Without forcing me to power through gnawing cravings, eat like a bird, or exercise till I get blue in the face.

A sustainable weight loss program that would help me get in shape while also allowing me to LIVE a little, just for a change.

I’m pleased to share I’ve now found just that. 

It’s the last diet I’ll ever try… and I actually found it in the most unlikely of places.

The most effective weight loss program I tried was based on my Birth Numbers. 

I am, of course, referring to the most important date of my life: My birthday. 

I was born on October 31 — a Scorpio. 

Ruled by the number eight, being the 8th Zodiac sign. 

As you may know, on a good day, a Scorpio’s cheerful and enticing. 

On a bad day, however, we’re nervous, emotional… and we sting.

I was dieting like a regular person who wants to be healthy… 

Trying to base my meals on my weight alone… But as it turns out, our Zodiac plays a role in what foods will work for us too. 

I do admit I felt somewhat skeptical when I stumbled upon PerfectBody’s Zodiac diet. If I’m honest, just the name alone irritated me and made me feel self-conscious. 

But the ‘diet based on your Zodiac’ idea kept eating and eating away in my head. 

I had never tried something like that before, and I had seen first-hand how our zodiacs shaped our character and psychology. 

What if they affected our nutritional needs too?

I could not keep on living without answering that question. 

So I bit the bullet and decided to give PerfectBody’s Zodiac a try… keeping my expectations low. 

I’m very glad I did because 3 months in, I’m already much closer to my goal weight…

I was prepared to go hungry, but it wasn’t really a “diet.” 

In fact, it was exactly the opposite. The Zodiac diet encouraged me to eat. The right foods, and in the right portions, so I don’t feel miserable and deprived.

I always had issues with emotional eating, but this eating plan helped calm me down. Banished my cravings with nutritional goodness I didn’t know I needed… and meals that taste so good I wouldn’t mind eating for the rest of my life.

All I had to do was fill in a quick quiz. 

That quiz asked me about my Zodiac and some other standard questions, like my age, weight, activity levels, and health conditions.

What I really liked was how they also cared to know about my most stubborn problem areas (in my case, my most stubborn body part is my thighs). 

Then they gave me a personalized weight loss plan made by a nutritionist and wellness specialist just for me… every day came with its own delicious menu.  

It was nothing like the one-size-fits-all eating strategies I had tried before. 

For the first time in my life, I ate the right way for ME. How did I know?

I know because I stopped feeling tired, perpetually hungry, and overburdened. My digestion started working properly.

My skin cleared up, and my hair became stronger. 

More importantly, my weight loss was not only fast but steady, without plateaus. 

In short… What used to feel like an uphill hike suddenly started feeling like a walk in the park. 

before and after

What I really enjoyed about the Zodiac Diet program…

As soon as I got started, they gave me thousands of personalized recipes that take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare… complete with grocery lists and tips on how to eat out without much hassle.

I haven’t tried a single meal that I didn’t like. 

That’s because they made sure to include ALL of my favorite foods… and even included some delicious snacks and desserts to keep my “sugar tooth” in check. 

But that’s not all. On top of that, they helped track all my calories, count all my macros, and plan my meals. 

All these things used to frustrate me and made sticking to a diet much harder. 

But this time, I felt like I had a personal nutritionist in my pocket, who kept me focused, accountable, and motivated every step of the way.

Whenever I had questions or needed a little help to stay motivated, support was one quick message away. 

Only the first three days were a bit tricky. But then my body quickly adjusted, and I found myself full of healthy foods that tasted amazing.

I no longer had to rely on willpower or deal with constant cravings.

Could your incredible transformation be next?

I was massively skeptical of the Zodiac diet, but now I’m a big believer. And I genuinely do believe that if you’ve tried other diets before but didn’t get the results you wanted, you owe it to yourself to give this diet a try.

I’ll personally never try another diet ever again. 

I finally found something that works for me… and I couldn’t be any happier with my results. 

I don’t know if your transformation will be as quick or as impressive as mine… maybe you lose weight faster, slower, or the same… but I do know for a fact that you won’t regret this. 

In fact, I am very positive that you will look right back in this moment and be so grateful you moved ahead with the Zodiac diet. 

Because whether you realize it or not… you’re now at a crossroads.

On your left, there’s the path of no action. You’ll simply exit this page and try to forget you ever saw this. 

I think you already know what will happen if you do this… because you’ve felt it so many times before. 

You’ll keep receiving more of what you’ve received so far. Wondering why it’s so hard to get in shape and STAY in shape… 

Or even pretending the extra pounds don’t bother you, even though it’s eating you inside. 

I know you don’t want that, which is why I encourage you to consider the OTHER path… 

In many ways, this is the easiest path. 

Because all it takes on your part is to decide, right here, right now, that you love yourself enough to say YES…

And try a new way of eating that’s as special and as unique as you.  

Complete Perfect Body’s free Zodiac quiz…  and find out what diet works for YOU based on your Zodiac. 

Find Out What Diet Works for YOU Based On Your Zodiac

Christine, Taurus, Lost 32 Pounds
Carolyn, Capricorn, Lost 40 Pounds
Leah, Libra, Lost 35 Pounds

Results may vary due to personal features


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