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I Tried This 28-Day Keto Plan and Got Rid of Extra Christmas Pounds

If you’re anything like me, you also have a soft spot for Christmas.

The crisp white snow outside. Coziness and the laughter of family around the dinner table… 

You also know that part of being a good host is tasting the food before serving it…

And I definitely take my role as a host very seriously.

I won’t lie. During the festive season, the holiday spirit also makes me put on quite a few pounds.

Of course, that’s completely normal. Nobody wants to restrict themselves and count calories during the holidays. 

We all want to spend time with our families and friends, enjoy good food, and not worry about weight.

Thankfully, there’s a way to do both.

Women in their 40s (like me) can indulge themselves. I found a plan that can help you lose the gained pounds.

Talk about smashing your New Year’s resolutions! Read on to find out how I did it after years of struggling.

Confession time…

For me, the festive season starts at Thanksgiving. And of course, I’m human: I love celebrating, having wine with my loved ones, and snacking on Christmas cookies. 

I get sappy, sentimental, and bake way too many cakes.

So, it’s no surprise that every year, during the holiday season, I’d gain a bunch of weight.

Looking in the mirror after Christmas was hard. I felt heavy and sluggish. 

It was even hard to bend over with my bloated belly.

I saw myself as unattractive and felt bad. Why was this happening to me?

This continued for a few years. Every single January, I’d try to lose the pounds that I had gained, with hardly any success.

And year after year… I was getting heavier.

I once stepped on the scale and… 

Had I really gained 40 pounds?!

I had to get myself together, so I went on a diet.

But no matter what I did, I couldn’t lose the pounds as fast as I had gained them…

I tried fasting. Yet, it made my brain feel cloudy… as if I wasn’t able to think straight.

So I quit. Next up, juice cleanses. These were definitely not sustainable. My digestive system was suffering, and I was not getting enough nutrients.

I nearly passed out in a grocery store parking lot, so I gave up on trying to lose the flab fast.

Instead, I went low-fat and cut my calories. No processed foods, no alcohol either.

Let me tell you…

It was hard. I’m not used to living on bread thins with no butter.

It was even tougher to attend my sister’s 50th birthday party and stick to a diet.

Not to mention that dieting made me exhausted. I craved bacon so bad… 

I just couldn’t stick to a diet that was so clearly wrong for me. So I didn’t. 

It felt wrong. I kept asking myself if I was stuck with this weight forever. 

Did this mean I’d have to forget any celebrations? What about Christmas – my favorite time of year?

No, I wasn’t ready to accept this new “reality.”

If you feel this way too, I want to share a little secret. This year, I know what WILL work for me.

I have discovered a way to enjoy myself during the holidays – without restrictions – and to quickly shed pounds afterward. 

The solution that helped me drop sizes within a month…

Last year, I came across a 28-day keto weight loss challenge online. The nutritionists backing it said it was “foolproof.”

Look, I was skeptical as well. That is until I did the research on keto.

Apparently, it’s a diet that can work as some sort of a reset button…

I’m talking about the ketogenic diet (keto for short). It is a low-carbohydrate, moderate-protein, and high-fat way of eating. 

By restricting carbs, the body is retrained to use up fat. The result – rapid weight loss.

Apparently, you essentially burn fat for breakfast. And with this lifestyle, I could enjoy bacon, eggs, and Christmas with no guilt!

To say I was intrigued would be an understatement… 

Shedding those extra winter fat layers by eating all my favorite foods? Sign me up!

However, I soon found out that there was a catch. 

What I didn’t realize…

While there are (clearly) many benefits to keto – including rapid weight loss – it can be challenging for beginners like me to make the switch.

This is because it requires a lot of preparation. Keto comes with strings attached…

And quite a bit of math.

It’s imperative to track your carbohydrates and other macronutrients, keep up with your calories, and do a whole bunch of measuring.

Look, don’t judge me, but I just wasn’t ready for this kind of commitment after failing so many diets…

Thankfully, Dr. Christine’s 28-day keto New Year’s challenge had that solved for me as well. 

It came with an app that tracks all of that for you

And the best part? The pros claimed that the app crafts a personalized meal plan!

All meals – tailored to my taste buds by professionals. Over 10,000 recipes and an option to quickly take care of shopping lists. I couldn’t imagine anything easier.

And I don’t know about you, but I didn’t want to try another plan that would drive me up the wall.

All I needed was for something easy to stick to, and that would have guaranteed results. 

So that I could enjoy the holidays with no guilt.

I had enough of feeling heavy, hungry, and restricted.

So I decided to give this 28-day challenge a try. 

A couple of weeks later… I was already feeling grateful I did.

If I can do it, so can you!

In short, during the first challenge round, I lost around 15 pounds. 

I felt lighter, happier, and my confidence shot up…

I was so motivated, I kept going. During the next couple of rounds, I lost all the remaining weight I had gained in the first place.

So that puts my total at around 40 pounds.

Yes, that much. And what was totally crazy…

I couldn’t stop looking at myself in the mirror. And I ate all my favorite foods – I could have my bacon AND eat it!

Your nutritional needs are covered. So, you can say goodbye to cravings. 

You don’t have to waste any time pointlessly worrying over what you should eat – a proven plan helps every day. 

Thanks to this keto challenge, I don’t have to dread Christmas (or any occasion) anymore.

I feel secure in knowing that I can indulge myself and then quickly lose the proof of it.

I don’t know if this keto challenge will work for you just as effectively, but I do know this…

If you take up the challenge and pay attention to your body for just 28 days…

Changes can happen.

So, if a New Year’s transformation is just in reach, why wait? 

Take up the keto challenge and find out how much weight you could lose in the next 28 days!

Find out how much weight you could lose in 28 days (for free)

Results may vary due to personal features.


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  1. Hi, I started keto some months ago and lost 15 lbs, I was very happy. Had a doctor’s appointment with blood work which showed my cholesterol was high and it had been normal. I was disappointed. My doctor said, do not eat all that fat. I stopped eating bacon and changed to turkey bacon. I’ve been off keto through the holidays, I’ve gained weight back. Disappointed again.
    What do I do now?
    Thank you, Kay

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