How Women Can Stimulate Hair Growth in 30 Days

Jen used to spend at least 45 minutes every morning fixing her hair.

Trying to cover her bald spot, she used mousse and hair spray to make her hair look thicker. At 36 years old, her receding hairline and the thin spot on the top of her head made her look years older.

Jen used to be highly self-conscious. She avoided going outside on windy days. After spending nearly an hour carefully gluing her hair in place, one gust of wind could blow it away in seconds. 

She tried not to walk next to taller people, worried that they would notice her thinning scalp. Jen always had her hands up, fidgeting with her hair, trying to hide her scalp. 

Once an avid swimmer, the woman used to love the beach and pool parties.

The last time she swam at the beach was two years ago. It was during a date, a couple of years after her divorce.

As she emerged from the water drying her hair, it seemed that her date was more focused on her scalp than her. That was the end of the date and going swimming in public.

One night, after Jen picked a gob of hair from the shower drain, she couldn’t sleep from worrying about how quickly her hair was falling out. 

She began researching online and ended up ordering all kinds of remedies. 

Just over one year, she spent more than $2,000 trying to desperately fight her hair loss and regrow her once luscious hair.

She felt like a guinea pig for the hair product industry…

Once, she tried a hair loss concealer. You know, that stuff that you spray on your thin spot to mimic natural hair. There is no way to apply this without making a huge mess.

The powder got all over her clothes and stained everything, including the rug and nearby bath towel. Jen also took supplements for thinning hair.

They claimed to “help reduce the production of follicle-disrupting DHT known to be associated with hair loss among men and women.”

It turns out that the capsules were primarily green tea and did nothing for her hair.

Basically, Jen tried everything…

  • Minoxidil (Rogaine) – It made her hair greasy, which is not what you want when you have thin hair. Plus, it takes several months to see results, and if you stop, you’ll lose hair again. 
  • Supplements – After 30 days, she hoped they would still work. Inevitably, they didn’t, and it was too late to get her money back.
  • Laser light helmet for hair restoration – No, it didn’t work. Laser helmets can do more harm than good, including scarring the dermis and creating more hair loss.
  • DHT blockers – After nine bottles and lots of hope, Jen did not see any change.
  • Various treatments – Most shampoos and conditioners Jen tried either smelled awful or dried her
    hair so much that she had to stop using them before even finishing the bottles. 

Months went by, and Jen became more and more skeptical because of her experience with many different brands that failed. This time, though, her curiosity was stronger.

Her options had just run out when she found some information online that would completely change her life. 

“Your Hair Will Grow Again”

Jen read an article about hair loss in women. It featured a stylist who talked about a specific product, Moérie.

The stylist in the interview said she had seven customers, women from the ages of 25 to 68, who used Moérie products to repair and regrow their hair. 

All the women had great success, improved their hair dramatically, and became loyal customers. 

Out of options, she liked the stylist’s testimonial and decided to order the products online.

The Easy Solution to Hair Loss

It turned out to be a fantastic decision. Jen ordered the “Ultimate Mineral Hair Growth Serum Spray” and began using it as soon as it arrived.

She had this healthy skepticism because she had tried many different products before and saw no improvement for months…

This time, Jen was aware that this hair spray was different from many chemical products she had used before, simply because:

  • It has 77 minerals, 5 vitamins, 18 amino acids, biotin, keratin, and caffeine – natural ingredients that nurture your hair so they become strong and vibrant.
  • It also includes betaine, arginine, fulvic acid, and natural oils – naturally found chemicals that are produced by organic microbes as they dissolve plant matter.

    Meaning this unique formula is responsible for hair follicle stimulation which results in slowing down baldness and promoting new hair growth.
  • The products contain no parabens, silicone, sulfates, GMO, DMDM, artificial fragrances, or colors, so there are little or no artificial chemicals that would dry or cover the scalp with dandruff.
  • No animals were hurt.

Jen Had One Goal – to Stop Her Balding…

A couple of weeks later, her hair started to look shinier and healthier…

Her hair follicles in bald areas still didn’t show any signs of growth, BUT she noticed that after every shower, there was less and less hair scattered on the bathroom floor.

So she patiently continued using the spray for another week and did more research about hair treatments that could help her.

Just in case the product failed as the other ones she tried…

But what Jen found was that fulvic acid needs at least 4 weeks to repair and stimulate the follicles of her scalp.

To her surprise, a little over 4 weeks of using the Growth Serum, Jen felt tiny new baby hairs growing in the thin spots of her scalp.

Immediately, Jen’s eyes filled with tears of joy after so many failures.

The way she felt could only be compared to winning a jackpot.

Are You Ready to Flaunt Your Hair Again and Embrace Your Natural Beauty?

Moérie natural hair products worked for Jen and thousands of other women.

Within 4 weeks, Jen noticed an incredible difference.

After just 60 days of using Moérie, Jen is no longer obsessed with her thinning hair. 

She has thicker, shinier hair that she’s not afraid to get wet.

The thin spots are not so noticeable anymore.

She is enjoying the beach again and has the confidence to go swimming in public. 

Jen and thousands of other women use the popular “Get now, Pay later” payment method so they can pay after they receive the products.

Start your new hair growth chapter and…

Get a Special Discount as a Thank You for Taking Your Time to Read This Article

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Some Love From Friends Who Tried Moérie

I can honestly say it works! After giving birth to my second child, I recently removed the extensions. I had been wearing them for over seven years, and all my hair fell out. My hair was so limp and thin I wanted my extensions back but felt they prevented me from getting my hair in good shape. I tried many different things, but nothing worked until I started using Moerie! I am so happy that finally, my hair is growing stronger. It looks and feels amazing. I recommend it to anyone!

Cosmicgirl76, August 28, 2021


I soooo love this stuff. It has truly changed my hair. I had such dry, frizzy, dull hair until I found Moerie. Now it’s shiny and healthy, with no breakage. I have very curly hair that I used to straighten every day. I can now go curly with this product because I have no more frizz, and my curls look so soft. I will not use anything else. If you are on the fence about their products, BUY it. You won’t regret it.

Lauri Davey, July 14, 2021


I use Moerie, and I love it. I suffer from malnutrition due to stomach issues which changed my hair. It significantly increased my hair growth. My hair is shiny, fuller, and feels so good. It completely changed the condition of my hair.

Michell Verhaege Diana Olivieri-Garcia September, 3, 2021


My hair feels so soft and shiny. I have also bought the hair growth product, so I look forward to leaving another review in the coming months. I would highly recommend Moerie to anyone thinking of buying it. I just colored my hair, which can sometimes leave it feeling quite dry and damaged. Once I used the shampoo and conditioner, it felt amazing. Can’t recommend it enough.

Sarah J., August 22, 2021 – Moerie products are amazing!


I debated, looked at reviews, and finally purchased this. I only wish I would have bought Moerie sooner! I have long hair, and it is usually hard to find the right shampoo that actually washes them perfectly. Well, Moérie shampoo does the job! The smell is pleasant, the consistency – just right! My hair, after a few washes with this shampoo, my hair already feels smoother! So happy I decided to spend that money – it’s totally worth it!

Rosita, April 30, 2021 – Money well spent – Finally, hair care that actually works!


I used a lot of different shampoos and conditioners over the years that contained harmful ingredients and wanted to try something healthier for my hair. Read many great reviews about this product and its ingredients and decided to give it a try. And what a pleasant surprise! After only two washes, my hair felt softer and less frizzy. I also find that a lot of shampoos have a really strong sweet scent, whereas Moérie smells really unique- fresh and with a hint of orange, without overpowering.

Ingrida, July 8, 2021 – What a pleasant surprise!

Results may vary due to personal attributes


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