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How To Stick To Any Weight Loss Resolution in 2022 Using 3 Essential Keto Habits

Do you keep going back to old habits? Can’t seem to keep your body in ketosis?

Oh, those new year resolutions, every time we say it’s now or never but year after year we keep going back to old habits, forgetting our goals and then start blaming ourselves. Simply because the body we knew we could achieve is a distant miracle now.

How many of us have tried keto to lose weight before, it worked for a while but then after 1 plate of carbonara we felt frustrated, lost hope, and gave up on our diet?

Not This Year! We Deserve Better.

I’m sure we can all agree 2021 was a nightmare…the word quarantine alone makes me wanna lose it. 

So how about we start 2022 with a W ?

Below we listed the top 3 habits that guarantee fail-proof ketosis to beat your weight loss goals. 

Pay attention because these are compiled from renowned experts in medicine and nutrition. If you stick to all 3 points carefully we guarantee a healthier, slimmer you within 28 days only. 

i.e: by Jan 28th, you WILL see results.

1- Consistency Is Key

This is a big one, this is how you actually lose weight. If there’s anything to remember from this article it has to be this.

Staying consistent with the ketogenic diet is the only way it will work for you. A recent study has shown that the majority of people underreport how much carbs they’ve taken on a long enough time scale. 

Think about it, this means that they are consuming more than they think they are.  here’s a graph that puts things into perspective

Figure: every line represents a group of people who were aiming to eat less than 70 grams of carbs. The solid blue lines report adhering to the diet. Dotted red lines were not adhering to their diet by the end of the study. 

This is proof why people fail keto. In the beginning they start motivated and meticulous of what they eat, and then slowly but surely things start to slip up and they end up out of ketosis without even knowing.

However, we know this is easier said than done, so here are a few pointers to help you stay on track:

  • Ease into it: don’t go cold turkey from day one. Take your time, try a low carb breakfast for a week, after that try it for lunch, and so on and so forth. 
  • Eat enough protein and fibers: This helps you feel satiated without consuming too much food.
  • Avoid self sabotage: Did you go over your carb count? Don’t freak out thinking you’re being kicked out of ketosis. It’s NOT a failure until you give up, so just bounce back and look at it from a self-love perspective.
> Whatever happens, always remember: You don’t need perfection, you need consistency.

2- Introduce Fasting To Your Lifestyle

This is the fastlane secret to get your body into ketosis. By combining fasting with your ketogenic diet, your body will get the energy it needs by tapping into your fat storage system instead of the glucose that you’ve been eating.

According to metabolic expert Dr. Deborah Wexler, Director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Diabetes Center and associate professor at Harvard Medical School: 

“There is evidence to suggest that the circadian rhythm fasting approach, where meals are restricted to an eight to 10-hour period of the daytime, is effective”

This powerful combination will make you lose weight the fast way. Here’s how you should do it:

  • Aim for a couple of 24h fasts during the week: this is the optimum volume that will balance weight loss and supply your body with the nutrients it needs.
  • Drink plenty of water and electrolytes: H2O is a natural appetite suppressant,  so drinking before a meal will make you satisfied with smaller portions and make you less inclined to crave carbs. Not only that, it’s also calorie-free and a great booster to your metabolism.
  • Try intermittent fasting: This is great if you’re not accustomed to the traditional approach and you fear burnout. This way you can cycle between eating and fasting periodically within 1 day. 

3- Stop Counting Your Macros

Let’s face it, no one has time for this. Even if you have motivation to do it for a few weeks you will eventually start slacking off and give up on the diet completely.

You’re making it too hard for yourself…by not being flexible you’re setting yourself up for failure, and like every new year you will go back to your old habits after 2 weeks of trying.  

There are many apps out there that tell you exactly what you need to put in your body, based on your age, weight, activity level, and weight loss goals. Some are accurate, others not so much.

Each one of us is different and will react differently to all these variables. We recommend using an app that you trust. Someone that won’t sell your information and will give you the most reliable results based on your body type. 

Many of our readers recommend Keto Cycle. It’s an affordable way to get a personalized diet plan and shave off the extra pounds as fast as possible.

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The Quickest Way To Achieve Your Weight Loss Goals

If you stick to these 3 tips, we guarantee that you will lose up to 10 pounds within 28 days. 

Here are some results of people who tried a personalized meal plan using a reliable app, and most importantly stayed consistent with it.

This is how much they lost in less than 1 month:

Before after
Bella, 45
Before after
Elisa, 39
Before after
Sarah, 42

If you’re curious and want to know exactly how much fat you can lose by january 28th, take this 2 minute quiz and find out.


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