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How to Enter Ketosis Faster and Double the Results?

According to Dr. Alexander H. Blackwell, ketosis is an intense fat-fighting metabolic state. 

It only starts if you manage to empty your body’s carb-based energy stores (otherwise known as glycogen).

This allows your body to use its own fat stores for energy, zapping the unwanted mass away from your problem areas. 

Without help, it’s a process that can take up to 10 days of struggling and undereating. 

But follow the 5 strategies we’ll share below… and you might be able to enter ketosis in the next 24 hours. 

Who Uses The Keto Diet?

It’s no secret that some of the world’s biggest film, music, and even sports stars use the keto diet to maintain their physique. Kim Kardashian, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow, and top NBA baller LeBron James swear by keto.

What’s known as the “superhero” physique – from Halle Berry’s Catwoman to Hugh Jackman’s ripped Wolverine look – is often the combination of carb-restricted meals and strength training.

Elite stars like them have nutritionists and trainers personalizing every meal and every workout to their exact needs. But what can regular people do to get similar results?

#1. Eat More Fat (but Not Just “Any” Type of Fat!)

Ensure that up to 70–75% of your calories come from healthy fats. Popular choices include avocados, nuts, egg yolks, and fatty fish. 

These fat-rich foods will fuel your brain, keep you full and satisfied, and help start ketosis faster.

But be careful. Not all fat sources are of equal nutritional value. Try to avoid fried and processed foods, as they are high in unhealthy trans fats.

Naturally, a custom approach to meal planning works best. Everybody’s tastes and needs are different. 

So, even though loading up on healthy fats is essential to enter ketosis, they should come from foods you enjoy eating. 

This will allow you to stick to your plan over the long term.

#2. Eat Up to 50g Carbs a Day

Depending on your age, height, and weight, you may need to keep your carb intake as low as 20–25 grams.

If you exceed your daily carb target, you won’t be able to get into ketosis. This means you’ll miss out on its awesome fat-burning properties.

Following keto recipes you find online is a big mistake. These usually have no logical connection with each other and lead to overeating carbs. 

The answer is a well-structured and balanced keto meal plan made just for you. 

Such a plan will ensure you get the right amount of carbs and include dozens of keto-friendly alternatives to satisfy your sugar tooth.

(And even allow you to “cheat” a little.)

#3. Get 0.6 Grams of Protein per Pound of Your Weight

That’s the optimal amount to feel full, enjoy good health, build and maintain your muscles.

That last part is important because when you enter ketosis, you’ll start dropping mass fast. 

Therefore, in an ideal keto plan, 20–25% of your calories must come from protein.

Calculating calories and macros on a day-to-day basis may sound like a lot of work, but precision is key. 

Your body type, goals, and health conditions are all unique. One size does not fit all.

Always seek the highest level of personalization and accuracy when starting a new wellness program.

How Safe Is The Keto Diet?

You should consult your physician before starting a new diet. Generally, people choose keto for rapid weight loss. This has caused some to label keto as a “crash diet.” 

But overwhelmingly, the evidence suggests that a well-designed (personalized) keto diet is not just safe, but healthier than a high-carb diet. There are dozens of proven health benefits.

For example, keto is amazing in lowering blood sugar and insulin levels. In one study in people with type 2 diabetes, 95% had reduced or eliminated their glucose medication in 6 months. [I

Beyond that, keto promotes brain health, stable energy levels, reduced appetite, heart health, and skin clarity.

#4. Get Moving (in a Way You Enjoy)

The more you move, the more your body uses its stored carbs for energy. Once those stores are depleted, the process of ketosis begins. 

There’s no need to burn yourself out with harsh, heavy workouts. Exhausting your body is counterintuitive. It’s just not sustainable for most people.

Simple bodyweight exercises or even walking for 30 minutes every other day is all you need. 

Start one step at a time, listen to your body, and do what feels right for the moment. 

The important part is that you stick to it.

#5. Eat Foods You Like

Eating enjoyable foods will ensure you can stick to your keto plan over the long term.

It’s easy to think that keto is a highly restrictive diet, but it’s simply not true. There are plenty of ways to eat well on keto.

Keto pizzas, burgers, turkey wraps, and even cheese cupcakes are some of the many delicious options available to you.

The trick is to include them as part of a well-structured, balanced keto meal plan.

One that’s made just for you, based on your precise preferences and nutritional needs.

The Easy Way To Start Keto

Would you like to get in shape with keto but don’t know where to start? Whether you’re a complete beginner or know a thing or two about nutrition, you should know about Keto Cycle.

Keto Cycle allows regular folks to “piggyback” on the personalized fat-burning approach (typically used only by top celebrities and movie stars preparing for a new role). 

Every Keto Cycle user receives a personalized keto meal plan. And there’s the option to get personal training workouts too. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re super busy, or have plenty of time to prepare your meals. They will fully adapt your meals and workouts to your lifestyle and schedule. 

All you need to do is complete a short quiz. They’ll ask you your gender, age, current weight, height and activity levels. A nutritionist will use this info to optimize your calories, macros.

Then they’ll ask you what foods you prefer to eat — so that they make sure to include them — and whether you have any health conditions. This ensures Keto Cycle is 100% safe and healthy for you.

What you’ll get is:

Exactly what to cook: 1,000+ personalized recipes to choose from that take no longer than 15 minutes to prepare.

Exactly what to shop: Weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients you can find at your local grocery store.

Exactly what to eat: All your calories, macros, and portions will be calculated for you, precisely, every single day. 

Plus, you’ll have 24/7 nutritionist support. So whenever you have questions, or need help staying motivated, help will be one quick message away. 

Should you try Keto Cycle?

We asked the same question ourselves. Here’s Keto Cycle by the numbers:

✔️ It’s the most popular keto plan. With over 541,221+ active users. 

✔️ 95% of users felt lighter after 24 hours. 

✔️ On average, people lose 21 pounds.

✔️ 4 out of 5 kept losing weight over the long term (6 months+). 

Thousands of people are raving about Keto Cycle. There’s a good chance you can lose 15lb… 20lb… 30lb… or more!

And the whole time, you’ll be experiencing increased energy, fewer food cravings, and a better mood.

Don’t wait. Try out the quiz below without any commitment.

Just like:

Margaret, 40
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Find out how much weight you could lose with a personalized keto meal plan

Results may vary due to personal features



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