How to Deal with Persistent Anxiety When Life Feels Heavy

Nausea, tummy issues, sweaty palms, a lump in my throat, a racing heart – I had everything. Yet there’s a growing body of new research that proves we CAN lower anxiety, even when things feel hopeless. Keep reading to learn all the details, because you can try this right now, at home.

If you’re ANYWHERE near normal and actually pay attention to what’s happening in the world… then you probably feel anxiety. Here’s how it felt for me:

I was overthinking about the smallest of things.

Always comparing myself with others. 

Found it very difficult to forgive myself for any mistakes I made. 

Just thinking about the future made me nervous – because I always thought of the worst possible scenario. 

I wasn’t sleeping well, yet I found it very difficult to fall asleep. 

This means I often felt unwell physically and mentally. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

For me personally, that’s how I felt daily. My name is Jennifer Barnum, I’m a single mom, and I lost my cushy job in the travel industry because of the pandemic. 


I can laugh about it now, but it was tragic.

Half the time, I felt motivated to do something. Half the time, I would stare at the ceiling, eyes wide open, for hours on end.

Feeling drained. Thinking my whole life was overwhelmed by forces beyond my control. 

When it got bad, I felt like I was dying.

How did I stop dying?

I realized one thing. The big secret. 

Stress and anxiety are not one and the same. 

Stress is our body’s (natural and perfectly normal) reaction to trouble or the unknown. Anxiety is how we react to stress. 

We can’t control stress because we can’t control what happens to us. 

But we can absolutely reduce anxiety because our reaction to stress is a choice. 

Now I know what you might be thinking. It sounds like typical mumbo-jumbo self-help, right?

It’s not like you CHOOSE to experience nausea and tummy issues. 

Or sweaty palms, a lump to your throat, a racing heart, or any of the hundreds of signs only somebody who’s lived with anxiety can know.

Yet there’s a growing body of research that proves it: You can lower anxiety, even (and especially) when things feel hopeless. 

You have strength in you, the magnitudes of which you can’t imagine. 

It’s just that nobody has told you or showed you how to access it yet. I know because I was the same. I needed help.

No, I am not referring to medications or expensive and lengthy therapy. 

I am not referring to doing something as dramatic as changing my whole routine.

All I did was follow a simple 28-day plan by Anxietless – which I’ll share with you in just a moment. 


“Above all, I feel like I’ve acquired a new sense of humor. It’s not that I no longer care. But because I can joke about what troubles me, nothing seems to hurt or worry me too much.”
Nora D., Texas


“I feel like Anxietless gave me perspective. I’ve found that most of the things I worried about no longer worry me.”
Susan B., New-York


“For me personally, the best antidote to worry is exercise and Anxietless helped me become more active. Try it… you’ll be surprised by the results.”
James G. I., Pennsylvania

A proven solution for anxiety that works fast

Imagine having a friend who didn’t just wait for their turn to speak – but actually LISTENED to what troubles you.

That’s how I felt when I first tried Anxietless’s program.

It all starts with a free and straightforward quiz. They ask you a few questions about yourself, so they understand how they can help you better.

For example, they ask if you felt some of the most common stress and anxiety symptoms over the past couple of weeks.

Then, depending on your answers, they give you an individualized action plan… specifically tailored to reduce your anxiety, improve your sleep quality and sense of happiness and well-being. 

Every day you have one small task to do.

Sometimes it’s as simple as a gentle reminder to rewatch your favorite movie. 

Other times they show you how to relax and sleep better through breathing techniques. 

But every day, they nudge you to become a better version of yourself. 

It’s almost like having someone who (truly) cares in your corner… always there to remind you how you should be good to yourself. 


“I’m starting to feel like a kid again.” 
Isabella P., Georgia


“I grew up feeling like I had to prove myself, which made me combative and angry. Anxietless helped calm me down.”
Louis H., Florida


“I used to panic about everything… now I’ve learned to take it one day at a time.”
Eva M., Delaware

I don’t know if it will work for you… But this is how it worked for me and many others.


I’m living in day-tight compartments.

So I live every day as if it were the first day I’ve lived… and the last day I’m going to see.

Did it happen overnight? No. 

Will it happen for you too? I can’t say.

But what I know for sure is that you have literally nothing to lose.

Because Anxietless’s quiz is free. 

And it only takes a few minutes to get started. 

For me personally, it changed my life.

And even if there’s no more than a small 1% chance that this little step could usher a great, positive transformation in your life…

Would it not be worth a simple 3 minutes of your time? 

Something brought you here for a reason. Don’t let this chance go.

No credit card required


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  1. I need some things I feel like my world is over…..I need help of how to calm down.

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