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How to Deal with Persistent Anxiety When Life Feels Heavy

Jun 28
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Written by Edibel Quintero, MD

That moment is still ingrained in my mind as clear as day.

I was sitting curled up in a ball with my feet glued to the floor, my head against my legs, and my eyes shut tight.

The room was spinning. My heart was pounding so quickly I thought it was going to fly out of my chest. My palms were sweaty, and I couldn’t stop trembling. Tears were rolling down my face, and I felt like I could barely breathe.

All I remember is feeling like I was going to die. Like the whole world was caving in on me… Spiraling into chaos – and I couldn’t stop it.

You know that feeling when you’re rocking on the back legs of your chair, and suddenly, for a split second, you think you’re going to fall? That feeling of panic in your chest? Knowing that there’s nothing you can do about what’s coming next?

Imagine that split second being frozen in time and lodged in your chest for days. Months even. And imagine the sense of dread sticking around too, but sometimes you don’t even know why.

You feel paralyzed. Immobilized with fear.

This was only one of my many encounters with anxiety and its evil best friend – panic.

My name’s Jennifer Barnum. I’m a single mom, and I lost my cushy job in the travel industry because of the pandemic.

Anxiety was something that I lived with for a very long time. But last year, it went through the roof.

I couldn’t shake that feeling of impending doom. It hovered around me, following my every step.

Just thinking about the future made me nervous because I always thought of the worst possible scenario. Questioning, worrying, analyzing…

There was this feeling of constant fear that dominated my thoughts, and my thoughts further exacerbated my fears. It was a vicious cycle I couldn’t seem to get out of.

I was overthinking the smallest of things. Always comparing myself with others.

This little voice in the back of my head kept whispering again and again, “You’re not good enough.”

Eventually, the mental symptoms transformed into physical ones.

I couldn’t eat. Or would grossly overeat. Some days, I couldn’t even leave my bed.

I wasn’t sleeping well, yet I found it very difficult to fall asleep. I’d try and try to no avail, just so that I wouldn’t have to stay awake and in fear.

I felt like I was going crazy.

Losing control over my body and mind. Sobbing day in day out from the sheer exhaustion of not being able to turn my brain off. 

I felt drained. Weak. Embarrassed. Broken.

I didn’t always know why I was anxious. Anxiety is very rarely about just one particular thing, and this can be so hard to explain to somebody who hasn’t gone through it. People don’t seem to realize how much anxiety can screw your life over.

I felt so alone and eventually stopped seeing friends and family – I always thought they were judging me.

The nights got harder and the days got longer the more time I spent in isolation I had taken part in creating.

I became afraid of life.

I know what it’s like to think that anxiety is an immovable boulder – something unchanging, something that can’t go away.

In the height of my anxious days, I considered myself the loser in the battle.

Countless panic attacks, millions of obsessive worries, times I doubted myself, been really mean to myself…

When it got bad, I felt like I was dying.

Sometimes, the memories are so painfully strong that I can still list all the dates of my panic attacks. But there’s only one that matters – July 18, 2020 – the date of my last one.


How did I stop feeling like I was dying?

My journey was a rocky one. I went through LOTS of treatments before I finally found a way to leave those dark, anxious days behind me.

First, I was put on anti-anxiety meds. But they made me feel like a shell of my former self. Then, it was meditation, yoga, high-intensity workouts, long runs, therapy books, keeping a journal, super clean diets, deep breathing exercises, even praying.

I tried everything. But nothing was helping.

I honestly felt hopeless. I thought I’d be trapped in my own personal hell for the rest of my life.

If you’ve ever been there, feeling this constant sense of dread… Ever felt like you’re losing control, your heart racing so fast you can hardly breathe…

Feeling like you just can’t cope with anything anymore… Feeling lonely and detached from everyone and everything in your life because you’re just always anxious…

Then read carefully what I’m about to share with you next. Because I found a way out.

Imagine having someone who actually LISTENS to what troubles you. Actually UNDERSTANDS what living with anxiety feels like. Someone that makes you feel like you’re not alone in this.

That’s how I felt when I first tried Anxietless’ program.

Basically, the idea was this. I took a short quiz completely for free where they asked me a few questions about myself, my emotional state, my feelings, and so on. The goal was to understand my problems and my needs so that they’d know how to help me better.

Then, based on my answers, they gave me a personalized action plan… specifically tailored to reduce my anxiety, improve my sleep quality, and my sense of happiness and well-being. 

Every day I had one small task to do, which I could complete at my own pace. If life felt too heavy on a certain day, I could come back to it later – there was no pressure whatsoever.

They showed me how to relax and sleep better through specific breathing techniques – designed to help me feel more in control and aware of what my body and mind were experiencing.

There’s even a progress tracking sheet, so you never feel stuck or unable to move forward. I got TONS of personalized content about anxiety and stress management, which helped me become more aware of my triggers and manage my response to them better.

Every day, they nudged me to become a better version of myself. It felt like having someone who truly cares about me… always there to remind me how I should be good to myself. 

Now, I know what you might be thinking.

It sounds like the typical mumbo-jumbo self-help, right?

I was skeptical at first too. After all, I tried breathing exercises and meditation before and thought this was pretty much the same.

But I promise you, it’s different.

It’s not a one-size-fits-all template. Anxiety is a personal experience. No journey is the same.

The Anxietless program is tailored specifically for you and built by professional psychologists with decades of experience.

I genuinely can’t put into words how much it changed my life.

Just 3 months in, I felt lightness again.

I learned about the power of just ACCEPTING that you’re experiencing anxiety – and that it’s OKAY to feel that way.

Through my individualized exercises, I noticed something. By acknowledging my anxiety, I was accepting it in a way I never really had before. For years, I looked at it as a battle. I felt like I was cursed with a brain that would never really stop worrying and doubting.

I didn’t accept it, and I didn’t accept myself. And this was part of my problem. This realization has been the most freeing ever – it’s a priceless feeling.

The feeling that you ARE in control. That you can break that pattern and set yourself free. That you CAN regain inner peace and live life without that constant fear.

I was more in control of how severe my panic attacks were – and now, almost a year later, my panic attacks are in the past.

I’ve gained an immense amount of self-awareness. I knew myself better. I knew my triggers better. But most importantly, I’ve learned to live with myself and know that I can move forward, no matter what life throws at me.

No more racing heart. No more shaking hands. No more sleepless nights and restless days.

I feel free. Peaceful. Calm. In control.

And I know you can too.

You have strength in you, the magnitudes of which you can’t imagine. 

It’s just that nobody has told you or showed you how to access it yet.

I know because I was the same. I needed help.

And I found it with Anxietless – never once looking back.

Anxiety no longer defines me. It is a part of me, but it isn’t who I am.

Why was Anxietless so effective when nothing else worked? Here’s my honest opinion.

It’s your journey – and the plan is all about YOU

There’s no fluff – every single detail and exercise is personalized for you alone. You get them daily, and they guide you step by step, showing you simple techniques to relieve anxiety, manage stress, and regain control.

It’s a plan you can follow any time of day – at your own pace

You take it one day at a time – there’s never any pressure. It merely takes 10–30 minutes per day, but the results are for life. I honestly can’t tell you what a powerful feeling it is to finally feel happiness and peace again.

You get TONS of personalized content about anxiety

Getting to know myself and my triggers was absolutely invaluable. It helped me accept myself as I am and move forward. There’s never a moment anymore where I feel completely out of control. My anxiety doesn’t overpower me anymore.

You can track your progress so you never feel stuck

Taking it day by day and seeing the immense progress I was making – and how much my life was improving – gave me the strength to keep going. I never felt so proud of myself – and never felt so free and calm in my own skin.

I might not know how you’re feeling right now. Every journey is different.

But what I know for sure is that you have literally nothing to lose.

Because Anxietless’ quiz is free. And it only takes a few minutes to get started. 

For me, personally, it changed my life.

And if it’s helped 96% of people like me, I know it can help you too.

If this little step could usher a great, positive transformation in your life…

Would it not be worth a simple 3 minutes of your time? 

Something brought you here for a reason. Don’t let this chance go.

Take a free 3-minute quiz and reclaim your inner peace with your own personalized step-by-step Anxietless plan

No credit card required.

Written by
Edibel Quintero, MD

Edibel Quintero is a medical doctor who graduated in 2013 from the University of Zulia and has been working in her profession since then. She specializes in obesity and nutrition, physical rehabilitation, sports massage and post-operative rehabilitation. Edibel's goal is to help people live healthier lives by educating them about food, exercise, mental wellness and other lifestyle choices that can improve their quality of life.

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