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How Running Helped Me Grieve After Divorce in My 40s

Happy wife – happy life? 

But what if the wife status was long gone, and the happy woman who used to run in Sheffield, Alabama, doesn’t exist anymore? 

Who knew Happy Ever Afters weren’t one-size-fits-all.

I really thought I would have my husband by my side for the rest of my life.

Now I’m 44 years old, and I’ve been divorced for 4 years. I’m doing a lot better now, but in the beginning, I caught myself crying and eating my feelings away every evening.

I gained a lot of unwanted pounds, and the only physical activity I did was to open the door for the takeout.

I was pretty selfish at that time. I only cared about how terrible I was feeling, not giving much attention to anyone else. I was missing out on my kids’ lives – I didn’t even congratulate Matt on his new job, and Jenny didn’t seem to enjoy spending time with me like she used to.

I was so messed up in my head that I forgot that my kids still needed a mother to rely on.

I felt desperate and worthless. My emotional state was at its all-time lowest.

Woman photo before trying Joggo

I wanted to find my happy place again

I knew I had to be better for my kids and myself.

After my divorce, I held it together for a few months until I started to eat my feelings, and then COVID hit. When I went in for a pre-op visit, I weighed 182. I broke down in the exam room and cried just like the first time I heard my ex-husband saying, “I want a divorce. This isn’t working anymore.” 

My flabby belly was hanging, and all I wanted to do was look like my old self when I was happy. I could feel how I was falling into sadness and felt miserable 24/7. Depression had never hit me so bad. 

A few weeks later, after not answering my phone and ignoring all the messages from my kids, my daughter came to my house asking if I was OK. For the first time in my life, I answered the question honestly.

She grabbed my hand, started checking up on me every day, and got me back on the “healthy horse.” Encouraged by my kids, I went the private (and expensive!) route and got a personal trainer.

We started training two times a week, and I started feeling an energy boost after every workout. 

But my trainer, Hannah, told me that I need to be physically active more than twice a week. 

If I wanted to reach my results, I had to find a way to do a bit of exercising constantly

At that time, my weight goal was 140 pounds.

For this reason, Hannah recommended running at a slow pace a couple of times a week. She said that it would help tone my body, increase hip mobility, and help me reach mental clarity. 

She also recommended I use a running app – she said many of her clients who didn’t have one wouldn’t stick to running consistently for a long time. And it would keep track of my results for me to keep me accountable.

Looking for a suitable app companion, I wanted to find something that would fit ME. And I found one that gave me a short yet in-depth quiz to figure out what I was starting with and could achieve if I just followed a personalized program.

I started with just walking, and in time, I could run! The app I used – Joggo – created a personalized running plan for me and upgraded it every time I’ve achieved a new milestone. 

Getting out and getting active started releasing the endorphins and serotonin I needed to get out of my depression. It made me want to do it even more. 

It would always make me happy whenever I beat a new goal or just managed to run a little longer than the day before. Keeping track of how my running was going encouraged me to stick with it for as long as I have. 

I never knew that there are so many methods to run and reach different results. Some are more for cardio workouts and others for aerobic fitness. 

After starting with short runs, there was always a new challenge I could try out for myself, which has made my journey so much more exciting.

This easy-to-use app even had articles about food and nutrition. And with the additional purchase, I got a personalized meal plan with tons of delicious food recipes. Now I can say that I’ve tried most of the recipes, and I genuinely love them. 

Some of the recipes are so good. I haven’t even ordered takeout for months!

Woman photo after trying Joggo
Personal family album

Now the woman in the mirror has a beautiful body and a big smile on her face!

Guess what? This running routine got me back to life! I’ve lost 35 pounds without any restrictions to my diet.

I now take runs a couple of times a week, and I feel so much better. I fit into all my clothes, my emotions are more stable, and I finally feel ready to date again. 

I finally feel better. This running plan was not only a workout for my body but my soul too. It’s like stress relief and meditation in one!

Running has given me hours and hours to think and do self-reflection. I’ve noticed that procrastination leads to guilt, which causes depression, feeds the anxiety, and makes me procrastinate, and then the whole cycle all starts. Focusing on my health gives me attainable goals that help stop that entire process.

Following the personalized program set for me by the Joggo app made exercising and sticking to a plan so much easier. Since I was so active every week, I stopped seeing my trainer. I didn’t feel that I needed to see her anymore and spend additional time and money. 

Running has shaped my body and mind and let me take some quiet time to reflect on my life choices.

When all of these thoughts started coming along, I realized that I wasn’t in shape enough to enjoy my time with kids. That, along with the idea that every day I spend overweight and sedentary is stealing time (quality if not quantity alone) from the end of my life, made me want to make a change.

Now, when my daughter comes over, we run together in the park, as we used to in the past. She also uses this Joggo app in her daily life. It feels like you’ve accomplished something after you finish your brisk run.

My honest thoughts on what my results would’ve looked like without Joggo:

  • I wouldn’t have known what my progress was supposed to look like, and I probably wouldn’t have pushed myself to try running as consistently.
  • My weight loss would be way slower because I wouldn’t have the motivation to move on.
  • I would’ve burned fat slower and less of it.
  • I doubt I would’ve relieved the anxiety and stress I constantly felt after my divorce.

So basically, it’s fair to say that Joggo was like a guide that saved me here. And the best part – it was personalized specifically FOR ME and helped me at my own pace.

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  1. I’ve got face gains right now that have me avoiding mirrors. If only I could avoid video conferencing, too. I’m so embarrassed. I had so many excuses not to work out, but I know what I have to do now. Thanks for telling your story. I feel this Joggo app could be a life-changer for me.

  2. Such an inspiring story and you look great! You give me hope I can get back on track too.

  3. I can relate so much. I got divorced this year and decided to be better to myself in terms of physical and mental health. Depression definitely wants to keep us down, but we can keep fighting with the help of friends, family, and stories like this. Inspired by you, I just downloaded this Joggo app and it’s so easy to use. Thank you for sharing! I am excited to celebrate every pound that goes away!

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