How People Over 60 Are Reclaiming Their Health With This Diabetes Management Plan

After years of fighting diabetes, Susan, 63, has found a way to achieve a healthy A1C level, lose weight, improve her health, and live her life to the fullest. Today, she shares her story with us.

It’s been almost 5 years, but I still remember that day vividly.

You have Type 2 diabetes“….

Overwhelmed with emotions, I had no idea where to begin…

My blood glucose was over 500mg/dL. And when my doctor weighed me, the numbers on the scale made me cringe… 165 pounds!

It was disheartening to say the least.

She told me I needed to lose a lot of that extra weight if I was to keep my blood sugar under control… if I ever wanted to get off diabetes medications… and potentially reverse my condition.

I went home and cried all day. But that wasn’t even the worst part…

That weekend, we were celebrating my granddaughter’s birthday. I watched her running in the backyard, chasing her little brother, both of them laughing, so care-free and happy…

Gammyyyy, come playyy!

I don’t see them as often as I’d like to. So whenever they visit, I want to enjoy every moment with them to the fullest.

Imagine how heartbroken I felt when I realized that I just couldn’t keep up with them anymore. They were running in circles around me while I was standing there, tired and barely able to move…

Every time I looked at my kids and grandkids, I thought there was so much more to do in life. I wanted to be able to play with my grandkids. To see them grow up. To be there for my family. Not just sit and watch from the sidelines.

I just desperately wished I could reverse my diabetes, lose the excess weight, and get my health back on track…

Gradma sport

Over the years, I’ve tried EVERY diet out there to lose weight and get my blood sugar in check…

❌  Low-carb, low-fat, protein shakes, even diet pills…

❌ Diet and cook books

❌  Different programs like Weight Watchers and Nutrisystem

❌  … Pretty much every product for exercise

You name it – I’ve tried it.

But the results were always the same.

I’d lose a couple of pounds in the first few weeks only for the weight to come right back on. I’d feel hungry all the time and get cravings. I struggled to understand my meals, unsure what to eat and not to eat to avoid blood sugar spikes…

I got SO tired of constantly having to battle my blood sugar, weight, and medications. Tired of failing even though I was literally doing everything right

… cutting down carbs and fats

… calculating ratios of carb to fat to sugar to insulin

… eating more fruits, veggies, and exercising

But nothing worked. I grew frustrated and hopeless seeing my blood glucose spike from doing just what I was told. Getting my medications increased again and again…

All the while, my grandkids wanted me to play with them, but I couldn’t.

If you’ve ever felt this way and you’re tired of worrying about the right foods, the wrong foods, or how much food to eat to avoid spikes…

Fed up with dieting, counting, tracking, measuring, and the constant weight loss rollercoaster…

Getting your hopes up only to have them destroyed as you fail at another impossible-to-follow diet…

Then pay close attention to the next part

Because I’m going to share a simple diabetes management solution that has helped me drop pounds of nagging fat, get my numbers to a healthy level, and live a happier and more energetic life.

WITHOUT crazy dieting, feeling hungry and restricted, or depriving myself of all the foods I love.

And it’s especially effective if you’re over 60.


I found out that when you hit 60, your metabolism starts to slow, making it hard to lose weight and easier to gain it back. If that’s not challenging enough, most diabetes medications also increase hunger and promote fat storage, causing weight gain.

But this particular solution has helped me ditch all of my diabetes meds after 3 months. I lost about 45 pounds, and my A1C went down from a solid 7% to 5.1%.

Believe me – I didn’t think it was possible either!

Here’s how I finally lost the weight and reclaimed my health…

After scouring the internet yet again for “healthy” meals that wouldn’t spike my blood sugar, I stumbled upon this all-in-one diabetes management plan called Klinio.

It wasn’t just a regular app for tracking things. Professional nutritionists and diabetes specialists create a fully personalized meal plan based on your diabetes type, allergies, dietary preferences, age, weight, and so on. They also include tailored, beginner-friendly workout plans to help you stay more active.

Hundreds of thousands of people were raving about how it helped them slim down, prevent complications, and reclaim some semblance of the life they’d once had. AND even reverse diabetes.

I was skeptical at first. I tried everything under the sun, and I was so scared to try anything new only to be disappointed again…

I consulted my doctor to see what she thinks. After careful evaluation, she gave me the green light because this wasn’t a one-size-fits-all approach you usually see.

I hoped it would finally help me lose that excess weight… And give me back the energy of my youth so I could finally go out and play with my grandkids!

I just wanted to unshackle myself from medications, from blood sugar spikes, and feel confident and free in my body again.

So I took a leap of faith and signed up for the Klinio plan.

It reversed my diabetes and saved my life

In the 3 months since, I’ve lost 45 pounds, my blood sugar is regulated, and I no longer need my medications.

Instead of having extreme spikes and feeling sluggish, I’m full of energy every day. My mind is sharp and clear. Most of my symptoms, such as foot pain, finger tingling, and numbness, are gone.

When I first signed up for Klinio, I was scared that I’d feel hungry all the time… That I wouldn’t be able to avoid cravings (I’ve been struggling with that for years and riding the blood sugar rollercoaster). That I wouldn’t be able to stick with it and stay consistent.

I went through the first weeks with no setbacks or problems. I didn’t feel hungry or restricted like with other diets I’ve tried before. And those sugar cravings? Gone.

Plus, it was easy to follow and stick to because all the hard work had been done for me. 

With thousands of custom-fitted recipes, I knew exactly what to eat to keep my blood sugar stable. I could easily swap ingredients to generate new recipe variations in the app. They even prepared weekly grocery lists, so I didn’t have to worry about food at all.

This is by far the easiest, most effective way of eating I’ve ever experienced, and I feel incredibly lucky.

I’m learning to manage my diabetes with a broader view of everything that’s happening in my body instead of just feeling like a number chart. I understand why I was struggling and feel confident in my decisions now. And I’ve finally found a way to lose weight consistently.

If only I’d known what I do now, I might’ve spared myself years of mismanagement and frustration.

Each time I look in the mirror… Each time I check my numbers… I can’t feel PROUDER!

But most importantly, I can now go out and play with my grandkids.

Susan 63

So what makes Klinio so effective? Here’s my honest review

It’s a convenient meal plan that does all the work for you. 

No more guessing about what foods or how much to eat. You get thousands of personalized recipes and weekly grocery lists to keep your blood sugar stable and lose weight consistently – all made by professional nutritionists and diabetes specialists. You can find all the ingredients at your local grocery store, and swap them to get recipe variations you like better. Plus, the meal plan adapts to you with time.

It’s an easy solution to kick cravings and manage carbs.

I always had a sweet tooth and struggled with cravings. But with Klinio, I no longer feel hungry. Nor do I crave carbs. They give you quick, healthy meals that actually taste amazing and keep you full throughout the day – so you’re not starving or relying on your willpower. It’s not about restrictive dieting but more about helping you find a healthy balance without making you feel deprived.

It’s a plan you can easily stick to and follow consistently.

No more unrealistic yo-yo diets. I feel like I can finally relax and breathe… I no longer need to count calories and macros… Or second-guess which foods are harmful to me and which ones aren’t – they tell you everything! It’s like a personal diabetes coach in your pocket – it keeps you accountable, helps you manage (and potentially reverse!) diabetes, and lose weight without making you think much about it.

It’s a one-stop solution to monitor your data and track progress.

There’s full assistance with calculating carbs, sugar, cholesterol, medications, and other metrics. You can also track your weight loss progress to see how far you’ve come. Plus, it’s a great tool when going to your doctor – I simply load the app, and she can see all my daily metrics (and my weekly and monthly average). And there’s 24/7 nutritionist support, too!

Ready to reclaim your health and live your own success story?

If you’ve been struggling with diabetes, food choices, weight loss, medication, ineffective diets, and exercise plans, here’s the good news:

You can get your own personalized all-in-one diabetes management plan today and experience for yourself the amazing health results that thousands of Klinio customers are raving about.

Just like:

Felicity, 67

Before after
“Really has helped me get on track. Numbers are improving and I’m much more comfortable with managing my diabetes. Great reminders throughout the day.” – Felicity

Elisa, 62

Before after
“Somehow it hooked me. I genuinely like to track my glucose level in the app and how much water I take – drinking not enough water was always my issue, but their notifications help to drink more water than usual.” – Elisa

Rosie, 64

“Great meal plans customized for you. Brought A1c and weight down. The recipes are delicious. I no longer have decision fatigue trying to figure out meal prep. I am delighted with this app.” – Rosie

Take a 60-second quiz and see how much your health and weight can improve – your results might surprise you

Always consult a professional for medical advice


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