How People Over 60 Are Losing Weight With The “Bible Diet” Without Counting Calories

Yes – this is not a fluke. In a remarkable turn of events, Bible Scriptures turn 100 years of diet dogma on its head. People of all ages are losing dozens of pounds by following the eating strategies of Biblical figures. 


Follow the Lord’s commandants and get results like this…

“I began this fasting diet for spiritual purposes, but I’m amazed at the physical transformation that took place. At 67, I’m in the best shape of my life. What’s more, my cholesterol is looking better, and my type II diabetes situation has improved.” — Terry T. Wescott, 

“I’m not a religious person, but I strongly believe the world’s religions have a lot to teach us. More people should hear of this. This fasting diet could radically transform our great nation’s health.” — Peter Eastman,

“I’ve been wrestling with my weight for decades, but no more. After just 28 days, I dropped 17 pounds. I can safely say this fasting diet is the real deal.” — Bobbie Robinson,

Mark 9:29: “This can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.”

For centuries, true Christians have followed the Bible’s example by going hungry for long periods as a form of prayer.

Now Science rediscovers a fact the Bible has known for years. The key to a clean soul and body is fasting.

We’re so distracted by the speed of our daily life that we rarely find the time to return to our Lord and seek his guidance. 

This results in disease, obesity, and depression.

But when we fast and pray, we’re brought in sync with God. We allow ourselves to be guided by His wisdom. 

This restores our peace of mind and fills us with bliss.

peace of mind

How can fasting bring me closer to God and radically transform my body?

Modern society teaches us to seek happiness by working long hours and chasing money. But that’s not how happiness and health function. 

So many of us sacrifice our health, peace of mind, and lose sight of our priorities.

Fasting — with God’s grace — can help us shift our focus to what’s important. It clears our minds, showers us in peace, and opens the soul to spiritual breakthroughs.

Through fasting, we learn to control and transcend desire. We develop blissful humility — our attitude shifts from one of negativity to one of gratitude.

It’s one of the fastest ways to become more positive, permanently. 

Many people who install the fasting habit into their daily routine develop a profound appreciation for everything our Lord has blessed us with. 

But that’s not even the best part. Apart from the spiritual benefits, fasting has a profound effect on our body too.

When we return to the Lord, it’s so much easier to distance ourselves from the ailments and self-destructive habits we’ve developed due to overindulging in worldly desires. 

For example, it’s known that when we fast, our cravings decrease. There’s consistently less hunger for sugar, junk food, and unhealthy drinks. 

Slowly but surely, this allows us to heal. Spiritually and physically. 

It allows us to shed unwanted fat, purge toxins, and cleanse our blood.

The result is a leaner and healthier self inside and out. Less disease, more energy. Clean soul, healthy body. 

A significant and lasting increase in one’s quality of life. 

Senior Couple

The Bible mentions the benefits of fasting. Now Science confirms them.

Breakthrough studies that prove the effectiveness of fasting come one after the other. It’s one of the most effective methods for burning fat and improving health. 

Find some of the countless studies below:

Harvard Health: “There’s good scientific evidence that fasting can be a particularly effective approach to weight loss, especially for people at risk for diabetes.” [I]
PubMed: “Resting energy expenditure increased significantly from the very first 3 days. This points to strong metabolic changes thanks to fasting.” [I]
Journal of Obesity Management: “Intermittent fasting may be more effective than traditional diets for retaining lean mass when losing fat.” [II]
National Library of Medicine: “This experiment is the first to show that intermittent fasting increases insulin-mediated glucose uptake rates. This fluctuation is required for optimal metabolic function.” [III]
The New England Journal of Medicine: “Evidence is accumulating that fasting can trigger a metabolic switch to ketone-based energy.” [V]

No counting calories, no counting macros. Transform with the Lord’s Grace.

We’ve been conditioned to follow “diet rules.” Count calories. Count carbs. Count fats. Then there are good foods, bad foods, superfoods, and everything in between. 

And now you have to memorize what to eat and what to avoid. Plus, find the time to prepare five meals a day, every day.

It’s a mess. It puts a huge strain on us. It makes us think about food all the time, enjoy life less, get stressed, then overindulge in bad habits we don’t need.

It’s almost sinful that we inflict this on ourselves when the Bible holds the answer. The answer is none other than fasting.

When you fast, you don’t have to do any counting. You don’t have to memorize any specific carb number. 

You develop piercing clarity and focus. 

Combine that with prayer, and you’re well-positioned to resist the various temptations of life – including sugar, junk food, and unhealthy drinks. 

People can get visible weight loss results from the first 3 days when they fast. 

More importantly, they find peace. 

Given the above, we believe re-evaluating how you think about your health and happiness has never been more important than right now. 

With fasting, there are no injections, no pills, no supplements to take. 

It’s just you and the Lord. Atheists may be appalled, but there’s nothing they can do to disprove this.

A combination of fasting and prayer is the best way to install healthy habits and radically transform your life.

When God’s with you, weight loss is easy. 

Will fasting work for me?

It absolutely will, just like it has for so many others. 

But don’t take our word for it. 

Complete the free quiz below and find out how much weight you could lose with fasting in the next 28 days. 

You have nothing to lose. At worst, you’ll receive interesting new information about yourself for free. 

At best… Are you ready to live your own success story?


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