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How People Over 40 Are Using Keto To Achieve A Summer Body All Year Round

A summer body after 40 doesn’t have to be solely for celebrities. It’s within easy reach for all of us. Janine, 46, from Massachusetts finally discovered how to achieve her ideal physique, after tens of fad diets and a failed attempt at Keto. Today she shares her story with us…

In recent years, I just haven’t been able to enjoy summer vacations the way I used to…

I’ve always loved escaping for a week or two to Hawaii or the Florida Keys… I never could get enough of spending long, lazy days with my feet in the sand, listening to the waves crashing against the shore. And I used to live for whiling away the hours poolside with a cocktail in my hand. 

But ever since I turned 40, that all changed… 

When I was in my 20s and 30s, my body was pretty much permanently vacation ready… At worst I had to do a crash diet for a couple of weeks…

But since I hit 40, my weight has become an ongoing struggle… 

The extra pounds just crept up on me…

And since then, I’ve no longer been able to relish my summer vacations like I used to. I’d spend most of the day covered up in a towel or a sarong, watching everyone else enjoying the pool.

Janine Before
Me two years ago, trying to make the most of vacation while all covered up!

I did everything I could to try and regain my confidence. I’d spend the whole of winter torturing myself with these crazy diet trends, trying to get my body ready for those couple of weeks in the sun. 

“I must have tried every fad diet imaginable…”

Over the past six years, I must have tried every fad diet imaginable… Everything from the raw food diet, to intermittent fasting, to juice cleanses… But nothing was sustainable. I was miserable from the diets, and any weight loss was just temporary…

My breaking point came when my husband found some old vacation photos of us. He was shuffling through them and smiling about the good old days. But it physically pained me to look at myself 16 years ago. I looked so fit and healthy… it made me realize just how bad my weight gain had become… 

I recalled an article a friend had forwarded me about the Keto diet. I had reservations that it might be another fad but I decided to give it a go…

The article had a diet plan for a couple of weeks. I followed it to the letter… Even though the food wasn’t all to my taste and included some hard to find ingredients. I was startled to see the results – Within those two weeks I’d lost 10 pounds… 

But as soon as I finished the 2 week plan and tried to find other recipes, I was completely overwhelmed… 

I’d look at Keto posts on Instagram or Facebook, and the comments sections would be full of arguments over whether the recipe was Keto or not! 

I even bought a couple of books to try and make the diet clearer in my mind, but it only left me more confused! No way did I trust myself to calculate ‘macronutrients’ correctly… And all this time, the pounds were creeping back on…

Despite this, I was certain there was a glimmer of hope. This wasn’t like all those fad diets I’d tried. Keto actually felt sustainable. In fact, when I was following that two week diet plan, I didn’t have any hunger pangs… So I was convinced I could get the Keto diet working for me.

I kept looking for a way to work out an exact Keto diet plan that fit my body… I even considered paying for private sessions with a personal nutritionist… 

(They cost like $100 dollars per session! I know that sounds crazy… But I would have paid anything to have confidence in my body again, and enjoy summer vacations like I used to)

How I Finally Got Keto To Work For Me

Then, one night while googling Keto recipes, I stumbled upon KetoCycle. It’s an app that gives personalized diet plans for Keto. 

It sounded like exactly what I was after, without the enormous price tag of a personal nutritionist! They had tons of great reviews and the recipes looked delicious, so I decided to try it. I filled in all my details and received my personalized plan.

The next day, I began cooking along. There were hundreds of recipes to choose from, so it was easy to find something I wanted to eat every single night. 

I’m definitely no chef, but the recipes were a breeze to follow and only took a few minutes preparation. And best of all, they didn’t taste like ‘diet food’. They even included snacks and desserts. 

The plan was easy to stick to. The ingredients weren’t crazy things from specialist shops! And the recipes were chosen according to my food tastes. So I didn’t have to spend hours searching through to find something I liked the look of. 

Since the meals were so tasty, I could cook them for the whole family. This was great, as on previous diets I’d felt excluded from family dinner. 

Best of all, the plan was all personalized for me by licensed dieticians. That meant I wasn’t second guessing whether the meals were Keto friendly… And I wasn’t busting my brain trying to figure out ‘macronutrient ratios!’ It was all targeted to get me the quickest, easiest results possible.

That was three months ago and I’ve been enjoying the varied meal plans ever since. With KetoCycle, it doesn’t feel like a diet, it’s just slipped so easily into my life. And the best part is, I’m almost at the weight I was in my early 30s. In fact, I got those old vacation photos out again the other day and I was able to look at them and smile. I’m finally confident enough in my weight to look proudly in the mirror. 

Janine After
Me this year, finally enjoying pool time again!

My goal is to get my physique back to what it was in that photograph from 16 years ago. By this summer, with KetoCycle, I’m certain I’ll get there. And I’m certain it’ll be the best vacation I’ve had for years!

Janine is just one of the thousands of people over 40 seeing life-changing results from KetoCycle. 

Margaret, 40
Debra, 43
Virginia, 47

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