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How People Are Overcoming Anxiety And Depression Without Medication

Therapy is a very effective and secure way to overcome mental health problems such as depression or anxiety. But not everyone has the time, resources, or is lucky enough to discover that one therapist who will help rewrite their life scenario. Thankfully, there is a way to get help when you need it the most. 

My name is Nicole. I had my 30th birthday just 5 months ago, and I didn’t like the person I became. 

On the day of my birthday, I was sitting alone in my apartment, Covid-19 positive, feeling like a complete failure. 

My health was not too bad. And it was not because of self-isolation.

Yes, there were no friends, no balloons, or cake. Just several happy birthday notifications on my iPhone screen. When I remembered my last birthday, surrounded by friends and family, none of these details bothered me. 

The most frightening fact was that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy my birthday even if I had it all.

I was diagnosed with both depression and anxiety. 

If you are struggling with them, you understand how lonely I felt around others.

Faking smiles, thinking about what to say to make everyone think you are okay. 

Deep inside, you feel the need to talk with somebody or just send a text message, but you try not to bother anyone because it will look like you’re just whining or seeking attention.

If you open up to someone, they rush in with wonderful ideas to pull you out of depression. But these ideas never work, right?

You either tried them all or these people are just firing from the hip without a clue about what you’re going through.

And then you just fight and lose your friends one by one. 

But what they don’t know is how hard you try to find a way out of the labyrinth.

happy female

But with both anxiety and depression, it’s not easy-peasy.

Anxiety makes you scared to do anything. And in reality, you won’t do it anyway, because depression completely demotivates you.

You would like to start a new self-help course, but a single thought about being on Zoom with 99 strangers makes all your limbs feel numb, and your depressed brain joins in: “What’s the point? We’ve tried it already.” 

You plan to ask for a raise, but create vivid and scary scenarios about how your boss says “No.” And then the helplessness kicks in, and you don’t feel like you are worth that raise.

I’ve tried EVERY trick in the book.

Self-help blogs, articles, and books (sometimes so sophisticated you have to read the same paragraph 5 times)

Netflix meditations and all these cute apps

Even medications. All they gave me was nightmares.

It was like dancing a strange dance – you take one step forward and two steps back. One because you fail, another because you blame yourself for the failure.

I was still overthinking, hiding my feelings, my legs were trembling, and the only wish in my unenthusiastic head was to just curl up on my bed and stare at the wall.

That’s why instead of blowing candles on a birthday cake, I was standing in my bathroom, looking at the mirror and trying to figure out what was missing?

And a person looking like a complete washout stared at me from the other side of the mirror.

Then a single thought crossed my brain.

I realized one thing, the secret that was always before my eyes.

Doing this alone was impossible for me. It takes so much time, so much more self-discipline than a person with depression can have, and the outcome is always out of reach.

I decided to give myself something I truly needed – a professional who will show me how to feel happy again.

Therapy has been shown to be an extremely effective method of treating mental health issues. Here are some of the numerous studies.
– Therapy effect compared to pharmaceutical treatment: “Less relapse after therapy compared to antidepressant medication.” [I]
– PubMed: “All patients with anxiety disorders require supportive talks and attention to the emotional problems that are associated with the anxiety disorder.” [II]
– ScienceDirect: “Internet-based intervention for depression is equally beneficial to regular face-to-face therapy.” [III]

How I found the therapy that changed my life

I’ve done my research and found several therapy providers. 

There was no possibility to meet face-to-face with a counselor, but, thank God, online therapy apps were booming. I chose one of the popular providers called Talkspace. But soon I realized one thing – I wasn’t the only one seeking help. Far from that.

I had to wait several days to get a therapist. She finally contacted me, but that wasn’t the help I was looking for.

Her responses were always short, and once she took 35 hours to respond when I said I was feeling bad.

I changed my counselor hoping to be matched with someone less busy but ended up in a very similar situation.

Then again. Just this time I never received an answer.

I’m sure they have good therapists, but either I was unlucky, or they must be few.

And I didn’t want to waste another month of my life searching for one.

So I dug deeper and found this app called DoMental.

This time I was more careful and looked at reviews. They were really promising. Everyone was bragging about the fast response time and daily conversations.

So I decided to give it a try.

Just 3 months in, I noticed incredible changes

I filled out a free and anonymous quiz that asked the main questions about my anxiety and depression. If you’re struggling with one specific thing such as depression alone, you can choose a specific quiz, but for me it was just the thing.

They state that a smart algorithm analyzes your answers and assigns a therapist within minutes.

I have to say that they use some really good algorithms.

Allyson and I clicked immediately. Her attention and kindness made me feel validated, like what I was struggling with really was something.

I finally felt like someone was listening to me. No matter how many times I’d whine about the same thing, she would listen and answer with patience.

Allyson was not just there to give me an ear – she also helped me move forward with my healing.

There were no more two steps back – more like two steps forward and, on rare occasions, one back. 

Our daily conversations were the highlights of my day. She would teach me skills on how to overcome this constant overthinking and self-criticism. She showed me how I can manage my depression. I even stopped having panic attacks!

She created this safe space where I would finally speak openly, without fear of being taken for a drama queen.

I was getting my life back.

My friends would recognize the same witty Nicole that they loved so much. I found the motivation to start jogging again and even signed up for pole dance courses.

My Tinder profile started getting so many more matches because it didn’t have an aura of a sad, crying woman anymore.

happy female living her 30

Why I’d choose DoMental over any other therapy – again and again

I can’t put into words how much DoMental changed my life. I’ve never once looked back.

Even if I could book a meeting with that psychotherapist in my city right now, I’d never consider leaving DoMental.

Here’s why.

I can talk to my therapist every day. I don’t think I could’ve made such fast progress without her checking in daily, pushing me when I’d lose motivation, and being there for me every time I felt low.

They work around my life and schedule. I can text her anytime, even at 3 AM when I don’t feel like sleeping. No need to set up a meeting and plan my day around it. No need to wait a week if I want to say something.

It’s more affordable than face-to-face therapy, or other online therapy services. A psychotherapist in New York City costs $200. Per session that lasts for an HOUR only. Heck, it seems like a luxury only a bare few can afford.

Or at least so I thought so.

DoMental literally cost me as much as my budget lunch!

And now they even have a special offer for the first month. 

If you are at the point where I was 5 months ago, don’t hesitate. Start therapy. Any kind of therapy. If you want to try, I doubt that you can find an offer better than the one on DoMental.

Take a 2-minute quiz to find the right DoMental therapist for you

Results may vary due to personal features. Always consult a professional for medical advice.


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  1. I got separated from my wife a few months ago. My depression got worse with that and I’m stuck with guilt, sadnes, anxiety and repentance. It’s a never ending cycle.

  2. I’m depressed beyond measure with high anxiety and panic attacks

  3. I’ve been dealing with anxiety for many years panic attacks also set in . I’ve searched for a good therapist and was unsuccessful. I’m talking with a psychologist on the phone once a month but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  4. Breaking free from this cycle is exactly why I became a mental health advocate and life coach!
    Therapy changed my life!!! Once you have your quality of life back, you can’t help but want to share it with others:)

  5. I have had severe depression for almost 6 years now. I had stage two breast cancer along with lumpectomy “twice”,
    Chemo 5 months & radiation 7 weeks every day, 38 treatments. I can’t get my memory back or my old fun, easygoing self. I was admitted for suicidal ideation and depression. I’m only 52 and have a husband and 14 yr old son. I’m in my bed room all day every day because I’m so angry about my life. I yell and scream all the time! Please help me get better I’m so helpless and need to stop feeling like I have no other way to feel better then suicidal ideation 😢.

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