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How nearly losing it all inspired me to manage my diabetes

You need to make wholesale changes to your diet,  or you’ll not be able get out of bed for the rest of your life.

These were the humbling words that my doctor told me nearly a year ago, and they still ring loudly in my ears every time I go to sleep.

My name is Claire. I am 55 years old, and this is the story of how I turned my life around by getting to grips with my diabetes.

For context, I never struggled with diabetes when I was younger.

In fact, it wasn’t until I turned 50 that I was even diagnosed.

But even after my initial diagnosis, I didn’t think much of it.

I had a real sweet tooth, and most evenings, I would indulge myself in a bag of chocolate sweets or ice cream.

I never thought that would be my undoing.

I lived with my husband, who I have been married to since I was 18 years old, and as we grew older, we let ourselves go a little.

Maybe we just got comfortable with each other, and the need to look skinny and dolled up all the time just wore off.

He would always tell me I looked beautiful nearly every day.

But as we both crept into our mid-fifties, things started to get worse for my health.

I was overweight.

My portion control with meals was partly to blame; I would always cook too much and then convince myself that eating it was the smartest thing to do.

So it won’t come as a massive surprise to you that I started struggling with my health.

It started with the amount I needed to use the toilet.

Getting up twice a night or nearly being caught short during the day was awful.

I also started to feel so lackluster and tired all the time.

I wasn’t sure how serious this was, and to be honest, I put it down to getting old.

But one day, I slipped on a walk to the shop and split my knee open, and the wound just did not seem to heal.

Fearing infection, I took a trip to the doctor.

That is when they told me I had type 2 diabetes

I was shocked, to say the least – simply because I had no idea you could even have diabetes later in life.

My knowledge of it was few and far between.

The doctor told me that if I didn’t make significant changes to my diet,  I would not be able to leave my bed and live my life as I used to before.

That was the biggest wake-up call of all.

But I had no idea how to monitor or manage diabetes, blood sugar levels, or calorie intake.

Middle aged woman in blond hair holding her chin

I started trying to keep track of things with a pen and paper but would always lose it or forget to fill it in – it was hopeless.

But help came the shape of my son at his 30th birthday party.

I explained to him all the troubles and the fears of not seeing my grandson grow up – nearly in tears.

The advice he gave me changed my life

He told me about a coworker of his who had been diagnosed with diabetes a few years back and how he too struggled to manage it.

But he found this app called Klinio that helped you manage everything.

From managing your calorie intake to providing you with a personalized meal plan.

With the help of my son, we did some research into the app and found it had helped thousands of people like me.

So I purchased a plan, which was very reasonably priced and set to work.

Klinio may well have saved my life, to cut a long story short.

It simply took care of everything I needed and more.

Middle aged woman in sweater holding a plant pot

Here are some of the features that I found most useful

  • The personalized meal plans are excellent. Thousands of recipes are available at your fingertips that are all calorie counted and made for me. You can even swap out ingredients that you don’t like!
  • The grocery list goes hand in hand with the meal plans by finding the ingredients you need at a store near you. It saves so much time and prep.
  • Simple, no equipment needed workouts. I have never been a fan of exercise, but the Klinio virtual assistant gives me 5-10 minutes of activities to do each day. They are fun and easy to do, wherever you are.
  • The dessert book was a massive welcome bonus for me – I get a range of tasty recipes I can easily make myself at home, with micronutrients and calories accounted for.
  • Last but not least is the progress tracker. Here I can see how well I am doing and make sure I can hit my targets each day. It allows me to manage glucose levels, steps, weight, and medication all in one place.

There are tons of other wonderful features you can try yourself as well.

Since I have started using Klinio, I have lost over 20lbs and counting.

I can also show my doctor my progress and notes in our appointments, making everything easy and seamless.

I genuinely worry if I would be able to live without discomfort and even get out of bed today if I didn’t find Klinio. I am just so thankful I did, and I hope others can be inspired to get the help they need.

If any of this rings familiar to you or someone who struggled to manage their diabetes, then take the free Klinio quiz.

Just answer a few simple, non-intrusive questions about yourself and see how they help you.

Each plan is personalized to you, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best help from their expert guidance.

So give it a try for yourself and take the free quiz below – it only takes a few minutes to complete

Always consult a professional for medical advice.



  1. I wish I knew about Klinio months ago – I have been struggling massively to keep on top of my diabetes for a while now. I will be sure to give Klinio ago!

  2. A great read. I am so happy for you! Managing diabetes is no walk in the park. Thank God for apps like Klinio to help us out!

  3. So pleased you managed to turn things around. Klinio pulled me back from the brink as well, I cannot recommend it enough.

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