How my mom fought off diabetes complications

Hey there, my name is Claire. And as much as I love to be the main character, this story is not about me. But it is about someone very close to my heart.

My Mom. She recently hit 70 years of age, which is pretty darn impressive upon reflecting.

She has always been a bit of a free spirit. She hated being strict with herself or even on me when I was growing up.

We didn’t eat particularly badly, nor did we eat in excess. But we certainly could have been better.

But I wouldn’t change anything. I had a great childhood. My mom was always there for me, in sickness and health. She got me through so much.

She was the woman I could always rely on, no matter the circumstances. 

One day, I vowed to return the favor. 

And sure enough, I got my chance.

As I said before, my mom never really cared much for what she consumed. She liked a drink here and there, and she loved her food.

We never really had any cause for concern.

But around a year and a half ago, the unthinkable happened.

It all started coming to light when she took a tumble. She cut open her knee on the pavement on one of our weekend walks.

At first, In wasn’t too worried. A woman in her 70’s falling over and hurting herself was hardly front-page news. 

What became a big worry was the lack of healing.

A part of me knew this was bad news, but I wasn’t entirely sure.  So we just kept an eye on it and assumed she would get better.

It didn’t.

She started feeling considerably more tired and weak upon her admission.

After a few weeks of trying to convince her to see a doctor, common sense prevailed, and we went along together to get some answers.

I can’t say we were overly concerned about the outcome. We both figured this was just a part of the aging process but agreed it was better to be safe than sorry.

Unfortunately, it was more concerning than we thought.

My mom was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. 

Despite being surprised with the diagnosis, again, neither of us understood the situation’s complexity, nor did we think it was too severe.

The doctor has stressed that she needed to keep on top of things, but knowing my mom, this was unlikely to happen.

So skipping forward a few months, and it is getting worse.

Mom is starting to look unhealthy, her weight fluctuates, and she is always tired. 

I have tried to convince her to go back and see the doctor, but she flatly refused.

She had fallen a few times since we last visited the doctor, and her bruising looked awful, and any wounds looked almost infected and sore.

What made me put my foot down and nearly drag her back to the hospital was a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.

I was carrying heavy shopping boxes from my car into Mom’s kitchen as she was packing things away. The box slipped out of my hands and onto her bare foot…

What was scary was the lack of reaction.

Now, this box was too heavy for me; I could barely carry it with two arms. But mom had no reaction to it hitting her feet.

Some quick phone research suggested potential nerve damage caused by diabetes.

I ordered mom to get in the car and come with me to the hospital without hesitation.

And thank God we did…

My mom was diagnosed as having a foot ulcer, a side-effect of mistreatment of her diabetes. 

The doctors said she would be lucky to keep her foot at this stage.

We both felt so naive. I tried to get her to see a doctor, but deep down, I never thought it would be this bad.

That evening, I found myself looking online for potential ways to help combat diabetes complications.

There were many complicated-looking apps that I knew she would never get the hang of.

But something caught my eye.

I stumbled across a company called Klinio, which, alongside a useful looking diabetes management app – also produced a book.

Mom loved to read, and she was always keen to add books to the shelf. 

So I took some basic information about her age, weight, height, and diet and ordered it.

Mom returned from the hospital a few days later – thankfully with both feet!

I introduced her to the book, and to my surprise, she loved it.

Now for those who struggle to get to grips with phones, apps, and technology in general – let me tell you, this book is a game-changer.

My mom can simply navigate through the book at her speed, and it contains everything she needs to help with her diabetes management.

For those who think this might be the way to fight off diabetes, let me break down what this book can offer you:

  1. A personalized meal plan and recipe guide, just for you. Simply tell them about your food preferences and some personal details like weight, height, etc. – and you are good to go!
  1. Habits – this section has been hugely beneficial for mom. It encourages and advises on making new healthy habits, shop more thoughtfully, and dealing with social pressures surrounding your diabetes. 

Mom is big on routine, and the Klinio book has helped her get into healthier eating routines and keep on top of what she consumes.

  1. Nutrition – Another BIG help for mom has been learning about the food’s nutritional values. 

By helping her understand what is good and bad and how much of each food group she can consume, she has seen the weight fall off, and her diabetes stabilizes (maybe even regress.) It also helps her plan her meals to get precisely what she needs in her diet.

  1. Fitness – Now, this one was always tough to convince her on. She has never really done any form of long-term exercise, and while she has a relatively active lifestyle, exercise does not contribute much to this. 

But I was amazed at her willingness. With the other factors mentioned above at play, Mom went all in. She could see the benefit these temporary home exercises would bring her. 

And she took comfort in knowing that she could do them all from the comfort of home and without any equipment. Now that it is a part of her routine, she will never miss them. I am so proud of her.

  1. Managing stress – This book has been a godsend for us both. We are no longer getting stressed at each other, as we both know we are doing this for the greater good. 

It breaks down the four stages of stress and makes them easily identifiable. This helps her recognize stressful situations (of which there are quite a few when managing diabetes.)

  1. Sleep – One of the most significant benefits has been the ever-improving sleep. Before, mom would wake up in the night to use the bathroom multiple times or just feel restless and unable to sleep. 

This went hand in hand with the stress and resulted in her feeling disgruntled. But this is no longer the case, thanks to the Klinio Book. She has regular sleep and great routines to cope with stress, leading to a happier, healthier life.

So take it from us, a concerned daughter and a mother in ill health. Never let your diabetes get out of control. 

The consequences can be catastrophic if left unattended for too long.

And if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy, look no further than the Klinio book. Tuck it on your bookshelf, have it by your bed. Whatever works best for you.

It has improved my mom’s health, weight, blood sugar levels – you name it, and it’s got much better.

So keep an eye on your loved ones. Sometimes you need to help them take the first step in getting help.

My mom nearly lost her foot due to not learning and understanding her diabetes, and I am sure others are in a similar position.

So take away the worry and concern, and take the free Klinio quiz to see how they can help you.

It will only take a couple of minutes, but it can have a massive impact on how you can live your life—a chance to be healthier and happier.

So try it yourself, and take the free Klinio Quiz today.

Results may vary due to personal factors.


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