How My Diagnosis Gave Me the Biggest Wake-Up Call and a New Lease on Life

I didn’t want to be someone my grandkids were told stories about — some distant memory. I wanted to be there when they grew up. 

But now, in one split second, with one diagnosis, all of this, those dreams were taken away from me…

At least that’s how I felt when the doctor told me I was suffering from type 2 diabetes. 

At that point, that was all I knew — “suffering from”. Now, I’ve learned I don’t have to suffer from diabetes — I can live with it. 

My name is Christine, I’m 62, and I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes four years ago.

Looking back at it, the whole thing was pretty much textbook. 

I started noticing something was a bit off when my husband and I were on vacation in Bali and decided to take this magical hike during sunrise. 

I wouldn’t consider myself the most athletic person in the world, but we weren’t necessarily conquering Mount Everest, so there was no reason why I felt completely and utterly exhausted just half a hike in.

We literally had to stop midway and turn back because I could barely take a breath. 

I blamed it on the jet lag, altitude, and the early hour and didn’t think too much of it. 

Another thing that was a bit out of character for me was that I was drinking insane amounts of water. I mean, I’m pretty sure I visited about 80% of all restrooms on the island. 

However, it was another thing that was easy to brush off as no big deal — we were on a tropical island, it was about 95 degrees at all times, so needing a bit more hydration really didn’t seem like a big thing.

What finally got me worried was that I didn’t leave my insatiable thirst and exhaustion in Bali. 

We had been back from our vacation for over two weeks, I was still chugging water as if it was going out of style and felt more exhausted than ever. I jokingly told my family that I guess I just needed a vacation from our vacation.

But knowing now how bad things actually were — there was nothing to joke about. 

In time, I had gotten used to carrying a water bottle with me everywhere I went, I never left the house without using the restroom first, and to be honest, it was pretty much the first room I visited wherever I went.

I convinced myself that my constant exhaustion was the result of an exceptionally groggy winter, and once the spring hit, I’d be back to my energized self. 

Something that did catch me off guard and left me without a reasonable explanation was the amount of weight I had gained within just a matter of months. 

Sure, I had been enjoying the holiday season and snacking on some gingerbread men and Quality Street here and there, but nothing that should have sent my scale aiming for the stars like it was. 

Don’t get me wrong, I was far from being in the best shape of my life before that. I had definitely been “treating” myself for the past couple of years, forgetting that my metabolism was far from what it used to be in my twenties and even thirties.

My husband and I were suckers for ordering in, and fast food had slowly but surely become our go-to.

I was getting my steps in occasionally but had surely, and without even noticing, fallen victim to the couch potato lifestyle.

With that said, it wasn’t as if I had started binge eating overnight and stopped moving altogether, so, as any woman would be, I was definitely frustrated seeing the number on the scale getting bigger and bigger. 

That’s when I started to believe that something was not quite right with me…

The worst wake-up call, however, was just waiting to happen.

At the time, I was a proud grandmother to my three beautiful grandchildren.

At the end of February, we were celebrating the 4th birthday of my oldest grandson Tommy. 

As he’s always been a keen animal lover, my husband and I offered to take the kids to the local zoo for this special occasion.

I wasn’t feeling my best that morning but was determined to pull myself together and give my little boy a memorable birthday. I just didn’t think it would become memorable in such a horrific way…

As we were roaming around the zoo, I started to feel a little lightheaded. Not wanting to take any attention away from Tommy and get my husband worried for nothing, I decided to rally and act as if everything was fine.

The last thing I remember is some chimpanzees jumping from tree to tree and Tommy clapping his little hands and laughing out loud. 

The next thing I know, I woke up in my husband’s arms on the sidewalk, and Tommy was looking at me with sheer fear and tears in his big blue eyes. 

I could see the medics from a distance, but the rest is a blur.

I’ll never forget the day the doctor delivered my diagnosis. Type 2 diabetes. I was in no shape or form prepared for that. 

It was the day after we went to the zoo and I had been kept in the hospital overnight to monitor my blood sugar levels. Mine registered at just over 300 milligrams per deciliter. For reference, the normal level would be anywhere between 70 to a 100. 

Over a decade ago, my dad had lost most of his vision and ultimately had to surrender to the complications from diabetes. So it was not as if I had a success story to keep my hopes up either. 

The doctor gave me an ultimatum — either change my lifestyle drastically or risk not seeing my 70th birthday. 

But it wasn’t about my birthday for me. It was about seeing my grandkids growing up, it was about growing old with the love of my life, it was about not giving up on life and becoming a distant memory like my dad.

I knew what the possible, scary outcome could be if I didn’t take control of the disease, but I had no idea where to start.

My doctor told me I had to change my diet, my exercise, say “buh-bye” to French fries, ice cream, those gingerbread men, and “hello” to steamed veggies and protein. 

Not being the number one fan of needles, to say the least, I was terrified of having to poke myself two to three times a day to check my blood sugar levels.

Add all of that to trying to find a stable exercise routine while working full time, I felt like I was in over my head. 

I knew making those changes was literally a matter of life and death, but it all just felt so overwhelming. 

Luckily, my doctor was an absolute gem and could probably see the utter confusion and worry in my face. 

He told me about this app that would help me keep track of everything, starting from my diet and water intake down to my blood glucose levels.

Not only was this app going to help me stay on top of things, it was going to help my doctor understand my progress as well.

The app was called Klinio, and all I needed to do to get started was take a short quiz. 

They asked me about the type of diabetes I had, my weight, age, other health conditions, and even my food preferences.

Once the quiz was done, I got a fully personalized meal plan created by professional nutritionists and diabetes specialists to help me manage my diabetes.

Of course, I was skeptical at first, but considering it was not one of those one-size-fits-all type of solutions and came strongly recommended by my doctor, I decided to give it a go. 

Right off the bat, I was thrilled to see that the recipes provided in the meal plan were quick and easy to make. All 1,000+ of them! No slaying over the stovetop for hours after a long day at work.

What really made my life a whole lot easier was the fact that the recipes came with a premade grocery list so I could easily do my full week’s shopping in advance. 

At first, I was very strict about sticking to the recipes down to a tee, but as time went on, I learned to adjust them and can now honestly say that I don’t feel like my diagnosis has left me eating bland and boring food. I look forward to my meal times, and my husband is a big fan of trying out new recipes from the plan.

The Klinio app gave me a lot of comfort, as I knew exactly where all the information regarding my diabetes management was stored. 

During my doctor visits, I could just easily go over my blood glucose levels, carb intake, my HbA1c, exercise regimes, weight, and everything else with him. It was easy for him to point out if anything needed to be changed or adjusted to keep my diabetes under control. 

I can truly say that downloading the app changed my perspective on my diabetes diagnosis. 

Now, I don’t feel like I’m suffering from type 2 diabetes anymore. Thanks to Klinio, I have learned to live with my diabetes. 

By the way, I can proudly say that I am, in fact, living a much healthier, happier life than I did before. Talk about a plot twist, right? 

Thanks to a healthy and balanced diet, a stable workout regime, and a little app assistant who helps me keep track of everything, I’ve been able to lose about 25 pounds, my A1C is down from a whopping 10.8% to a healthy 5.6%. Quite frankly, I feel better than I did a decade ago!

If you too have been diagnosed with diabetes, and trying to gain control over your disease seems far too overwhelming, trust me — you’re not alone. I’ve been there.

All I can tell you from my experience is that you’re just a short quiz away from getting the support you need to help manage your diabetes. 

You don’t have to “suffer” from diabetes or risk dealing with potential complications that could come with it. 

Here’s your chance to take control of your diabetes and still enjoy a happy, healthy, and full life. 

Take a short 1-minute quiz, get your own personalized Klinio management plan, and keep diabetes complications far away from you.

Always consult a professional for medical advice


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