Keto Diet

How moms can “fix” their metabolism

“I love you for who you are inside”

That hurt, but it wasn’t his fault…

My husband was simply telling the truth.

Hi, I’m Carla and I’ve been a mom for 2 years.

Matteo and I really longed for our daughter Alice.

Especially in the first 10 months of marriage, every chance we got we tried to conceive.

She made us wait a while.

But then among anxiety and concern that there could be an issue… she arrived out of the blue

This wonderful surprise came at a slightly inconvenient time.

Matteo and I had finally taken on a mortgage to buy our lovely home.

Luckily he has a great job at an engineering firm. 

On the other hand, I work at a marketing firm on a temporary contract and, I must admit, that this uncertainty has always stressed me out a bit. 


During pregnancy, I gained 46 pounds.

A lot more than I expected, especially since I’m only 5 ft 3.

My body definitely let itself go and I had lost control of my weight.  

When I gave birth I lost 18 pounds, but sadly, thanks to breastfeeding, I put 11 pounds right back on again in the 3 months afterward.

I started to avoid mirrors.

I didn’t want to face those folds of extra flesh dangling from my arms…

Or that double chin, swollen like a winter scarf wrapped around my neck. 

I have always been an insecure woman.

Even before having Alice, I would rarely go out in tight clothes. Even if I was “in shape”.

Female clothes

But then I started to wear baggy tops and clothes to hide my body. 

Of course, I knew I could expect to inherit a few extra pounds from the pregnancy.

It’s hard to stay in shape with a baby, a precarious job and a mortgage to pay. 

But I didn’t expect them to hang in there like a baby monkey attached to its mother. 

Perhaps it’s down to staying at home during maternity…

The insatiable hunger from breastfeeding… 

I felt completely hopeless as if reaching 34 meant that there was no hope left for me.

When I started weaning, I decided I should do something.

I finally had the freedom to change my diet and to try some diets I found online. 

I tried the zone diet, the fasting one… how can anyone do it? 

After 2 or 3 days I was dying of hunger…

After all the daily chores, I got home and I wasn’t allowed to eat?

Or just a salad with no dressing?

No! I couldn’t live like that…

I also signed up to the gym. 

I tried some of the popular classes: Pilates, Zumba, CrossFit… 

In the first weeks, I did lose a little weight. 

Female running

But after a short while, the scale fossilized and I just felt exhausted.

I felt light-headed and weak every day.

As a result, the moment Matteo went to work I would sneak off to the kitchen to steal some of Alice’s baby food or gorge on my mother-in-law’s leftover tiramisu. 

And it didn’t end there…

It’s embarrassing to say, but I was more worried about what other people thought than what my husband thought.

He always supported me in everything and never made me feel inadequate. 

To tell the truth, I was blind, or rather… I didn’t want to see!

One evening, as I was going home from work, I met an old friend of Matteo’s walking by our house. 

I saw her first and quickly grabbed my phone from my pocket to avoid eye contact in the hope she wouldn’t recognize me. 


Hi Carla! I almost didn’t recognize you.” She said.


Hi Martina, how’s it going?”

I asked her out of politeness in that typical ‘in-a-rush’ tone. 

But I didn’t even hear the answer…

I was frozen with shame. 

I still remember her eyes slowly and carefully scanning my body. She had that look on her face of embarrassment and disapproval…

She was still slim and sexy like she was 7 years ago when we used to go out together…

I know what she was thinking:

 “She’s let herself go.”

I said goodbye with an excuse and quickly opened the gate…

…Walking up the stairs, the tears were already streaming down my face.

I looked down and saw my stomach hiding my feet.

Oh, how I wished to just take that skin in my hands and leave it at the entrance with my keys.

As soon as I got home I fell in my husband’s arms, crying…

Sad Female

My voice was trembling…

And the sleeve of his shirt was soaked in the tears he was drying. 

I told Matteo what had happened, hoping he would say that he was still attracted to me just like when we got engaged and he said: 

“I love you so much for who you are inside… don’t worry.”

I didn’t want to hear those words…

It hurt, but it was the truth. He was settling.

I had been so selfish, only thinking about myself, but in that moment I realized that he may have been suffering too… He could no longer see who he had married!

Enough! I needed to put aside my pride…

How did Martina manage to get such an attractive body??

When we were younger, she was actually jealous of mine.

And Matteo chose me over her when we first met.

I wonder what it would be like if he saw her today… maybe he would regret his choice.

After a sleepless night…Believe it or not, the next day I called Martina.

Female on phone

Luckily she hadn’t changed her phone number and I still had it…

I was nervous and humiliated.

 “Hey, it’s Carla, sorry to bother you…”

She tried to reply but I spoke over her:

“Listen, I know I seem different… but that’s not what I want to talk about. 

You have two children… and you have never looked so good, not even 7 years ago… how do you do it?”

The other end of the line was silent for a moment. 

Then she spoke.

“Carla… I also really struggled to stay in shape after the first pregnancy, then I discovered the Ketogenic Diet. Do you know it?”

Yes, I know it” I said.

“But it’s not for me. I can’t give up carbohydrates!”

 “Hang on, have you just tried it by yourself so far?

I use an app that gives me a personalized food program

It’s called Keto Cycle.

It gives me tasty recipes, even desserts. I can assure you it was really easy to stick with it.”

In the beginning, I was skeptical of course… 

Any miraculous diet never worked for me.

But Martina promised me that Keto Cycle is not like other diets.

Before providing a food program, you do a little test so it can give you a program tailored to your needs, preferences and habits.

The secret to making a diet work is for it to be based on our preferences. 

It’s just like having a nutritionist in your pocket.

So I went ahead and did it…

I followed this link and took the test.

Right away, I received the food plan with lots of tasty recipes to follow – They’re so good!

It was a pleasant surprise to see that the app also makes you a shopping list, so it’s super easy and quick to pick up all the ingredients you need at the supermarket. 

You must be wondering how it went. 

Believe it or not, after a few days I changed my body’s fuel and the numbers on the scale started to go down.

One pound at first…

Then another…

And it didn’t stop.

  • I didn’t change my routine.
  • I don’t spend every morning at the gym. 

Of course, I’m eating healthy, but I don’t have to give up the foods I love. 

Matteo, my husband has started looking at me with that intense look of desire again. 

I couldn’t even remember the last time I got so much attention, even in the street!

I’m a totally new woman… and I love it!

female sitting

And don’t forget…

My case isn’t special

Keto Cycle has already helped 3,707 women to:

1. Get into ketosis quickly

2. Stay in ketosis long-term effortlessly 

3. Prosper in ketosis for as long as you wish 

Take the free quiz and reply to a few simple questions like your age, habits, allergies, favorite meals, etc. Don’t forget: you will find simple tasty recipes made with natural and easy-to-find ingredients.


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