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How improving my gut health boosted my confidence

It has taken me a while to feel comfortable enough to write about this – but I’ll give it my best shot, as I feel my story may resonate with others out there.

I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Helen, I am 32 years old and currently living in Houston. 

No family or kids, just little old me.

I had a pretty content life for a long time, but as I edged into my 30’s, things started to change for me – both mentally and physically.

Now, I’ve always been quite a curvy girl, and proud of my body and the way I looked.

But I started to pile on a bit of weight after a long-term relationship broke down. I ate my way through my woes, and it really started to show.

When I’d go on nights out with my friends, I get the odd comment about my large thighs or bingo wings, and as much as we laughed them off, it still hurt me.

The single life did not seem to suit me. More often than not, I would take comfort in all the wrong things, instead of the usual routines my former partner and I used to have.

With the poor diet and weight gain came other problems. Greasy, oily skin, bloated stomach, and fatigue.

I started to really dispair the person I was becoming, and I couldn’t blame it on the break-up for much longer, but having the excuse felt comforting in itself.

I realized that I had to act fast, but the drive simply wasn’t there. I cast it away to the back of my mind and vowed to just get on with my life.

But life was having none of it.

Woman posing

I started experiencing major bloating issues, perhaps caused by the crap I was putting in my body. 

Alongside this, I found myself feeling constipated and struggling to go to the toilet, and when I did, well, let’s just say it wasn’t a joyous occasion.

Could a poor diet really be affecting me this badly?

Some research online gave me my answer. Of course, it could.

I reminisced on the days where I embraced my curviness, but those curves have been replaced by layers of fat and oily skin.

I had to make some wholesale changes, or face losing my prime years due to body confidence always on my mind.

I frantically scrolled through dozens and dozens of forums online, looking for ways to get rid of the bloatedness, and ideally lose weight in the process!

I stumbled across supplements that made all kinds of bold claims, but upon further research, they were all seemingly sensationalized.

But one name that kept coming up, and had excellent reviews on Trust Pilot, was ColonBroom.

The name actually drew me to it first, it made me chuckle, so I delved in deeper.

After countless hours of research, I bit the bullet and ordered.

Looking back now, this was the smartest decision I had made in a long time

Before I start to brag about my results, I feel as though I should explain why ColonBroom was so darn appealing to me, and why it might be to you.

It uses a natural ingredient called Psyllium Husk and is completely organic. The organic factor was very important to me, as, before my binge days, I was very aware of what I put in my body.

I also delved deeper into the science behind psyllium husk, and found that is the key to relieving constipation and toilet troubles, a perfect combination for me!

It also gave me a personalized diet guide book that was packed with tips and tricks to help me improve my metabolism and habits – so far it’s worked great.

Also, the taste. Wow.

It is a lovely strawberry flavor, which really surprised me! I never knew something good for you could taste this good!

So here we are, 6 months down the road and the results have been really pleasing

My weight has been falling off, and I am starting to see glimpses of the old me return again.

Not only that but my bloatedness and constipation are a thing of the past. No more worrying about needing the bathroom or feeling sick.

It really has been a revelation for me – even my skin is thankful. My spots and oiliness have disappeared, I am starting to love my body again.

It hasn’t been the simplest journey for me, and I will always regret letting myself get into a position where I started to doubt myself and the way I looked.

I even had the confidence to get back into the dating scene, something that felt a million miles away – I am preparing for date number 6 with a lovely guy.

Things are going great again.

Woman and flowers

So if any of this feels like something you are going through, or if you know someone who is going through anything similar to what you have read – please point them in the direction of ColonBroom, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are still a little unsure about whether it is the right thing for you, then let me help. Below are some of its many benefits (for me at least)

  1. My cravings have been reduced significantly – I no longer have that sudden urge to run to the cupboard and shove something sugary down my throat
  1. It’s super easy to use – just use it twice a day before or after meals for the best results
  1. Helps with skin issues – my skin has never felt better, even after the poor treatment I gave it for so long
  1. No more constipation and bloatedness – this has been a gamechanger for me, I would often struggle to use the bathroom, or feel like I couldn’t break the food I was eating down. But my gut feels healthy and brand new
  1. It is completely organic with zero sugars – if you are worried about what you put in your body, fear not. It is completely harmless and great for your gut.

So what are you waiting for?

See what ColonBroom can do for you by taking their insightful and free quiz – worst comes to worst, you find out some useful information about yourself.

The questions are easy to answer and non-intrusive, just tell them what you are suffering from, and they will show you how they can help.

Try it yourself by taking the quiz linked below. I wish you all the best on your journey!



  1. Can’t wait to try it myself! My best friend suggested ColonBroom to me weeks ago, and I’ve just ordered my first batch!! She swears by it, and I have seen how much better she looks now because of it. Can’t wait – thanks for sharing!

  2. I could not agree with this more!!! I have been a loyal customer of ColonBroom for around a year and a half now, and can’t imagine my life without it. So glad others are having the same joy as I did.

  3. I wish I had seen this sooner! I have been struggling with bloating and constipation for the last 7 years. I tried ColonBroom after reading this, with some reservations – but it has completely changed my life, thank you!

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