How I stay active with a 9–5 sedentary lifestyle in my 30s

Being 36 and working in a sitting 9–5 position got me thinking… I was stuck in my chair for more than 15 years. 

This five days per week sitting lifestyle made me less active and stiff as a board.

And every day, I could feel the consequences on my body – my backache got intense, and my neck and shoulders got so stiff.

The only thing I wanted to do after work was to lay down and do nothing. Active lifestyle wasn’t on the page either. 

I couldn’t understand what was happening to me. 

How did I become this boring man? Where did my adventurous life go?

I couldn’t ignore how my life had changed and how unhappy I’ve felt.

And then I realized… I was trapped in my stiff body.

You know that feeling when you can’t even easily stand up from your chair? You need something to lean on to help you get up easier?

I was living in this phase for way too long.

I enjoyed hiking so much that I could go around the hills near my city every day after work. 

I even encouraged my friends to join, and we had this regular hiking trip every week. 

I don’t know why I stopped doing that…

All I remember is that when I tried to go hiking or join some other sporty activities with my buddies, I couldn’t do most of them because my body couldn’t handle it. 

That’s when I started staying at home way more than before. 

I stopped seeing my loved ones and going out exploring nature. 

And I couldn’t remember the last time I’ve been on a hiking trip. 

Everyone noticed that I was gone both physically and mentally. I closed all my doors.

While not having a wind–down activity or somewhere to ease my mind out, I started to feel that I couldn’t concentrate at work at all.

My mind was always fuzzy, and I couldn’t stop procrastinating. 

My work results were down, so my boss wasn’t giving me any new responsibilities.

I started to feel unworthy and got that constant feeling that I couldn’t achieve anything. These thoughts were driving me crazy.

But I did want to reach a lot in my career. I was always a career man and that office guy who gets the job done. And I truly missed my active, adventurous lifestyle. 

How could I be the same adventurous Josh?


I needed my active lifestyle back to be the man I truly felt inside.

To get my concentration back, I decided to try yoga in between my work breaks. 

I thought it would make me more focused and improve mobility or help ease my back, shoulders, and neck pain. 

I even gave a chance to some time management techniques like Pomodoro or Pareto to be more productive. 

But these methods were too complicated and not fun for me, so I wasn’t motivated to stick to them.

And every time I did yoga to ease my stiff body, I would lose track and get back where I was before. I would still catch myself doing nothing.

I wasn’t sure if I could find something to encourage me to go outdoors and be more active. I wasn’t motivated enough.

Every day I would wake up unhappy and write the same story of an office guy who doesn’t do anything useful.

I knew that if I lived like this for one more day, I would drown in my chair forever.

While doing nothing at work and watching my colleagues, I noticed one strange thing about my colleague Emily. 

She would go outside the office for 15 minutes every other hour, taking some black ropes with her. 

When asked, she introduced me to this Octomoves rope flow movement. She told me that she had shoulder issues for a few years, which helped reduce the pain.

She also said that these workouts are so fun and super addicting once you get the hang of it, plus the movements carry over to many other physical disciplines.

I was skeptical about this activity of hers. How could ropes ease the pain? Is this even a workout? 

But I won’t lie, I was curious to try them out. What bad could happen?

Emily showed me some starter tutorials, and I began to flow with the ropes. 

Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any discomfort in my shoulder or neck area. And you won’t believe how relaxing the rope was!

For the first time in a long time, my body finally released all the tension.

It took me just a few swings to get me even more curious. I took the FlowRope Quiz and ordered my first Octorope the same evening.

At first, I didn’t understand what I was paying for, and it seemed like a lot of money for a rope. But the quality speaks for itself – you can use the rope even on concrete, it won’t get scratched.

It’s not even a week yet, and I can make almost all moves from the training on the Octomoves website.

My neck and shoulders are flexible, and I don’t feel that annoying backache I had before. 

But more than that, it’s a ton of fun to use, and it truly helps me to calm down. 

I don’t feel anxious at work anymore; I flow, then get back to work relaxed and concentrated.

Since I’ve found my way to relax, I’m way more productive than before.

And really – my results got better. I feel way more motivated to achieve more tasks, and even my colleagues noticed how different I act. The fun office Josh came back to life!

I started going out more as well. The hiking trips are back, and… I take my ropes with me every time I go outdoors. 

All I can say is that I’m so grateful that my colleague introduced me to Octomoves. 

Now I feel accomplished. Full of energy and focus. 

Ready for the motion your body needs?

And if you’re also stuck to your desk 9–5 or can’t find the motivation to be more active, join the rope flow movement. It’s a type of meditation you won’t get anywhere else. 

The bonus point is that the training encourages you to improvise, so you don’t have to do exhausting and boring reps of the same things over and over again. 

And if you need some guidance, you can always check the videos on their website or even join the group community. 

Take this short 1–minute quiz and get your personalized Octorope ready for motion anywhere anytime.

Results may vary due to personal features. Always consult a professional for medical advice.


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