How I Removed Diabetes’ Shadow Over My Life After Almost Losing My Foot

The world went blurry and began to spin. From there, I only remember some bits and pieces.

I recall my wife saying, “Please, don’t cut his leg off.”

Then Doctor Henry replying, “We’ll do all we can to stabilize him… But it may be too late.” 

That terrible disease, diabetes, was about to rob me of my retirement years and strap me in a wheelchair. 

I remember being wheeled through hospital hallways… then on the operating table… doctors and nurses hovering over me, lights flashing up the ceiling.

I closed my eyes and all I could see was my grandson.

Little Billy. He was only 6-years old. 

I had practically raised him. I couldn’t fathom what would happen to him if he saw his grandfather go out like that.

My plans for the rest of my life flashed in front of my eyes. I was about to lose everything in the blink of an eye.

Then my world faded to black. 

I regained consciousness the next day…

Immediately I shot up, pulled off the sheets, and checked my feet. 

By God’s grace, my feet were still there. Though they looked swollen and red. 

My wife was sitting by, and she was as pale as a ghost. Dr. Henry had already told her everything. I was sure she’d be furious at me for eating sweets, but thankfully, all she cared about was getting us through this.

“Your blood sugar was the highest I’ve ever seen,” said Dr. Henry when he came in. “You fell into a coma, and we barely kept you alive.” 

“Next time, you may not be so lucky…”

grandfather with grandson

This short brush with death changed everything for me.

Before my “incident,” I used to be so annoyed at diabetes. It took up so much of my time and my brain space. Always having to think about what I was eating, what I was doing, where I was going.

Needing to test my blood, the tablets, or the insulin, or whatever — that constant THING eating you at the back of your mind.

Unless you’ve got family or a friend who has diabetes, you can’t really know what it’s like…

Listen, I always took diabetes seriously.  But sometimes, you just want to press the pause button.

And if I’m honest… even though I tried to follow various diets throughout my life, I wasn’t able to stick to them over the long term.

Not because I didn’t care. But mostly because I struggled to understand my meals and didn’t really know what to eat or not…

Hearing all the time that I needed to “eat healthily” and “exercise” didn’t help. Cut carbs. Cut sugar. Eat less. Exercise every day of the week. Feel motivated no matter what…

But for most of us, that lifestyle is incredibly far from reality.

So I fell off the wagon often. Because all this dieting was impossible to stick with. Cheat meals would turn to cheat days, and cheat days would turn to cheat weeks. 

Until I stopped paying much attention to what I was eating or drinking.

All I wanted was to experience life as normal people do.

But my experience at the hospital changed me. Not just because Doctor Henry saved me from the worst, but mostly because of what he did next.

He instructed me to try this new all-in-one diabetes management solution called Klinio. I was somewhat skeptical because I had tried many solutions to manage my diabetes before and they never worked for me.

Doctor Henry pushed back. He said the only way I could avoid future complications was to lose weight and learn to eat healthily. Period. 

I knew he was right. I almost lost my foot. But I also knew for a fact that I had never, ever been able to stick to a diabetes management diet over the long term. It was just too damn complicated. 

But he assured me that Klinio wasn’t a regular, one-size-fits-all diabetes diet. 

Professional nutritionists and diabetes specialists would create a custom meal plan based on my diagnosis, age, weight, eating preferences, and lifestyle. Every day I would get a new menu. All I would have to do was follow it. 

On top of that, Klinio’s team would assist me with managing carbs, calculating calories, sugar, cholesterol, and many other metrics. Something that would be extremely helpful for him in my next visit to his clinic. 

He was so adamant that I should try it for at least a month, for my family’s sake, that I went ahead. 

All I had to do was take a simple quiz and answer a few routine questions about myself.

happy senior

My biggest concern with Klinio was that I wouldn’t stick with it and stay consistent.

But what happened was actually the opposite.

The first month flew by with no setbacks. I was prepared to go hungry, but it wasn’t really a diet. Klinio encouraged me to eat. The right foods, in the right portions, so I don’t feel miserable.

Like Doctor Henry promised, I didn’t feel deprived or restricted like when I tried dieting before – no cravings, hunger pangs, or those awful sugar highs and lows.

The meal plan was incredibly easy to follow because Klinio’s team included most of my favorite foods.

And they prepared some truly delicious snack and dessert options to satisfy my “sugar tooth.”

Knowing that a tasty meal was right behind the corner really helped motivate me.

What used to frustrate me about dieting with diabetes was all taken care of by Klinio. Besides the meal plan, they also counted my carbs, calories, water, physical activity, everything. 

I was even able to log my blood glucose levels, glycated hemoglobin, and meds. 

Every day I knew exactly what to do to keep making progress. 

I stopped second-guessing myself or wondering whether what I ate was harmful or not. 

They even gave me weekly grocery lists, with simple ingredients available at the local store, so I didn’t have to think or worry about food at all.

And it worked. 

One month later, my first check with Doctor Henry showed amazing progress. 

Even though I spent far less time worrying about diabetes and food, I was 8 pounds lighter. 

My blood sugar went from high-risk to normal, and my numb feet had almost completely regained their sense of feeling. 

I no longer felt fragile or under threat. 

Pleased with my results, Dr. Henry encouraged me to continue with Klinio. And I am very glad I listened because my health kept improving.  

The second month I lost another 6 pounds — and lost them so pleasantly I could hardly tell I was on a diet. 

More importantly, I started feeling better. As if the shadow of diabetes over me was starting to diminish. 

By the end of three months, I was another 7 pounds lighter. And I knew the threat of severe diabetes complications was long past. 

Today, almost a full year later, I still struggle to believe my health comeback.

I can hardly recognize myself in the mirror. Words can’t describe what it’s like to love what you see in the mirror. To get compliments from random people on the street on how good you look for your age.

I was given a second chance at life — a chance to play with my grandson Billy and see him grow to be a strong man. 

A chance to see the world with my loving wife… the one thing I always dreamed of doing in my retirement years. 

When I think of how lucky I am… and how it all happened thanks to Klinio… I feel like I owe it to the world to keep sharing my story. 


husband with wife during winter

I honestly wish I knew about Klinio before I went to the hospital, but I didn’t.

You do now. And if Klinio helped me, I genuinely believe it can help you too. 

If you’ve been struggling with diabetes, blood sugar, not knowing what to eat, creeping weight gain, medication, or ineffective diets…

You owe it to yourself and your family to give Klinio a try too. Your health is too important to leave things to chance. 

I know you may think you’re feeling fine right now, and perhaps you do, but I was feeling fine too… 

Until I suddenly wasn’t. And I almost paid a terrible price for it. 

Nobody thinks they’re going to have a limb cut. Yet every day 230 Americans will suffer an amputation because of diabetes. 

I want you to trust and believe Klinio works.

Klinio will truly teach you how to eat to avoid complications and get your numbers to a healthy level. 

They’ll support you every step of the way and ensure your meals keep you feeling energized, full, and healthier than you’ve ever been before. 

You’re literally a short quiz away from…

✔ Thousands of personalized recipes and weekly grocery lists to keep your blood sugar stable and manage carbs easily (plus tips on how to eat out without hassle).

✔ Delicious snack and dessert options to satisfy your “sugar tooth.” You’ll eat them regularly, stay healthy, and still drop pounds without much effort.

✔ No more guessing about what foods are harmful or how much to eat to stay healthy. Whenever you have questions, help will be one quick message away. 

✔ Full assistance when calculating calories, carbs, sugar, cholesterol, and other metrics.

✔ You’ll know exactly what to do to keep making progress, every single day.

You may think sticking to a diet with diabetes is a cruel and complicated process, but it’s really not when you follow a personalized diabetes management plan.

Unwanted weight won’t just come off quickly. It will also be pretty easy. 

You’ll struggle to believe your very own eyes. And just when you start doubting yourself and think you’ll stop losing and gain all the weight you lost back… you’ll keep losing until you achieve the healthy body you want.

I promise you. You’re going to look back and be so grateful you gave this a try.  

Complete Klinio’s free quiz below to receive your plan. 

Take a 60-second quiz and keep diabetes complications at bay with your own personalized Klinio management plan

Always consult a professional for medical advice


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