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How I rediscovered my love for Tai Chi through flow ropes

I need something new.

I thought as I was doing the same Tai Chi morning routine for almost ten years.

I’d loved Tai Chi for a long time.

I discovered it around 15 years ago when I was at a wellness retreat.

I had just woken up and crawled out of my tent to catch some early morning sun when I saw it – a group of 20 people, all moving in a synchronized order, with their bodies flowing beautifully across the crisp air.

I was mesmerized.

I remember watching them for a few minutes, hypnotized by the plasticity of their movements. As my stare met somebody else in the group, I realized that I was allowed to join the magic myself since I was there.

I moved closer to the group, trying to replicate what they were doing. I frowned whenever I mixed up a group’s move, but I loved that it was as much of a memory exercise as a movement exercise.

It was quiet and felt quite spiritual like everyone was in perfect tune with their bodies and each other.

The only sounds you could hear were the gentle scrunching of everyone’s workout shirts and shorts, mixed with the light breeze in the leaves of the trees above us.

From then on, I was hooked

I took it upon myself to learn as much about Tai Chi as possible.

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese practice of shadowboxing for physical and mental health. 

Regular practice of Tai Chi improves well-being, and it’s pretty easy to learn, so very accessible for beginners. The movement is very gentle. It’s almost a meditation for the mind and body.

It is that you move energy gently throughout different parts of your body. All the movements are very graceful, circular, and slow.

You have to concentrate on how your body moves and feels, which is excellent for people with a limited range of movement.

I went on a pretty big journey to get good at Tai Chi.

Long haired man in striped shirt

I spent hours chasing this dream, from hunting for like-minded people to seeking classes where I could learn from the pros. Hell, I even flew to China to improve my skills.

No word of a lie. I traveled to China and met some truly remarkable people; practicing my love for Tai Chi with the people there was truly inspirational.

But upon my return and more persistent searching for guidance and other Tai Chi users, something became apparent to me.

The community is simply not there anymore

Had people fallen out of love with it, or was this just a fading movement?

Maybe it was just another trend that had its moment in the spotlight and now lurked in the shadows, replaced by yoga or something.

My realization pretty bummed me out. I adored Tai Chi but also loved doing it with people.

Rather than sit around and mope, I thought I should research something similar, not just the next in-thing that influencers rave about.

I am a sucker for low-impact exercises, anything more, and my joints will simply give up.

It wasn’t just the curves I inherited from my mother but the family’s long tradition of joint pains.

I started flicking through Google and YouTube for some inspiration, hoping to find something that suited me.

And low and behold, I found just that

By sheer luck, I came across a video from a guy called Rokas, the founder of a company called Octomoves.

In this video, he demonstrated techniques for his flow rope products based on popular movements in Tai Chi.

I felt like I had hit the jackpot.

This was everything I had been looking for and more.

I rushed over to their website, where I was greeted with a choice of ropes (they vary based on whatever you are looking to achieve.)

I was so excited to get started, and I had that same feeling I got when I first discovered Tai Chi – it was immense.

Smiling man close up portrait

Let’s bring it back to today.

Five months from my first use, I am gobsmacked by how much I love these ropes.

From the first day I picked them up, I felt such relief around my joints, my whole body.

I have been learning new patterns each week, and I love it. They even come with a load of functional movements to try with the ropes to keep things fresh.

I have persuaded all my friends and family to give them a try, and the feedback has been the same (maybe not quite as enthusiastic as me, but who could be?)

Since then, I have started to see some noticeable differences in myself.

For one, my joints feel loose and free, not rigid and tight like they usually do, and my cardio health has improved massively.

I may not seem like the type, but I was an ‘occasional smoker’ – someone who often turns to quick nicotine hit when things get a little challenging.

But since I have started using these ropes, I swear the cravings have long gone (weird, I know.)

Maybe it’s because I now grab my ropes when things get stressful, rather than a cigarette.

Ultimately, I have found something to engulf myself in, and the love is back.

Man doing tai chi

This is the closest thing to Tai Chi I have discovered, and I am just as passionate about this as I ever was with Tai Chi.

But the beautiful thing is, you can use one of their ropes for any fitness purpose you might have.

I have family members who want to shed a few pounds and friends who want to add some muscles – they have something for everyone.

And don’t be shy; they are so simple to use – anyone can pick them up, make some basic patterns and get involved.

I love it when a product can be universal and work for everyone, not just the minority

I am well and truly back in my happy place.

If you are like me and love Tai Chi or any form of mind-freeing exercise, I cannot recommend OctoMoves and their flow ropes enough.

You can head over to their website and see how they can help you.

Tell them what your goals are and what you want to achieve, and let them take care of the rest.

rope flow phoenix

It is a beautiful community, and they have a fantastic team on hand to help you with any questions or queries that may crop up along the way.

So see how flow ropes can help you, and head over to their website – you won’t regret it!

You can choose whatever rope suits you best from their range, with each tailored to different fitness needs, or like me, to help reduce pains.

Or, if you are unsure about which rope is the right fit for you, take the free OctoMoves quiz, and they will help you find your perfect match.

🏋️Heavy 1.1 lbs

Relieve stiffness & pain

🏋️Heavy 1.1 lbs

Burn calories & build muscle

🏋️Lighter 0.99 lbs

Unwind & Destress

🏋️Lightest 0.66 lbs

Support recovery after injury

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. I love it! I have been using flow ropes for nearly six months now. They have been a game-changer for me! So glad to see others getting the benefits.

  2. A fascinating take on Tai Chi. I will have to look into this myself – thanks for sharing.

  3. Amazing! I have been a lover of Tai Chi for many years and agree it’s harder to come by now. I will be sure to check out OctoMoves!!

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