How I Overcame Years of Anxiety and Reclaimed My Inner Peace Once and For All

Anxiety was something I dealt with many times throughout my life. It was also something that I saw both of my parents struggle with as it heavily impacted their lives on a daily basis. 

Even though I often experienced anxiety to a milder degree when I was young, it wasn’t something that I was concerned about. I could still go about my day to day activities with relative  ease. 

After meeting my husband, having my two daughters, and dealing with a constant barrage of workplace politics, anxiety slowly started to spiral out of control. 

I began to persistently worry about both my family and career. I eventually reached a point in my life where I felt terrified about pretty much everything and everyone. 

Fast forward to when the pandemic struck – being a nurse I had to deal with multiple, possibly-contagious patients on a daily basis. What’s worse, my husband lost his job through no fault of his own when his company declared bankruptcy. 

I couldn’t shake off this never-ending feeling of impending doom. That constant worry simmering in the back of my mind. That small voice in my head that grew louder and louder each day. 

I felt anxious about being anxious – and that made my anxiety even worse. It became this vicious cycle, day in and day out, that I just couldn’t shake

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It wasn’t until my crippling anxiety completely took over that I knew it was time to do something about it.

And I’ve tried everything to get rid of my anxiety, but nothing seemed to be working.

I grew so tired of reading the same generic advice to ‘breathe deeply’ and ‘try to be mindful’. 

How are we supposed to just “do” that? It’s not like it’s a choice if you find yourself in the middle of a panic attack…

I got tired of the numerous side effects of prescription meds. All they did was make me feel empty and numb.

I went through tons of self-help books. Tons of expensive doctor visits. Tons of anti-anxiety pills.

I was so desperate that I even looked into hypnotherapy. I saw it was effective in treating anxiety in some people, and despite my own scepticism, I went all in and booked 10 sessions at a cost of $950. 

After the first few sessions, I tried to convince myself that my anxiety was cured. But it was still there, and only a few weeks after I had my last session, it started to creep its way back. 

So I went back for more. And this cycle repeated itself a few more times before I realised that hypnotherapy was nothing but a temporary solution that didn’t really result in any long-lasting changes for me.

It was expensive and ineffective. With my husband being out of work, I simply couldn’t afford it. And constantly worrying about the money I was spending on myself certainly wasn’t doing any wonders for my anxiety. 

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I was desperate for another solution. I knew that I needed something more sustainable in the long run.

One day while scrolling my phone, I came across Anxietless – a personalized anxiety-reduction plan. They had a short little quiz where they asked me a few questions about my goals, emotional state, sleep patterns, and so on. 

After I filled it in, I was presented with a personalized plan where I’d get one email a day containing an exercise to help manage my anxiety.

These exercises also came with tips and tricks like a short guide on how to clear my anxious mind with the help of meditation. And everything was prepared by professional psychologists and based on already-proven CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) practices.

I have to say I had my doubts. It’s not like I haven’t tried a bunch of “mindfulness exercises” that were supposed to somehow magically help before.

But I’ve never seen such a personalized approach. They were speaking to me directly, focusing on my problem areas, my goals, my needs. It wasn’t the regular one-size-fits-all fix for anxiety.

So I took a leap of faith and signed up for Anxietless’ plan.

Taking the first step is always the hardest – but I was guided every step of the way.

Whenever you’re starting something new or trying to make a habit stick, the hardest part is the beginning. I’ve learned you have to remind yourself to do that one thing, over and over again, on a consistent basis.

It takes time and patience to form a habit. So initially, I used a notepad and my alarm clock to remind myself of the daily exercises and tasks that I needed to do.

Anxietless did however make habit-forming a lot simpler. 

I only received one email per day, which allowed me to work at my own pace – one day at a time.

There was no pressure. They didn’t push me. If I felt like I needed a break, I would simply take a “day off” and just pick up right where I left off.

This also meant that it didn’t require too much commitment upfront, making it super easy for me to stick to the routine.

Over a short period of time, my anxiety symptoms disappeared and I finally felt at peace.

The great thing about receiving just one email a day is that it helped me to focus only on forming that one habit.

I learned how to cope. I noticed that I’m much more in control when a stressful situation presents itself. I wouldn’t spiral out and could just keep going.

Even when I wasn’t doing the exercises and just going about my everyday activities, I’d still use many of the principles I learned with Anxientless.

At the end of the day, long-term consistency always wins over any short-term solution. It’s the small gains over time that actually last and help reprogram your subconscious mind. 

That, in a nutshell, is why this program has been so effective for me in easing my anxiety problems – it was after all about ME.

And I know that “consistency” is a scary word – how many times have we started something and couldn’t follow through? But Anxietless was different.

Yes, I had my doubts – and have doubted myself. Who doesn’t? If you’ve ever felt anxious, you know what I mean. 

But there was always someone from Anxietless to guide me – every day, every step of the way. I never once felt alone.

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This is no magic cure…

Mental health is something that takes a lot of practice. They say a brick a day eventually can build a wall, so essentially I was chipping away at my problems bit by bit. 

This program helped me form long-lasting habits and I knew it’d be something I could continue for the rest of my life.

I found my anxiety a lot more manageable and it decreased over time.

As for results, I started seeing significant improvements just after a month.

I felt at peace. In control. That nagging voice in the back of my mind had disappeared – or at least, I knew ways to free myself from it.

Now after a year, I can truly say that this was a lot more effective than any other solution I tried to ease my constant anxiety. 

My husband has since secured another job and infection rates are no longer so high, meaning I’m no longer so overwhelmed with patients. I found a new hobby in blogging and life is starting to look normal again. This all combined with Anxientless gave me what feels like a fresh start. 

I feel like I’ve reclaimed my life.

I’m looking forward to the future again and not worrying so much. I no longer suffer from constant migraines. I can think with more clarity,  which has proved very useful in dealing with surprising stressful situations.

You can reclaim your peace and live anxiety-free, too.

If you’ve experienced anxiety first hand or if you can relate in any way to my own story, then I highly recommend that you take the Anxietless quiz.

Find out what’s causing your anxiety, learn how to manage your symptoms exactly, and discover what you can do to make it right and finally get your life back on track. 

All you have to do is take a short, simple quiz and you too will receive your very own personalized plan.

There’s no commitment upfront. Worst case, you’ll learn some useful information about yourself and your anxiety triggers. You can just take that and leave.

But best case…

I promise you, your life will look a lot different from what it is right now. Free of worry. Free of panic. Free from that feeling of impending doom.

You can be in control. You can find that inner peace again. I did – and I’ve never looked back.

Words can’t describe how much Anxietless has changed my life. And if it’s helped 96% of people like me, I know it can help you too – no matter if anxiety is something you struggle with for years or it has come up more recently.

I owed it to myself. You owe it to yourself.

Take a free 2-minute quiz and reclaim your inner peace with your own personalized step-by-step Anxietless plan


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