How I Managed to Reduce My Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure While Working 12-Hour Shifts

My name is Susan. I’m a 53-year-old single mother of two wonderful girls. You can’t even imagine how grateful and blessed I am to share this with you.

Because I found a way to live my life stress-free and lost over 40 pounds.

And I hope you’ll find a way to your better health after reading my full story.

I used to work 12-hour shifts in a supermarket for 10 years.

After the divorce, I felt stressed, exhausted, and insecure.

All these experiences turned into a massive weight gain that made it more difficult for me to live my life as a single mother.

I needed money to pay up my mortgage and save for my daughters’ future student loan…

I had to do what I possibly could…

My days were so busy that I often worked on weekends too until…

My blood pressure started skyrocketing…

I had problems just from taking several steps. I could barely catch my breath, and my heart was pounding like crazy.

My legs hurt like hell, back pain drove me nuts most of the day, and I was just trying to get used to it…

Because of my tight schedule, I couldn’t eat anything other than fast food, quick snacks, various chocolate bars with peanuts, or lots of coffee with some cupcakes. 

I have to admit, most of the food I ate wasn’t very healthy because I didn’t have any other choice.

If only I’d had the time to prepare quick and healthy meals at home, I wouldn’t have gained so much weight that challenged my heart every day.

During the biggest sale of the year, I felt so much stress during the rush hour that I had to call for an emergency…

I wasn’t able to keep up – sweating and heavy breathing… I felt so weak in my knees that my boss had to call an ambulance.

My doctor performed EKG and HDL-C tests on me, and after seeing the results, he became worried. He said that my blood pressure and total cholesterol were very high.

According to him, I had a high risk of having a heart attack in the near future. And if I didn’t change the way I live as soon as possible, the consequences could be tragic. 

After interviewing me about my condition, he then prescribed expensive pills like diuretics, ACE inhibitors, beta-blockers, and a few more to stabilize my health condition.

The only thing that sprang to mind after hearing the diagnosis was my two lovely girls.

Every time I looked at them, there was so much more to do and see in my life. I wanted to stay by their side. 

To see them graduate college. To see them happy.

I KNEW that I had to do something…

I tried all kinds of diets and exercises I could possibly find on the web, even if I had very little free time:

  • The low-salt diet, which had to reduce my blood pressure to some degree. After a week, I found out that my cholesterol got worse – it jumped from around 300 to 320mg/dL!
  • DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) because people on forums told me it could help lower my blood pressure.

    No matter how healthy these diets were, it seemed that I was gaining more weight instead of losing it. And, eventually, it took too long to prepare my meals, so I completely lost my progress.
  • Any workout I tried – I failed miserably.

Because when you come home from a 12-hour shift, you only wish to sit back and thank God that you can finally rest. 

So, I can only imagine what YOU might be going through because…

II got so overwhelmed that I didn’t even know what else I should try, but here’s what happened next…

One day, during my lunch break, my co-workers and I were chatting about personal struggles and future goals.

Everyone admitted that they were used to daily stress, just like I was. 

When I opened up about my health issues, one of our new staff members asked if I tried this app for blood pressure management.

She said that her grandmother had suffered from stage 1 hypertension for most of her life.

And every day, she had to consume a handful of medicines that caused her headaches.

My co-worker helped her answer a 60-second quiz. Then, they got her a special personalized meal plan that not only had healthy meals but also included quick 15-minute recipes. 

They also had a grocery list feature that helped them buy the necessary ingredients for these healthy recipes upfront, so they didn’t have to waste time thinking about what to buy.

In just two months, my colleague’s grandmother managed to lower her blood pressure back to normal by using a personalized meal plan without paying thousands of dollars for long and exhausting treatments.

My colleague said that she’d never seen her grandmother so happy before and still couldn’t believe it worked. 

Her grandma eventually stopped using her medicine, which was a true relief. And she was finally able to sleep without the annoying headaches.

After hearing this story, all I wanted was to have more energy to spend time with my beautiful girls and not just lie in bed exhausted after work…

I had no other way but to try…

After few months, my blood pressure and cholesterol levels were going down!

With the help of personalized YourHear Health meal plans, I learned to prepare my healthy meals in less than 15 minutes and saved lots of my time in the kitchen. 

It took away the stress of not knowing what to cook every day.

I felt full for longer periods, and I ate less at work…

I felt more energy! 

Now, instead of drinking lots of coffee, I spoil myself with just a cup of herbal tea on my lunch breaks.

My individual meal plan had a great positive impact on my heart and weight as well.

I lost about 40 pounds, and I feel way stronger. My cholesterol and blood pressure dropped significantly.

I don’t feel these terrible poundings in my chest after walking up the stairs at work.

Also, I got rid of that annoying back pain and leg pain I used to have after long hours at work…

Because I was getting the right nutrients my body needed all this time.

I was able to do more tasks than before and feel less stress, have a better mood – you name it.

The feeling was fantastic because I could slowly minimize my medicine intake until I didn’t need them anymore.

I got more things done for the week, so I didn’t even need to work on weekends.

And, since I have my free weekends, I can finally spend more time with my girls, which is all I ever wanted, really.

They are very happy seeing their mom in better shape – stronger and more confident than ever before. 

How effective is YourHeart Health’s personalized meal plan? Here’s my honest opinion.

💖I got a healthy diet plan made by nutrition professionals according to my health conditions.

This means you can have the freedom to choose which foods you would like to include in your diet and the amount of time you can spend preparing them.

💖Real-time expert consultation helped me progress faster.

Meaning you can look for answers about heart health on Google, but you won’t find answers about Your heart. That’s why the YourHeart Health nutrition experts are there to help you.

Get countless solutions to your meals according to your personal profile whenever you want.

💖 I was able to reduce my health risks that could take away my dreams of seeing my daughters grow.

This means, It can help you improve your heart health, just like it helped me. The daily struggle of taking my medicines has now become a thing of the past.

Could your better heart health be just one quiz away?

If you’re like me – tired and stressed from everyday struggles at work and at home…

I can totally feel you.

Because I know what it’s like to be desperately searching for millions of solutions that the internet can offer and find none of them work.

I know what it’s like to be skeptical and exhausted from the pain of trying countless recipes, diets, medicines that only waste your money and time without real results.

My experience shows that there is hope to get away from the risks of high blood pressure, obesity, and an unhealthy lifestyle.

It can help you become stronger and confident…

And enjoy a stress-free life with your family like I am today.

Get your own personalized meal plan today and experience for yourself the amazing blood pressure results that the YourHeart Health personalized plan can offer.

Start Now by Taking a 60-Second Quiz & Learn How You Can Help Your Heart

Always consult a professional for medical advice


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