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How I managed to lose weight with fast results

Good luck squeezing into that in 2 months.

Those were the spiteful and frankly hurtful words uttered to me by a fellow bridesmaid.

My name is Lucy. I am 35 years old and recently had the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid at my dear friend’s wedding.

I thought this would be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

A sunny wedding in Barbados, and the chance to see my best friend celebrate the greatest day of her life.

What could be better than that?

Over the next few weeks, the other bridesmaids and I took to planning via a WhatsApp group – as you do.

One of Claire’s work colleagues was running proceedings – I didn’t mind that too much, even though I was her oldest friend.

But this day was going to be all about her.

This new friend of hers and I clashed a few times over arrangements and outfits – and I must admit, it started to bother me. 

We all met in the city to get measured up and pick the dresses – we, of course, went with the new friend’s suggestion.

But again, this isn’t about me!

Things were falling into place nicely, and the wedding was just over three months away.

Unfortunately, my long-term partner and I started going through a rough patch.

He seemed to fear us going to a wedding together like I would force him to be next.

Things got toxic between us, and after a lot of tears and anger was released towards each other – we decided to go our ways.

I was crushed

I thought this man might be the one, but as soon as the threat of commitment became strong, he took off and left.

The coming weeks were spent drinking alone, excessively, and a constant stream of takeaways.

I didn’t quite fathom this effect on me, both mentally and physically.

Woman posing at seaside

I missed crucial planning days with the other bridesmaids due to being hungover or simply not having the courage to leave the house.

It wasn’t until Claire called me herself that I realized the extent of the damage.

She was upset with me for not returning calls or messages – and she was right to be upset.

That same day, a package arrived at my door.

My bridesmaid’s dress had arrived.

I began to panic. There is no way I would fit into this dress anymore

I had gained over 20lbs since I got measured for it – I was terrified.

This dress cost a lot of money, and now that I was on my own, I simply could not afford to have it replaced.

I didn’t want to let my friend down and knew I had to do something to get this weight off and back to my standard size.

All in 2 months.

I started frantically searching Google for inspiration.

‘How to lose weight in 2 months’ or ‘lose weight, fast results.’

There were so many suggestions floating around, some of them simply not feasible.

But one product kept catching my eye, with solid reviews and a load of loyal followers who claimed it had turned their life around.

It was called Joggo, an app specializing in running and helping people achieve their goals

I used to be a keen jogger, but could I do that with my newfound size?

I glanced at the dress and knew I needed to do this for Claire, as well as myself.

So I took their short quiz and input my desired goals and timeframe – hoping for a miracle.

Joggo created a plan personalized to me and what I needed to achieve.

It gave me a faint glimmer of hope that maybe I could do this.

Thankfully, Joggo comes with three main features, with motivation being one. I felt energized and ready to do this.

I knew I had to stick with this and trust the app – it was my only chance of being able to fit into that dress and not let Claire down.

The app eased me back into the swing of things with some gentle exercises – while I was approaching this as a beginner, there are options for those more experienced with running!

I set to work and left the house for my first run in years.

I was amazed that I could manage it – and having the confidence that my plan is aimed at me and my goals was a huge plus.

It made sure I didn’t overdo it in my quest for fast results – but provided me with a comfortable distance and pace to get me started.

I also especially like the cooldown feature, which allows me to control my breathing and not feel overly tired.

It didn’t take long for me to start building confidence in my running ability and with myself.

I had that feel-good factor back in my life and knew I was on the right path

They even have a team of dedicated experts on board if you need some help or guidance.

It feels like they want the best for you and will do what it takes to help you achieve your goals.

The first run you take with Joggo is free, and I should point it out! 

After this, you can select the plan that suits your budget best. I opted for three months and set my target goal and weight to achieve this.

The plan costs are very budget-friendly, especially if you consider the cost of personal trainers and gym memberships.

Instead, I have my trainer in my pocket.

I managed to smash my target thanks to Joggo, with a week to spare!

Woman in hoodie at seaside

I am now back to my standard size, but I feel fitter and stronger than before.

I can look at that beautiful dress with comfort in mind.

This would not be possible without Joggo. I can admit that.

I got into a bad way, and I just needed that faith in myself to get through it, with a bit of technical support on the way.

The confidence that this has brought back into my life is truly remarkable

Skip forward, and the wedding was a beautiful day for all.

I even got a few comments about how good I looked, much to the other bridesmaids!!

I cannot recommend Joogo enough.

Whether you need fast results, keep in shape, or simply get active again, this app is the start.

Each plan is personalized to YOU – and you only.

Woman in read sweater holding her head

They have a free quiz you can take. It lasts around 2 minutes.

Just answer the questions as truthfully as you can, and let the experts at Joggo take care of the rest – it is that simple.

The first runs on them, so take the quiz now and see how they help you

Results may vary due to personal features.



  1. Loved reading this, and so pleased you managed to get into that dress!! I have a similar situation at the moment, and will have to give Joggo a go. Fingers crossed!

  2. Great to see someone else is hitting their goals with Joggo. Been using it for nearly 6 months now, and so pleased with the results! Keep up the good work.

  3. Amazing! Well done to you. Joggo has been a real game changer in my workouts, couldn’t recommend it enough.

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