How I Rediscovered My Childhood Passion and Lost Weight in the Process

I had, for the last decade, imagined the day I would officially retire. 

I’d imagine how my wife and I would finally get to make good use of our hard-earned 401Ks and go see the world.

We had all these idyllic plans; go to the places we’ve always wanted to see, to spend more time with family and friends – and spoil our grandchildren rotten!

Sadly, looking in the mirror on my 57th birthday — I didn’t look like someone who would in any way, shape or form be able to make those dreams come true. 

I was out of shape, out of breath and out of ideas and motivation to get myself back into the body I once had. 

It looked like the only trail I had taken for the past couple of years was the one from the living room couch to the kitchen.

What stared at me in my reflection was not the body of a healthy man ready to take on the world.

It was the body of someone who had let themselves go and given up on enjoying life to the fullest.

But it was the furthest thing from the truth — I was by no means ready to just settle and waste my older years.

Heck, as far as I was concerned, I still had a couple of good decades ahead of me, and I was not going to waste them sitting home and eating bonbons. 

I knew something needed to change. I needed to change something to take back control of my life. 

I sure as hell was not going to lose weight and get in shape by just wishing for it. 

So I went for what seemed to be the easiest and most common option—I decided to cut out all of the fatty and sugary foods from my diet. Honestly, considering my recent eating habits, I wasn’t sure there would be anything left.

As I am an impatient person, I knew just changing my diet wouldn’t be enough. So I was determined to pick up running and get my weight loss game on point. 

After eating nothing but a plain salad for dinner, the next morning I went for my first run in a decade.

Now, when I tell you that one run did way more damage than good, you’d better believe me. 

My body and joints were in no way, shape, or form ready to take on that stress.

I’m not sure I even finished a mile, but my knees and ankles felt as if I had just run a marathon. 

I could convince myself to keep eating the tasteless lettuce and a tiny piece of turkey three times a day, but I was not going to put my body through another run. I knew if I kept this up, there would be no exploring in my future as my joints would probably just give up by then.

There had to be a better, healthier way to get my cardio in.

Suddenly I remembered how much I had loved cycling as a kid. Sure, I didn’t do it for training purposes back then, but the streets in my neighborhood were filled with elderly people taking their bikes to get their shopping and errands done.

So if they could do it without hurting themselves or suffering from insane joint aches, what was stopping me?

Best of all, I already had my “fitness gear” sitting in my garage along with other things that hadn’t seen the light of day for longer than I’d care to admit.

As I had always considered bikes to be more of a means for getting around rather than getting in shape, I wasn’t quite sure what my rides should look like to make the most of them when it came to losing weight. 

So I took my question to the almighty World Wide Web. 

After a bit of googling, I had found a list of different cycling programs promising to get me in the best shape of my life. 

Of course, I was skeptical at first. And let me tell you, seeing the price tag on some of these programs really got me questioning the whole thing.

But I was determined to find something that would at least guide me in the right direction and not cost an arm and a leg. You know I needed those if I wanted to take up biking.

After going through a number of different programs, I found something called Cycling.Diet.

It was definitely different from the other programs. didn’t just give me a one-size-fits-all solution but expected me to take a quiz to then provide me with a training plan personalized just for me. 

“Okay,” I thought, “I’ll bite.”

So I took the quiz, which really gave me more confidence in the program. They asked for my current height and weight, my activity level, weight goals, and so on. 

I was glad to see that the price on the program was pretty much that of a fancy latte.

Just minutes after signing up, a personalized training AND meal plan popped into my inbox. 

As much as I was excited to hop on the saddle and get my cardio going, I definitely didn’t mind ditching the salads and having some fun with my meals again. 

It was as if I had just received my very own personal cycling trainer and a nutritionist that didn’t make me give up all of my favorite meals but were going to help me lose weight while having fun and enjoying my dinner. 

About a week in, I already started to feel a bit more energized and as if I had shaved off at least a few pounds.

But I didn’t want to hit the scale just yet. 

I was really going for that WOW effect, so I decided to keep cycling and stick to my meal plan for a month before stepping on the scale. 

And boy, did I get my WOW moment!

In just a month, I had lost more weight than on any lettuce-based diet I had ever tried (and failed)!

Of course those diets usually ended with me binging on some potato chips and chocolates, but still…

But it was not just the weight. I was sleeping much better, I had a lot more energy and endurance.

The ironic, but oh-so great, thing about the Cycling.Diet was the fact that I never really felt as if I was on a diet per se. I was still eating the foods I love (no lettuce included) and making the meals was a piece of cake — no pun intended. 

So coupled with a training program I had seriously come to enjoy, I couldn’t have been happier to have given the program a go. It’s also set up in a way that even on the lazier days (and who doesn’t have those?), you’ll still get just the motivation you need to hop on the saddle.

Not only had I rediscovered my childhood passion and dropped a bunch of weight, I was also discovering some cool places around my neighborhood I’d never even noticed before. 

All I can say from my personal experience is that if, like me, you too are stuck in an unhealthy rut of not eating well, not exercising enough, and overall not treating your body quite like it deserves, I really do believe that Cycling.Diet can help you get back on track.

Take the free 1-minute quiz to get your personalized training and meal plan, and start losing weight.

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