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How I Helped My Husband Regain His Self-Confidence With This 4-Step Organic Hair Growth Routine

Everyone was having fun at our friend’s house, except for my husband John. He didn’t say much throughout the night.

And I knew why. 

All he could think about was his receding hairline. I tried to cheer him up, but he just smiled for a bit and went back inside his mind.

Over 5 years of our marriage, we rarely met with friends or family. It was simply too hard to convince my husband to go out as he was very insecure about his looks. 

John eventually became so worried about his balding hair that he even took prescription pills for hair growth. 

But he wouldn’t even think of changing that damn 3-in-1 shampoo he used since high school. It was his one and only hair care routine.

When I asked him why he used that shampoo, his answer was, “Because it’s convenient, cheap, and I like the smell.”

As a woman who sincerely cares for her beauty, I know how useless these kinds of shampoos-detergents really are.

If you take a closer look at the labels, you’ll see that most of these shampoos have SLS (or SLES), which stands for sodium laureth sulfate.1

A higher concentration of these synthetic chemicals can strip away too much oil from hair. It means it can make it too dry and brittle. Sometimes it may even cause allergic reactions on the skin and eyes. 

Not to mention that SLS is usually tested on animals for irritation.2

I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was one of the reasons John started losing hair. 

But I didn’t want to see him miserable and sitting at home forever. So, I had to do something.

Seeing him use that bottle yet still complain about his hair loss drove me mad

How could he expect his hair not to look straw-like and dull while using that cheap bottle of a shampoo/conditioner/shower gel, all in one? 

What if one day he somehow grows new hair? What would happen if he continued using these harmful chemicals? 

It would look as dull as the hair that was still on his scalp.

But John didn’t seem to care. He had put all his hopes on the prescription pills. But he kept the habit of using a single bottle for washing his entire body and hair.

Man checking his hairline

I couldn’t watch this. I started desperately looking for something more natural and less harmful for John’s fragile hair. Something that would finally help me to educate my husband about a healthy routine.

My hopes went high when I finally discovered this hair growth routine for men

One morning I asked my co-worker Amber about her husband. I heard her once talking that he went through similar male pattern baldness as my John.

Amber told me about a special European hair routine that took them a while to discover. She said it helped her man boost his hair growth like never before. Some new hair was already growing after the first four weeks. 

I was a little skeptical at first, and I’m sure she saw it. So, she kept explaining the reason why it helped her man. 

Out of all products they tried in the past, Moérie stood out with a signature 4-step organic hair growth routine.

This routine contained a special formula with fulvic molecules, 77 minerals, and biotin.

She told me that this routine, infused with the formula, helped prevent further hair loss.

Her husband used the routine consistently. And, that’s why it helped to maximize the chances of growing new and healthy hair.

Still, having already researched so many products online, I didn’t feel too sure yet. 

Until a few days later, her husband came to pick her up at the office. I couldn’t help but notice how this tall and handsome-looking gentleman in his fifties had such shiny dark brown hair. 

And that was the proof that I needed

I had to find Moérie and give it to my husband to try. So, I ordered the complete 4-step organic hair routine set. 

When I received it, I immediately showed it to John. He was quite mad at me at first. After all, I was trying to take away his favorite 3-in-1 shampoo. Replacing it with four bottles didn’t sound fun to him at all.

But I didn’t give up. John agreed to hear me out one last time. 

I explained to him how harmful the SLS chemicals are and what they can do to the body.

And I told him that Moérie’s hair growth set doesn’t have any of these chemicals and is much safer. 

I also pointed out that Moérie’s fulvic minerals and biotin might clean up chemical buildup from hair. So, the new hair would grow easier and be healthier.

But John was unsure of how to use any of the products.

I promised him to help with anything that I could so he could try it for at least five weeks.

My only challenge left was to make him use the set correctly. 

So, I quickly figured it out. I placed the set on his favorite bathroom shelf. Then, I stacked it in order from left to right. This way, he would easily get into the new routine.

I wrote a simplified version of the 4-step organic hair growth routine. I left notes next to each of the four bottles:

  1. Shampoo – “Few drops on palm, use on the roots, massage for 3 minutes. Then, wash with warm water”;
  2. Conditioner – “Few drops on palm, apply on hair from mid-length to the tips, just don’t touch the scalp, massage for 3 minutes. Then wash with warm water”;
  3. Mask – “Cover on two fingertips, slowly spread on hair from mid-length to the tips. Use fingers to comb through hair, leave for 5 minutes. Then, rinse with warm water”;
  4. Spray – “Spray on the whole scalp, leave it in, done.”
Smiling man

And what do you know! He came out of the shower with a little smile on his face. When I asked him, “How was it?” he replied, “It was actually fun.” He also liked the fresh citrus smell.

In the end, he thought that he would totally fail. But with my notes on the side, he managed to complete the 4-step organic hair routine by himself.

Fast forward several weeks, and John already saw healthy hair growing on his head

When I asked him if he would like to use his old shampoo, he immediately replied, “There’s no way I’m going back. I’m much happier now!” 

Using a single shampoo bottle with ingredients that served little to no purpose is now history in our family. 

Moérie took good care that my husband would continue to grow his hair safely even when he stopped using the prescription pills. 

We’re now so happy to meet with friends and family. John is smiling and laughing a lot more. He’s more engaging with other people. I can see that he has much more confidence than before. 

To help your man take on a new healthy routine too, let me share with you why I chose to use this 4-step organic hair growth set:

✅ Cruelty-free – no animals were harmed during tests;

✅ Sulfates-free – there is no SLS that could be potentially harmful to your skin and hair;

✅ Paraben-free – there are no harmful preservatives;

✅ GMO-free – there are no genetically modified ingredients;

✅ DMDM-free –  there are no preservatives or antimicrobial agents that are listed as allergens;

Here’s how the 4-step organic hair growth routine actually helps John.

The Mineral Hair Growth Shampoo helps my husband to prep the hair for restoration. As the very first step, it helps clean the build-up of harmful chemicals and excess oils. 

The Hair Growth Conditioner then soaks hair in 77 minerals, softening and untangling it. 

The third step, the 5-Minute Hair Growth Mask, fuels damaged hair with vitamins E, C, PP and restores smoothness.

My husband especially loves the Ultimate Hair Growth Spray. How it immediately springs hair back to life by infusing the roots with fulvic molecules. An ingredient that helps deliver vital nutrients and keratin to each strand and may even prevent hair loss. 

Happy couple

So, if you have a man who needs some help like my John, there’s a good chance that he would see the results just as well.

I saw how my husband changed both physically and mentally. Everyone else saw it too. And it’s amazing what a simple change in hair routine can do. 

So, I encourage you both.

Use the ultimate combination of 4-step organic hair growth routine by Moérie and enjoy new healthy hair!

Results may vary due to personal features. Always consult a professional for medical advice.




  1. I thought this was a story about me because I was arguing with my husband about the same issue. He’d work on his computer every day, not motivated to get a decent haircut. His only routine consisted of washing his entire body with a single product. Finally, I suggested he tries a new hair care routine, and so far, he likes it! I find it really attractive when a man takes good care of his hair, and I’m happy to see him more confident than ever before. If you have someone in need of encouragement, give them Moérie and show them how beautiful they are!

  2. After reading the article, I thought I might surprise my husband and help him at the same time. When the lady mentioned her husband only using one shampoo bottle, I knew exactly what she meant. It’s pretty common for most men to take a quick shower and simply wash their hair with a single bottle. However, this convenience can come at a high cost in the future, and my husband was no exception. I noticed how upset he was about his receding hairline, so I wanted to help him regain self-confidence.
    For this reason, I decided to gift him the Moérie hair growth set for his upcoming 48th birthday. This 4-step organic hair growth routine definitely looks promising. I’m hoping it brings great results.

  3. Totally relatable! My husband literally knows only that it’s called “shampoo.” He didn’t even care what sodium laureth sulfate was or that his hairline was slowly receding. I completely understand what this woman had to go through. Saving my husband’s beautiful hair was also a challenge for me. I had to explain to my husband why he needed to change the way he thought about his hair. Thankfully, the 4-step organic hair care routine wasn’t too difficult for him to adapt to. He now takes proper care of his appearance and enjoys receiving compliments from those around him. Do I recommend Moerie? You must absolutely try it.

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