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How I Got My Obese Dad to Lose Weight After a Heart Attack Nearly Took His Life

Written By
Kinjal Kanani
Sep 7
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My dad had been overweight for as long as I can remember. 

And while he did acknowledge the fact that he was unhealthy, he was in denial about just how much of a big issue his weight had become.

Until less than a year ago, it almost took his life.

I still remember that night as if it was yesterday.

My mom called, and I could hear paramedics arriving in the background.

She wasn’t making much sense over the phone. All I heard was, “dad,” “heart attack,” and “emergency room.”

People say that when you get news like that, you feel paralyzed. As if you’re suspended in time. And it turns out it’s true.

But then reality comes crashing down – what if I’ll never see my dad again

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I love my dad dearly. But I think somewhere in the back of my mind, I always knew this would happen

I watched my dad struggle with weight most of his life. 

He never had the healthiest relationship with food, nor was he the most active person.

I’d hear him complain about his back and knees hurting all the time. 

Mundane activities like getting out of his car, bending over, tying his shoes, or walking up the stairs soon became a struggle – he’d run out of breath almost immediately.

He was always aware that he had a weight problem. So he did try dieting over the years. 

But nothing ever stuck. He’d lose some weight and gain it all back, if not more. 

I think somewhere along the way, he just accepted the fact that he was overweight and stopped trying altogether.

But I never stopped worrying. 

I kept telling him that I wanted him to live a long life. That it hurt me to know he was going to die sooner than he should. That I wanted him to be around for me, for mom, for his granddaughters.

But whenever I broached the subject, he’d just shut down completely.

It broke my heart to see him struggle like that. I remember as a kid growing up, he’d tell me about all the places he’d like to visit once he retires. But the reality was very different.

Food became his only comfort in life. And so, eventually, all he would do was watch TV on the living room couch and eat ceaselessly throughout the day.

I soon found myself appreciating every day with him more and more because I didn’t know how many he had left. I lived with this gnawing fear in the back of my head that his unhealthy lifestyle would eventually catch up with him.

Until it did

That night at the hospital, his doctor warned us that if he didn’t change his ways, his heart would soon give out.

But aside from “he needs to eat better and exercise more,” he gave little practical advice on how to actually help my dad lose weight.

If it were as easy as “eat better and exercise more,” my dad wouldn’t have had a heart attack in the first place. 

At that point, I told myself:

My dad’s health is also MY responsibility, so I must do everything I can to help him get better.

So I started scouring the internet for advice.

Eventually, I stumbled upon this platform called MyFamilyHero – a sort of all-in-one weight management suite.

I haven’t seen anything quite like it before. But the overall idea was this.

A team of professional nutritionists creates a personalized meal plan for your loved one – with daily nutrition coaching and guidance to keep them accountable. 

While you can easily track their meals, weight, and overall progress in the MyFamilyHero app – so you always know how they’re doing, even if you can’t actually be there. 

For someone who doesn’t live near his parents and knows that food addicts don’t always tell the truth about what they eat, it ticked all the right boxes.

In the end, all I had to do was take a short quiz and answer a few routine questions about my dad’s health, diet, lifestyle habits, weight loss struggles, and so on.

You can also opt for a more tailored approach where you include a smart scale into your loved one’s plan. It measures their weight, body fat, water content (and more), so their dedicated nutritionist can provide the most accurate and personalized weight loss guidance over time.

I had my doubts about it at first, but knowing what was at stake for my dad, it was more than worth a try.

My dad’s always been stubborn, so I wasn’t even sure if he’d ever go for it. But I signed him up for MyFamilyHero anyway.

Today, just 3 months later, I can barely recognize the man

After MyFamilyHero

He lost over 40 pounds, and he’s finally able to move around without running out of breath all the time. 

His knee and back pain has improved so significantly that he stopped taking pain medication altogether.

Whenever we visit, my heart fills with joy watching him play with my two little girls – something he was never able to do before.

These days, I couldn’t feel prouder of him – and I know deep down my dad’s never felt prouder of himself, too.

Ever since that night at the hospital, the fear of losing him has been crippling 

Don’t get me wrong – my dad’s recovery has been miraculous. Almost as if the whole heart attack thing never even happened.

But the trauma always remains. That unsettling feeling that, surely, something bad is bound to happen soon.

So while MyFamilyHero has been an incredible helping hand for him, it’s also been invaluable for me – and our family as a whole.

The peace of mind I now have is priceless. 

I always know whether he’s safe and well. I can encourage him and celebrate his wins. And most importantly, I can support him on his journey whenever he needs it most – even when I’m not physically around.

Obviously, I had my doubts when I first signed him up for the MyFamilyHero plan.

He tried a number of diets throughout his life but never managed to stick with any consistently. So while I hoped otherwise, there was always a thought at the back of my mind that this would probably be no different.

But to my surprise, months flew by with no setbacks. With daily guidance from the MyFamilyHero team, he soon enough fell into a smart routine.

He’d pick a recipe from the meal plan in the app and cook it together with my mom as a new family tradition. And there wasn’t much he didn’t like because the meal plan was built around the foods he already loved – just in a much more balanced way. 

His dedicated nutritionist would keep track of his progress, and if it ever seemed like he was going sideways, she’d soon get him back on track.

For the first time ever, my dad had something that he could easily stick to – something that he was willing to stick to and actually enjoyed. Something that kept him accountable without being overwhelming or overly restrictive.

It was consistent, informative, and convenient. And it probably gave him a second chance at life.

If your loved one struggles with weight, please don’t wait until it’s too late

I’m often kept up by nagging thoughts that my dad just got “too lucky.”

Things could’ve turned out very differently. And if they did, I wouldn’t have a dad today. 

Obesity is a slow, painful, horrible way of watching someone you love dig their own grave.

It took my dad a heart attack to finally face reality.

I often keep thinking that maybe if I pushed my dad just a little harder… 

Maybe if I found MyFamilyHero just a little earlier…

He wouldn’t have ended up suffering that heart attack.

I know it wasn’t my fault in the end. But if someone you love does struggle with weight, please don’t wait as long as we did.

You’re already one step ahead because today, you found MyFamilyHero. I honestly believe my dad wouldn’t be alive today if not for their help.

And if it’s helped people like him – people in complete denial about their health – I know it can help your loved one too.

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Written by
Kinjal Kanani

Kinjal Kanani is a medical doctor who graduated in 2015 from the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and has been working in her profession since then. Kinjal’s goal is to increase health awareness and help people improve their health through nutrition and lifestyle changes.

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