How I Found a Way to Make the Most of My Running Routine and Drop Weight Faster

Since picking up running to lose some pandemic pounds, I was ecstatic to feel the weight drop off at first. But after about two months, I hit a plateau. No matter how hard I tried, little I ate, far I ran – the number on the scale simply refused to go down. 

I was starting to lose all of my initial motivation and resent my once beloved running shoes, as they didn’t seem to be taking me any closer to my fitness goals. I stopped looking forward to my daily run and actually started to be a bit scared of it. My “runner’s high” had been exchanged for feeling gassed out and exhausted after even the shortest lap. 

It wasn’t until my sister shared her secret to maximizing her morning run that I fell in love with running all over again and got the stubborn number on the scale to go down faster than I could’ve hoped for.

If you’re facing the same struggles, now’s my turn to share this secret with you.

Quite frankly, I had never really been into exercising. If you had asked me a year ago, I probably couldn’t have told you the last time I did any form of physical exercise in my adult life. 

Up until my thirties, I was reaping all the benefits of a fast metabolism and could devour a whole pizza without blinking an eye or gaining a pound. 

Now, add nearly a decade to my thirties, couple that with a pandemic and a home office, and you’ve got yourself a winning combo to packing on the pounds. 

I felt sluggish, lived in baggy clothes, and did my best to hide my growing muffin top from my husband. This obviously didn’t do any favors to our relationship, as you can imagine. 

I knew if I was going to make the most of a bad situation and come out of this quarantine a changed woman, I wanted it to be a change for the better. So I decided to do something I had never even dared think about – I was going to become a runner. 

Call it a midlife crisis, boredom, or just being insecure about my increasing pandemic body, but I was determined to get into the best shape of my life. So I went online, got myself a pair of running shoes, and hit the track as soon as they were delivered to my doorstep. 

Much to my own surprise, it didn’t take long for me to actually really start enjoying my newfound hobby. Seeing the number on the scale doing quite the countdown as well, I was definitely feeling a sense of pride – who said you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks?

Unfortunately, the beginner’s bliss didn’t last very long.

Two months in, and I started to experience a lack of progress. When I first got my cardio going, I felt lighter after every run and was shedding the pounds with ease. All of a sudden, instead of feeling energized after running, I just felt exhausted, and trying to shed even half a pound seemed like a losing battle. 

It was as if I had hit a wall, and I had no idea how to tear it down. 

I was determined to reach my fitness goals, so I started to cut down on my calorie intake and added another lap to my daily run. I even tried a few of those pre-workout drink mixes to get my energy and endurance up before running, but all they did was leave me nauseous or send my heart rate through the roof, which definitely isn’t the most comforting feeling. 

As much as those changes started to suck the fun right out of running, they really took a toll on my body as well. 

My muscles were hurting, I was low on energy, but worst of all – my weight did not seem to budge. 

The feeling of excitement before a run and stepping on the scale had completely vanished. I was dreading putting on my running shoes, and even so much as looking at the scale, ready to bring some bad news, could send me on a downward spiral. 

But I didn’t want to give up either. I had worked too hard to just hang up my running shoes, call it quits, and sooner or later inevitably find my way back to the sluggish body I had been resenting. 

So I decided to try and get myself back on track by joining forces with a running buddy to keep me accountable. 

Due to the restrictions, I hadn’t been able to meet up with my sister for a few months, but we had started our running journey at the same time, and being only a few years apart in age, she seemed like the perfect fit. And let me tell you when I first saw her after all this time for a quick lap, my jaw dropped down right next to my running shoes. 

She looked amazing! As much as I was extremely proud of her, I couldn’t help but feel a bit envious. Weightwise we had had pretty much the same starting point, but now she sure seemed much closer to the finish line than I was. 

And her transformation wasn’t only noticeable in her shape and size – I couldn’t keep up with her on the track. She seemed to have the endurance of a twenty-year-old while I was gassed out and ready to give my sore muscles a break. 

I had to find out what her secret was because I wanted to enjoy those results too.

She told me she had experienced the same kind of plateau I was facing at the time. Unlike me, however, she had a friend who happened to be a personal trainer. Her friend had suggested she try out Runner’s Fat Burner supplements – perfect for both beginners and advanced runners struggling with their endurance and weight loss goals.

So my sister had decided to give the supplements a go and told me they had been a complete game-changer for her. Not only did she have much more energy during her runs, but she could also once again see the pounds dropping off.

This was a no-brainer for me. As soon as I got home from our run, I looked up the Joggo Runner’s Fat Burner solution and took the short quiz to find the best supplement formula for me.

The quiz asked about my workout habits, dietary preferences, fitness goals, and so on. This really gave me more faith in the whole process because everybody is different, and I knew a one-size-fits-all type of solution was definitely not going to fit me. 

Runner’s Fat Burner seemed to tick all the boxes to help me make the most of my running routine and get me back on track with my weight loss goals.

I was relieved to see the supplements contained only natural ingredients, giving me hope that these ones wouldn’t send my heart rate shooting for the stars. 

After taking the quiz, I ordered my first batch of custom-blend supplements to get my fitness journey back on track. Joggo also added a personalized Diet Guide with a personalized meal plan to my order. This really came in handy as I was tired of trying to figure out what I should and shouldn’t eat to support my fitness goals.

I was amazed to see how fast the supplements worked.

I’m not saying I lost 10 pounds after taking one capsule and going for a run, but I couldn’t remember the last time I had this much energy and endurance during my workout. The funny thing is that as much as I felt energized, my mind was relaxed and focused. 

Apparently, this was thanks to the L-Theanine used in the capsules to help increase the activity of alpha brain waves.

I’ve never been really fond of swallowing pills, but the capsules were soft and completely tasteless, so the only difference between them and jellybeans was the fact that my supplements were completely sugar-free. 

On top of having a lot more endurance during my runs, I noticed that my muscles had stopped getting sore, and both me and my metabolism had definitely picked up the pace. 

After a week of taking the supplements, it was finally time for the pièce de résistance, the one thing I had really hoped to see – my scale was finally giving up, and the numbers on the screen had once again started to shrink along with my dress size.

I was exhilarated! 

I kept up running with my newfound energy, and after a month and a half of adding Runner’s Fat Burner supplements to my workouts, I am now only a few pounds away from reaching my goal weight! 

With my husband’s big birthday coming up, I’m so excited to show my friends and family the changed woman that I am – not only physically but mentally as well. All I have left to do is go get a smaller size dress to show off my hard work.

If you’re struggling when it comes to losing weight and your workout routine just doesn’t seem to cut it, I would highly recommend trying out the Joggo Runner’s Fat Burner supplements. Just take the short quiz and let this solution help you get over the hump as it did for me.

Take the free 1-minute quiz and get your supplements now to help you make the most of your running routine and drop those stubborn pounds.


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