How I Broke Free From Anxiety And Found Happiness in Life Again Without Medication

Do thoughts about your future, your career, and your relationships keep you up late at night?

I know I do, although it wasn’t always like that.

Anxiety was something that never really used to bother me. In fact, I enjoyed a relatively carefree life being a personal trainer.

I had the freedom to arrange training sessions whenever I wanted and had plenty of time to do what I loved when I wasn’t working. There was nothing to be anxious or stressed about really.

Men by the beach

That is, until I got married and had my daughter…

Previously, when both my wife and I were working, we’d easily cover our bills and have plenty of time to spend together. We’d go on dates and travel all over without a single care in the world.

Eventually, we decided to have a child since we thought we had plenty of disposable income to support a baby and cover all the costs associated with one. 

Quite naturally, my wife had to stop working during pregnancy, which meant the burden of financial responsibility fell to me.

But with lockdown and all, my client pool started to dry up slowly.

 Before long, I started to experience crippling anxiety and kept thinking about how I’d struggle to support my new, soon-to-be family.

Will I be able to pay our bills and feed my family this month? What happens when our savings run out? How do I give my wife and baby the life they deserve?

I knew everything about training the body and getting in shape. But when it came to training my mind… That was completely foreign to me.

Wife and husband

I’ve tried a number of things to get rid of my anxiety.

At first, I tried therapy. But it turned out to be very expensive. With a lot less work and a baby on the way, we simply couldn’t afford weekly therapy sessions. 

With a one-hour session costing up to $200, it felt more like a luxury only a very few could actually afford these days.

I finally went to my doctor who prescribed me anti-anxiety pills to help combat the stress.

But let me tell you one thing – I’ve never EVER felt so bad in my entire life. 

I started forgetting things, I was always confused, I’d say even depressed. 

They just made me feel numb and empty.

I wasn’t able to work very well anymore, and finding new clients became an even bigger struggle than it already was.

I felt unproductive, tired, and couldn’t really control my emotions. My wife and I started arguing more often. I couldn’t sleep and I started suffering regular panic attacks. 

I was exhausted. All I wanted was my old life back…

One day, I looked into the mirror and saw a stranger stare back at me.

The medication I was taking meant that I couldn’t even recognize myself. My behaviour and thoughts were irrational – I knew I couldn’t continue like this.

Whatever I tried and whatever I took to fight my anxiety only gave me short-term relief – if you can even call it “relief”. 

What I really needed was a clear and direct plan. I needed certainty.

After searching online for what must have been hours, I came across this questionnaire. 

It only asked for a few details, such as my emotional state, stress and sleeping patterns before presenting me with a personalized anxiety-reduction plan. 

It was called Sensa.

They sent me one email a day with guided exercises and easy tasks to follow, as well as a mood journal to help me stay in control – all personalized for me, my problems, and my needs

These would include things like meditation, yoga, and stress management techniques to help manage my anxiety.

I had my doubts, I never saw myself as someone who would take up yoga or meditation. I always thought they were a bit cuckoo.

I figured I had nothing to lose (except my own sanity perhaps) and it wasn’t expensive, so I went for it.

Men by the beach relaxing

And I’ve never looked back. Not even once.

When trying to implement a new routine, it’s important to prepare for what you need to do on a daily basis. This includes setting time aside to work on the exercises sent to you in the daily email. 

But life happens and things change. And Sensa understands this. What I loved most is that they’d let me go through the material at my own pace. 

If I needed to take a day off, I’d just pick up where I left off. 

No pressure. No pushing. No unrealistic expectations.

I wasn’t rushed. They’d guide me through every exercise and task – one at a time, step by step.

Doing this consistently wasn’t always easy, but the end goal of an anxiety-free life motivated me to continue on my journey. 

Only a few weeks in, I felt a lot more at ease and in control.

One great thing about these exercises was the repetition. Even though they were varied from one another, they all focussed on achieving the same results – just through different channels. 

Exercises such as yoga, meditation, and breathing helped me stay mindful and feel more in control each day. 

My mind finally felt clear and my thoughts weren’t spiraling out of control anymore. 

Through repetition, I became better and better – just like how you’d put on more muscle mass with each exercise rep. Something I was used to teaching. 

Essentially, I was exercising my brain’s imaginary muscle and training it to be in control no matter what life forced it to handle.

Words can’t describe how much Sensa changed my life. I finally feel like myself again.

These daily exercises helped make everything I practised second nature. Even when I was out teaching clients or in my bed about to go to sleep, I always felt in control of my anxiety. 

Whenever a stressful situation presented itself, I would fall back on doing the breathing exercises that I had learned or meditate for a quick 10 minutes to clear my mind. 

These habits helped me gain clarity and control. And the habits weren’t big or difficult, they were easy to stick to for a long time with minimal effort. 

Plus I could actually afford to keep it up as I no longer had to pay for expensive therapy sessions or take medications with nasty side effects.

I finally felt like I could manage my days better and maintain a positive outlook on life. My demeanour changed as I felt more calm and happy. 

Finding and interacting with new clients became easier with each passing day – I think they picked up on my positive energy! 

My business began to steer back on track and, honestly, I couldn’t feel more proud of myself. 

I was soon financially stable (again) enough to support both my newborn and my wife while she was recovering from her pregnancy.

Husband and wife

If it’s helped loads of people like me, I know it can help you too

If you’re dealing with anxiety on a daily basis and feel like it’s something that you are no longer in control of, then I’d definitely recommend taking the Sensa quiz to see how it can help you. 

Like I tell my clients, to improve you just have to start and show up everyday. Success is really that easy.

Why not start and show up by taking the quiz below right now? 

Find out what’s causing your anxiety, learn how to manage your symptoms, and discover what you can do to make it right and finally get your life back on track.

But best case… Can you imagine? I know I couldn’t.

Live free of worry, fear, restlessness, and anxious thoughts. Wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. Feel confident and in control.

You can find that inner peace again. I did – and I’ve never looked back.

I owed it to myself. You owe it to yourself, too.

Take a free 2-minute quiz and reclaim your inner peace with your very-own personalized anxiety-reduction plan

Always consult a professional for medical advice.


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