Keto Diet

How did Ethan Suplee lose so much weight?

He has been struggling with weight since 9, endured bullying, dealt with anxiety and stress caused by his appearance. Then, when he decided to take matters into his own hands – he ran into another brick wall.

“I have done Optifast, Atkins, Zone, South Beach, fit for life, body for life, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, cayenne pepper, blood-type, paleo…” from which keto, he says, was the only one that actually worked.

Obviously, being a movie star comes with its benefits. Not taking anything away from his dedication and effort – Suplee had access to all the help he needed. Best nutritionists, trainers, information sources, everything was at his disposal.

That said, you should not get discouraged just because you don’t have access to all that. If you’re in need of such assistance and have a limited budget – don’t worry. You can find tools like Keto Cycle.

Take a FREE quiz and get a 28-day personalized meal plan

You will be given a custom-made:

  • Meal plan
  • Work out routine
  • Access to the supportive community
  • Help from a nutritionist who’ve created your plan

In short, all the dirty work will be done for you. That’ll make losing weight your only concern instead of all the research and side-work you’d have to do normally.

What you ought to take into account, and Ethan has talked about numerous times, is that no matter the diet – calories in, calories out rule remains the main driving force for weight loss.

Keto, however, limits your options. You can’t exceed a certain amount of carbohydrates, hence you’re limited to mostly healthy options. In addition, when in ketosis your body adjusts to making energy out of fat instead of carbohydrates. That means – you don’t run out of energy as quickly and don’t have to rely on snacks to keep your energy levels high throughout the day.

Another great point from Suplee was that:

“In the end, it is not the food at fault here it’s the volume to which you consume the food”

You can eat burgers and lose weight. There are people who’ve done it. You won’t have as much energy as you would with a balanced diet, but it is possible.

Also, what Ethan pointed out is that you should have maintenance periods. That is very beneficial to keep your psychological stability and maintain the diet longer. It is ok to take a break, however, keep in mind that during this maintenance period you can’t dive into your old habits fully. Managing the volume of what you eat is truly the key.

Now, we can talk the talk, but when it comes to walking the walk – the hardest part is knowing where the limits to certain food are.

Simple truth is that if you won’t seek assistance – you’ll have to do a ton of research and calculation. That is why I recommend the Keto Cycle as a tool to establish the habit.

Once the habit is formed – you will be good to go. Ethan Suplee, for example, is now calculating macros and making his own meals.

Overall, I find this success story a true inspiration. I grew up watching the movies he was in and “Remember the Titans” is still one of my favorites. It warms my heart to see this man finally happy about his body, feeling comfortable in his own skin, and talking about all the health benefits this journey has provided.

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