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How reigniting my love for cycling transformed my life

The last few years have been tough, and I have allowed myself to get fatter and fatter.

A chance encounter with a friend, and their look of shock at my hanging gut spoke a thousand words. I knew I had to make changes.

I was once very active, especially in my more junior years. I played badminton locally midweek, I bowled on Fridays and would be out on my bike width my dearest friend at the weekend.

My name is Martin, a 67 year old who’s best years seemed to be behind him. The last few have been quite the journey for me.

If you are somebody who feels like their best years are behind them – then this might be for you.

I want to take you back to simpler times

My wife and I lived a pretty hectic life. We didn’t have kids, so our weekends were full of activities, friends, and relaxing.

I worked as an engineer, and my wife was a receptionist. Between us, we earned good money. And although there were days we regretted not having children, the frequent holidays and fun activities were a reminder of why we made that choice.

I loved my weekends, packed full of activities and friends, I managed to keep myself in great shape (for a man of my age).

Cycling older man

I was very cautious with what I ate. My wife was an excellent cook, but we were always sensible with our meal choices and portion sizes.

I was heading towards retirement, we were financially stable and had no mortgage, so my wife and I had made a list of things we would love to do and see together.

We couldn’t wait to spend more time with each other.

My wife would usually arrive home from work at 6 pm, and I followed closely after. At 6:30 pm, we had pretty straightforward routines throughout the week.

I could often be called out for a job in the evenings, which meant we valued our weekends when we could spend time together.

So there we were, looking forward to spending our remaining years together when something changed my life

I won’t go into too much detail, but my wife’s behavior and mind simply seemed to slip away from her. It broke my heart to see the woman I love almost forget me overnight.

It was glaringly obvious to me what was wrong, even before we went to the doctors. Alzheimer’s was sadly common in her family.

Very quickly, her health and memory began to decline more and more… 

It crushed me seeing the woman I had loved for over 40 years lose all those cherished memories we had.

Sadly, we didn’t get to make any more memories together before her sudden passing.

I found a bit of comfort in the bottle, as much as it shames me to say. I had a beer belly that she would have scoffed at.

Local takeaways became more regular than the odd weekend treat, I simply didn’t have it in me to prepare a meal in the kitchen.

I stopped going to badminton, bowling and even out on my bike with Keith.

I just shut myself off from everyone

The scales didn’t lie. I had put on over 45lbs.

I thought how my wife would see me now, what would she say?

I had to do something. So I dug out my bike, brushed off the cobwebs and headed out.

My weight made me feel a little unstable on the bike, and I feared it had made me lose my love for cycling.

Overweight man sad

As I headed home, I bumped into my dear friend Keith. He seemed so happy to see me, but all I could think of is how he must be looking at my stomach thinking ‘what happened to him.

As I explained to him my concerns about riding my bike with the extra pounds, he pointed me in the direction of an app he found on the internet, called Cycling Diet.

It had helped him stay in shape in the colder months, with a personalized cycling plan he did from his garage at home.

He invited me to join him on a spare exercise bike that weekend, and I jumped at the chance.

I downloaded the app myself, and never looked back.

What felt incredibly reassuring was that the plans were created by professionals and the diets by nutritionists. Everything felt like it had been done to such high standards.

It eased me back into the world of cycling with a plan made especially for me. That was a huge plus, not a one size fits all approach.

What this app has given me is nothing short of life-changing. 

After three months of consistent use, I have lost over 22lbs.

I simply told them my weight, height and experience, and how much I wanted to lose in a free quiz, and I was on my way!

But even away from the bike, CyclingDiet has improved my eating habits. They plan all my meals for me carefully, based on my favorite foods.

The meal plan is customized to my taste, with information sourced from answers I gave when filling out the quiz.

What’s more, I finally dare to get back outside on my bike, and I still to this day use Cycling Diet to help me stay on top of things.

It has been a rough few years for me both mentally and physically, but I feel that Cycling Diet has got me back on track.

I hope that others can see this and use my words to inspire themselves.

Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned veteran in the cycling game, Cycling DIet has a plan for you.

So give it a try for yourself. If it works half as well for you as it did for me, then I am sure you will see the results you need.

The quiz takes around a minute and gives you some valuable information for free.

So give it a try, I hope it serves you as well as it serves me!

Cycling Diet before after

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