How a 50-Year-Old Woman Went Down Two Dress Sizes in a One-Month Fasting Experiment (and Avoided Hunger Pains)

Fasting works. 

Trust me, as a middle-aged woman, I’m cautious and often skeptical of all the weight loss methods. 


Because I’ve tried them all and failed miserably. 

I couldn’t bear the hunger pains, counting calories or macros (the worst!), or having to eliminate my favorite foods from my life. 

But this fasting experiment worked wonders for my weight loss and health and was far from complicated. 

It’s ironic and a bit sad that it took me more than 50 years to find out what it takes to lose weight successfully. 

Me before the fasting experiment

senior woman portrait photo

My story begins with me being constantly tired of carrying the weight around. 

Many 50-year-olds can relate. 

I would run out of breath after moving around the house. The pain in my joints was really tiring. And, oh, how I hated my reflection in the mirror! 

I was often daydreaming: head held high, feet light and graceful, strangers’ heads turning to take a second look at me. 

I saw myself as an active, youthful wife, mother, and grandmother.

But my body didn’t reflect my true inner self-image. 

I felt and looked heavy. Clothes didn’t fit me right anymore and I was constantly worried that people would judge me for my looks. 

I hesitated to order food in public places because it seemed I could read the minds around me. 

“You need to eat less.” 

“Oh, she shouldn’t be ordering that.”

“How about some salad instead of a cheeseburger?” 

The summertime was taking a toll on me, too. 

What was supposed to be the most fun time of the year, with barbecues and family gatherings, games with grandchildren, and long walks, became torture. 

I was sweating under too many baggy clothes, suffering from joint pains and constant fatigue. 

The rock bottom was when I started hiding snacks all over my house. This way, I could snack whenever I wanted without anyone seeing or judging me. 

I was pretending to be ok with my body, but I was suffering

I felt embarrassed and discouraged by who I’ve become. 

Until one day, I came across this simple-looking fasting challenge. It inspired me. 

To those who might not know what intermittent fasting exactly is: it’s eating within time blocks or windows that are ok with you. 

I wanted quick results and needed to be comfortable with what I was doing, so I went with the 16:8 fasting method. I gave myself 28 days to try out this fasting experiment. 

Before starting, I completed a short quiz that gave me all of the data on the future journey that I needed.

An e-book guide on fasting (I was an absolute beginner), a professional dietitian consultation, daily meal plan guides, access to a private fasting community, and more. 

The quiz also calculated my BMI, which unfortunately showed I was in the obese category and had at least 55lb to lose. 

I was afraid to be disappointed again, but the results left me speechless

I felt uncertain when I first started this experiment. I had some nagging thoughts in my head that maybe I shouldn’t do it. I feared I would fail again.

But it was my only way out of the misery, so I gave it a go. 

Day 1. 

I woke up with a thought that maybe I should start tomorrow. But then I gathered myself together, and with some virtual help on my side, I began my fasting experiment. It seemed doable. 

Day 3. 

The initial plan was to weigh in weekly, but I needed to know if fasting was doing anything to my body. So I stepped on the scale (something I dreaded doing in the past). 

The trim lines were blinking as I waited. It seemed like it took forever for the digits to show up. And here it was. I managed to lose 3 pounds!

Days 4–6. 

I felt like a warrior! I cooked easy meals approved by a professional nutritionist, and I even allowed myself to tweak them a bit to my liking. 

Also, by this time, I formed a habit of setting daily fasting goals and reading useful bite-sized insights on the topic. All of which was sent to my email. I would mostly do this over my morning coffee.

Day 7.

I could already see my belly sticking out a bit less than before. My energy levels increased. The fasting experiment was going well.

senior female on the bike

Troubles on the way

On Day 8, I woke up with my head heavy and feeling dizzy. I tried going on with my errands as usual but felt like something was off. I decided to snack out of my eating window to feel better. 

As I dipped a spoon in a jar of creamy peanut butter, I remembered that I gained access to the fasting community on day one of this experiment. 

I stopped what I was doing, turned my computer on, and browsed for advice. And I was so happy I did! The community encouraged me to keep on going. 

I also used some of the tricks the nutritionist gave me and set my fasting on the right path immediately. 

She told me ways to eliminate any possible side effects and explained everything in detail. 

It was a great relief to understand that there were clear solutions to the issues I was having. This information was accessible whenever I needed it.

I don’t mind doing things alone, but this experiment showed how vital community is.

Knowing that I have thousands of people like me going through the same thing and helping each other was motivating.

One month in – two dress sizes down

The following two weeks proved how important mindset and environment are to fasting results. 

Since my past weight loss experiences weren’t successful, I honestly thought this experiment would end in a day or two, with me eating a bar of chocolate from my secret stash.

I also thought hunger pains would break me, but there were almost none. 

And I soon forgot my fear of having to spend most of my time in the kitchen, preparing food. Easy-to-make recipes were always at hand.

I felt constantly encouraged to stay on the right track with daily tips and progress tracking that were sent to my email.

I was fortunate to have guidance along the way. 

Day 19.

Walking past the mirror in my sunny room, I realized for the first time how ill-fitting my clothes became on my leaner body. 

And how good and happy I finally felt. Funny thing. I noticed my friends staring at me strangely three weeks into the experiment. 

They were a bit jealous of the changes I was going through but were hesitant to ask how or why I was doing it.

The difference in my size, mood, and health were and still are so evident it’s impossible not to notice.

Day 28.

The numbers speak for themselves: I’ve lost 18.8lb and 12 inches around my body. I went two sizes down!

For the first time in my life, I realized I lost weight without ever feeling that I denied myself anything.

The one program that set me for success

For the first time in my life, I lost weight successfully. It wasn’t a matter of willpower because I don’t have much of that. Also, It wasn’t mere luck. I simply had all the right tools handed to me. 

I used MyFastingChallenge to guide me throughout the 28 days. 

It started with an insightful two-minute quiz. 

I answered a few simple questions and entered my height, weight at the time, and the weight I dreamed of achieving someday (little did I know how quickly and painlessly this would come true).  

Then I received instant feedback and calculations on my body state and how quickly and noticeably it could change in only 28 days. 

I was hooked. It was an eye-opening experience that I’ve never had before. Like someone was showing my future and how rewarding it could be if only I went with it. 

senior woman relaxing

From the very start, when the beginner’s guide to fasting popped into my email, I knew I could trust this process.  

I get the daily newsletters, including simple yet delicious recipes (with well-balanced macros) and workout plans that work perfectly with the fasting routine. 

I don’t have to worry about tracking my progress because they do that for me, too. 

Also, having 24/7 professional nutritionist support (that I used multiple times to make sure I was on the right track) gave me the confidence to experiment with my food and changed my relationship with it.

It feels like I’m finally free and in control of my habits. 

I am sure that having credible and qualified help every step of the way for the first time in my life set me up for the amazing results that I achieved.

One month ago, I was an absolute beginner at fasting. Today – I’m slimmer, healthier, and happier than ever.

I don’t feel like I deprived myself of anything. I didn’t have hunger pains and didn’t feel like I was alone in this battle. 

It’s easy to start. Here’s how

I wish I knew before what I know now after this experiment. There are no secrets. It’s just this one key element – the guidance throughout. 

I wish you could feel how light your feet can be, how easy it is to breathe, how happy you are without the excess weight, how rewarding it is to finally buy the clothes you like (not just because they are the only ones that fit). 

And how flattering the looks of your long-seen friends and family are. 

It is achievable. And not complicated at all. 

Women like me had an 87% success rate with this program. And you can definitely be one of them. 

All you need now are two minutes to take the quiz. No commitment. No pressure. 

The least you will get from it are the insights and the vision of who you could become. And the most… 

See the results of people who took the quiz and then decided to complete MyFastingChallenge for only 28 days. 

Elisa, 52

before and after

Felicity, 67

before and after

Adelaide, 51

before and after

Take this two-minute quiz and discover how much weight you could lose with MyFastingChallenge in the next 28 days


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