How 43-Year Old Marline Got The Summer Body She Always Craved

Wouldn’t it be lovely if our weight-control goals paid off right before summer? After years of covering up, Marline wondered if she’d ever get in shape for bathing suit season. But after her new diet, people love it when she rocks a bikini. Today she shares her story…

This summer is the first time I’ve truly embraced wearing a bikini on the beach with no shame. 

For my entire life, I used to dread summertime. 

The thought of being “seen” made me want to curl up into a ball and lock myself inside my air-conditioned cave.

It wasn’t just that my arms and thighs were jiggly. I also had to deal with all these “summer-ready” ads.

Just like a mean girl in high school… the ads kept reminding me of how I wasn’t good enough. 

But even though I didn’t like how the ads made me feel, I’d often respond to them and buy myself a bunch of cute outfits. 

But when the outfits arrived… nothing fit right. Nothing looked good on me.

No matter what summer clothes I tried, I still felt like a potato. 

Now please don’t get me wrong. I’m all for body positivity. I truly and wholeheartedly believe all bodies are beautiful.

Big thighs and bellies and curvy bum bums — I believe in imperfections, I really do. 

I see curvy girls, and I think, “You go, girl.” 

“You’re so pretty.” 

But in my mind…

Everybody was beautiful… Except me


Analyzing my body every day, I would feel more unhappy, hopeless, and afraid that I would NEVER appreciate my reflection…

My paper-white body was saggy, my chubby thighs would sweat and rub together… and the nicest thing I could say about my ass was that it was lower than it should be. 

I knew my husband and kids didn’t care, but I did. And how could I not experience panic before a beach trip when I could barely stand my naked body for more than 30 seconds without cringing?

I was so worried strangers would see me… that I felt obligated to cover up my body to keep others around me comfortable. 

The only thing I actually liked about the beach was swimming. Everybody would get exhausted, but not me.

You see, fat has its benefits. It floats. 

Swimming was the only thing that made the beach bearable for me. 

While other women allowed their slender bodies to be kissed by the sun, I’d swim deeper and deeper until I was a big, pale, floating ball on the horizon. 


Last June I reached my breaking point… 

I SWORE I wouldn’t spend another year feeling like a prisoner in my body. 

Next summer… I promised myself I would rush out into the sand and flaunt a new, bikini-wearing look.

Fast-forward to a few months later…

I was dutifully eating six meals a day. Still, all the calorie counting, tracking, measuring, weighing, and trying to figure out all the nutrient ratios was starting to consume my entire life. 

I was constantly thinking about food. Worst, I would wake up hungry… and go to bed feeling deprived. 

Naturally, I lost a lot of weight, but I was very far from feeling healthy. It just wasn’t sustainable. 

Every day that I “failed” and cheated was a day that made me feel like a horrible person.

Eventually, I gave in to my cravings fully… and all the weight I lost poured right back. 

Honestly, I was this close to giving up completely. But thankfully, my story has a very happy ending.

If losing weight feels like an impossible uphill battle, read this next part carefully…

Just as I was about to give up, a close friend told me about a simple way to lose weight consistently – and fast.

It almost sounds too much, but it helped me drop 40 pounds in just 3 months. Best, I feel healthier. Actually bursting with energy. 

And I’m wearing clothes that I couldn’t fit into for years. 

You may think I had to starve myself, but I didn’t. I rarely felt hungry and never felt deprived.

I got to eat ALL my favorite foods without feeling guilty. And I didn’t have to track or count a single calorie.

Here’s what happened… 

When my friend and I caught up face to face, she left me speechless. The women I knew no longer existed. She now looked fit, sexy, and MUCH younger.

She said she used this app called DoFasting that gave her a personalized intermittent fasting diet plan. 

Every meal was based on her age, weight, health history, favorite foods, and so on. It wasn’t one of those fad diets made for the masses. Real nutritionists customized each meal for her. 

Then she went on to explain how the DoFasting app did all the work for her — tracking her calories, macros, planning meals, everything. 

She even got 1000+ custom recipes to eat, including delicious snacks and desserts to help her deal with cravings.

I was a bit skeptical about the concept of a weight loss app, but my friend’s results spoke for themselves. 

And from the way she described DoFasting… 

It sounded easy AND effective. Exactly what I wanted. 

So I decided to give DoFasting a try — and I haven’t looked back since. 

Words can’t describe how the app has changed my life. I feel like a flower that’s started to bloom again. 

I’ve lost so much weight that I’ve finally learned to truly LOVE my summer body. 

It didn’t happen overnight, but the journey was definitely worth it to feel confident in my skin… not to mention excited about swimwear for the first time in my life. 

I’m not afraid to be seen anymore. 


And trust me. Self-grooming helps, but no amount of pedicures, manicures, leg waxing, hair cuts, or faux tans can boost your beach body confidence like noticing men, noticing you… for REAL. And that includes a husband who may have grown distant or disinterested over the years. 

But the most beautiful thing about DoFasting is how it helped me transform without feeling like a chore or making me hate my life. 

Following the personal fat loss program DoFasting’s team prepared for me was something I genuinely liked doing. 

I didn’t experience significant hunger, I always had energy, and ultimately, DoFasting made me feel GOOD. I kept making visible progress, week after week without having to deal with weight loss plateaus. 

It’s probably the only fat loss plan I’ve ever followed that made me feel better on it than off it. 


Could your total body summer transformation be next?

Here’s what I loved about DoFasting. 

✅ It’s a diet you can easily stick to and follow consistently.

You don’t have to obsess over calories or macros. Everything is calculated for you in the app. This keeps you focused, accountable and helps you lose weight without having to think about food all the time. 

✅  It’s an easy solution to control and kick cravings.

DoFasting is not about restrictive dieting – they consider your food preferences, and they offer healthy meals that actually taste amazing and keep you full throughout the day. Plus, you can still enjoy the treats you like.

✅  It’s a convenient meal plan that does all the work for you.

No more guessing about what, when, or how much to eat. Professional nutritionists choose all the recipes for you and adjust them based on your preferences. They’ll tell you how to mix and match ingredients for quick, tasty meals and when to eat, so you’re not starving and relying on your willpower.

✅  It fits your schedule and lifestyle – not the other way around.

You can choose a fasting routine that fits your lifestyle – and DoFasting helps you choose the best one. Plus, it guides you through the process every step of the way, so you’re never alone on your weight loss journey (there’s also 24/7 support!). And TONS of tips and educational articles to help you ease into it.

If you want to lose weight without obsessing over calories, macros, or constantly doubting yourself, here’s the good news:

You can get your own personalized fasting plan today and experience for yourself the fantastic fat loss results that many of DoFasting’s customers rave about.

Just like:

Elisa, 52

Before after

Felicity, 67

Before after

Adelaide, 51

Take a quick 60-second quiz and discover how much weight you could lose with DoFasting in the next 28 days


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