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I Had My High Blood Pressure Under Control When I Started Doing Keto Right

Nine months ago, I recorded a very high blood pressure reading (172/104) and my doctor put me on two meds to control it.

He told me to get used to them because I will have to take them all my life to keep my blood pressure under control.

Those meds, however, had quite a number of side effects and I couldn’t imagine taking them long term with those side effects.

So I took it upon myself to look for ways to get my blood pressure under control without the meds.

I knew this was possible as I had read of stories where people were taken off their blood pressure medications by their general practitioner.

I just had to discover the right solution for me and you bet I did.

As you may probably know, doctors, dietitians, and researchers have consistently looked at how diet can be utilized to manage high blood pressure.

However, there has been some confusion as to which kind of diets are most effective in managing high blood pressure. 

Now there is this study in the Archives of Internal Medicine that showed how a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet high in healthy fats can be a useful tool in managing hypertension.

This study took a look at 146 subjects, broken into 2 groups. 

One group did a keto diet with less than 20 grams of carbs per day and another group ate a more conventional, low-calorie diet, along with prescription weight loss medications.

Both groups on average had a 500 to 1000 calorie deficit and they were both in a weight loss category where they’re trying to lose weight. 

But what these researchers wanted to look at was which one had a better effect on blood pressure and here’s what they found out.

When it came down to the systolic blood pressure (the blood pressure when your heart is contracting), they found that the keto diet on average had a decrease of 5.9 millimeters per mercury (mmHg) as against 1.5 mmHg in the non-keto group.

So 5.9 mmHg versus 1.5 mmHg. That’s a huge difference right there.

Then when it came down to the diastolic readings (the blood pressure reading when your heart is relaxing), the keto group saw a decrease of 4.5 mmHg where the non-keto group only saw a decrease of 0.4 mmHg. 

Now, you don’t get this kind of result by simply jumping on the keto bandwagon as everyone else does.

These results only come by doing keto the right way.

Because it was until I started doing keto the right way that I began to see a significant change in my blood pressure readings.

Initially, it was quite challenging to embrace and maintain this new diet and lifestyle.

And the first challenge I faced was customizing the keto diet to my body type and metabolism.

I had to factor in my gender, my weight, my health history, and even my activity levels. 

And as I continued the diet, I also needed to make changes with each progress made.

But that wasn’t all. 

I also needed to form a schedule for myself and stick to it which was quite difficult because I had to make a schedule that suited my needs and my social lifestyle.

Then there was also the headache of trying to track my total and net carb intake per day.

I was, obviously, overwhelmed with all these new routines and I could barely keep up with maintaining this new lifestyle on my own.

So I decided to seek help on a keto forum and that was where I discovered an app called KetoCycle that gave people personalized keto meal plans based on their age, weight, health history, favorite foods, and so on. 

This app was also said to do all the hard work like: 

Tracking calories

Counting macros 

Planning meals 

Offering thousands of customized recipes and even weekly grocery lists 

Now, this sounded way too easy and I must say that it made me a little bit skeptical. 

But after doing some research on my own about this KetoCycle app and reading some results like: 

Presley Helton who said…

“I’m amazed! I saw the results and I couldn’t believe my eyes. KetoCycle helped me improve my blood sugar levels and my blood pressure was at a normal level. 

 I would suggest anyone who wants to lose weight and improve their health go get this plan. Keto diet is literally a lifesaver!”

Or Nina who said…

“I’ve only lost 6 lbs; however, my blood pressure is back to normal and my knees do not hurt as much before KETO. I also seem to have more energy.”

I concluded that it wouldn’t hurt to jump on the bandwagon too.

So I did and so far, I’ve experienced similar amazing results as this has been the easiest and most enjoyable way of doing the keto diet to control my blood pressure.

I mean, it was really easy to stick to the diet consistently because literally everything had been done for me.

✅ I had 1,000+ personalized recipes to choose from that took no longer than 15 minutes to prepare (and there’s tips on how to eat out without much hassle).

✅ I got weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients I could find at my local grocery store.

✅ I didn’t have to count calories, macros, or measure portions because the app did everything for me.

✅ I felt like I had a personal nutritionist in my pocket, which kept me focused, accountable, and motivated.

✅ I had 24/7 nutritionist support so I could just send a quick message whenever I had a question.

But most importantly, with the KetoCycle app, I’ve lost almost 20 pounds and my blood pressure is back to normal level. 

For now, I’m totally off my meds and it’s all thanks to the KetoCycle app.

I might also add that I had a community of more than 10,000 people to provide me with moral support and also answer whatever questions I had.

So trust me when I tell you that you’re in safe hands.

In fact, my doctor is even now a believer in the KetoCycle app and recommends it to other patients who are looking to get their blood pressure under control with the keto diet. 

OK, I know what you’re thinking at the moment. 

You’re probably as skeptical as I was when I initially heard of this app.

But you really don’t have to take my word for it.

Just take a FREE 60-minutes quiz below to find out how you can put your blood pressure under control with the aid of the KetoCycle app.

You’ve really got nothing to lose at this point. 

Simply click on the button below to get started.


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