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Keto Diet

How Sarah (52) Lost Weight And Got Her Blood Pressure Under Control With Keto

“Sarah, you’re as pale as a ghost,” said my GP as he was taking my blood pressure. My head was spinning and I felt dizzy. “It’s 142 over 104. I’ll have to put you on medication.”

“What? Medication? Never in my 52 years on this Earth did I need medication,” I thought to myself.

Dr. Brown sat down and quickly scribbled down a prescription for Zestril. 

“Once a day, get used to it. You’ll probably have to take it for the rest of your life,” explained Dr. Brown. “Now go home and lie down.”

I didn’t even have time to protest. His rushed demeanor made it clear that it was time for me to leave.

As I slowly walked to my car, I started thinking. Before this, I was always healthy. My checkups were always uneventful…

I didn’t know how my blood pressure got out of hand, but when I reached the car I realized it probably had something to do with the 40 extra lbs I put on after menopause.

I couldn’t accept it. I just couldn’t fathom that, since this moment, I’d have to take medication forever…

And my GP’s decision to immediately put me on medication felt rushed. I wanted to find a more sustainable way to heal.

So I took it upon myself to look for ways to get my blood pressure under control without the meds. When I got home, it was time to start researching.

I found a way to help myself…

I was surprised to find out that doctors, dietitians, and researchers have consistently looked at how diet can be utilized to manage high blood pressure. At least my doctor hasn’t provided me with any information on diet, he just put me on medication.

The more research I did, the more obvious it became that my blood pressure issues could have been caused by my weight gain.

I started looking at ways to both lose weight and solve my blood pressure problem.

After some digging, I found a study that showed how a low-carbohydrate, ketogenic diet high in healthy fats can be a useful tool in managing hypertension.

The study compared two groups of people: one group did a keto diet with less than 20 grams of carbs per day and another group ate a more conventional, low-calorie diet, and took prescription weight loss medications.

At the end of the study, the group that followed the keto diet had significantly better results than the ones who had just taken medications. 

The keto group decreased their systolic BP by 5.9 mmHg, while the medication group only did so by 1.5 mmHg. That’s a huge difference right there.

I knew I had to do something. I was weighing my body down. My heart had to work overtime… I couldn’t go on like this.

Confession time…

I was eager to try this new lifestyle until I hit a roadblock. 

Keto was incredibly difficult to do by myself. I needed to form a schedule. I had to google recipes and figure out my macros. It was too much effort, too much science, too much cooking… and I had to do it all on my own.

And, in the end, I had to stick to keto for it to work! It was very difficult because I was feeling overwhelmed with all these new routines and I could barely keep up with maintaining this new lifestyle on my own.

So, I decided that I’m in way over my head. I decided to seek help on a keto forum. That’s where I discovered an app that would change how I approached keto and my health… 

The user of the forum hyped up the app so much. Apparently, it personalizes your routine based on gender, age, dietary preferences, and even health conditions. 

That was like hitting the jackpot for me because I didn’t want to go into keto absolutely blind. There’s no way I’d risk making my BP readings worse.

The app the user recommended was called KetoCycle. It’s supposed to do all the hard work, such as: 

✔ Tracking calories

✔ Counting macros 

✔ Planning meals 

✔ Offering thousands of customized recipes and even weekly grocery lists. 

Now, this sounded way too easy and I must say that it made me a little bit skeptical. 

But after doing some research about this KetoCycle app and reading the amazing success stories of their users…

I concluded that it wouldn’t hurt to jump on the bandwagon too. And I’m so glad I did!

✅ I had 1,000+ personalized recipes to choose from that took no longer than 15 minutes to prepare (and there are tips on how to eat out without much hassle).

✅ I got weekly grocery lists with simple, affordable ingredients I could find at my local grocery store.

✅ I didn’t have to count calories, macros, or measure portions because the app did everything for me.

✅ I felt like I had a personal nutritionist in my pocket, which kept me focused, accountable, and motivated.

✅ I had 24/7 nutritionist support so I could just send a quick message whenever I had a question.

These features have helped me stay consistent. I’m happy to say that so far, I’ve lost the 40 pounds I had gained previously.

But, most importantly… my blood pressure reading went back to normal! 

And I did it all on MY terms. I ate all MY favorite foods. No medication. No feeling of being rushed out the door…

I am proud of myself. Dr. Brown was also impressed when he took my reading this morning.

“126 over 79,” he said. “I see Zestril did you well!”

I can’t even explain to you how surprised he was when I told him that I managed my blood pressure with diet instead of medication. And that KetoCycle has been the easiest and most enjoyable way I’ve ever approached any diet.

OK, I know what you’re thinking at the moment. 

You’re probably as skeptical as I was when I initially heard of this app.

But you really don’t have to take my word for it.

Just take a FREE 60-second quiz below to find out how you can put your blood pressure under control with the aid of the KetoCycle app.

You’ve really got nothing to lose at this point. 

Take a free 60-second quiz and see how fast you can achieve your weight loss and health goals with your own personalized keto meal plan

 For safety reasons, we recommend everyone to consult with their doctor before starting any diet.



  1. Wow, this is truly inspiring! I have been looking for a way to help control my blood pressure, and will defintely try KetoCycle out! Thank you!!

  2. Hey there fellow KetoCycle user! Great to see you are doing so much better now. Cannot recommend it enough.

  3. Amazing job! Really enjoyed reading about your experience!! I have been using KetoCycle for around 6 months myself, and it has helped me more than I could ever imagine. Keep up the good work.

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