How Denice Managed to Overcome a Terrible Hair Loss in Her Early 20s

“My boyfriend doesn’t find me attractive anymore.”

I saw hairs on the drain, on the comb, in different room corners, and many other places. 

My beautiful, long hair was becoming frizzy and dull.

I even noticed some small bald spots on my head.

Things were going so well until I started preparing for my CA exam. 

I was head over heels for my boyfriend.

Why wouldn’t I be? We both had the same interests and maturity level.

He would call me his Rapunzel as he loved my long and thick hair.

We would aimlessly roam around the city, holding hands.

We had a favorite bench in a park, where we would sit and share moments of the day. He would playfully run his fingers through my hair. And those were the best few minutes of our date.

But the hectic study schedule for the CA exam took a toll on me when the first signs of hair loss materialized.

These hair problems shook my confidence. I started avoiding meeting my boyfriend, thinking he wouldn’t love me the way he used to.

“What if my boyfriend doesn’t find me attractive anymore?”

And that’s when I decided that…

It was time to take the driver’s seat.

I spent months searching for solutions to limit my hair loss. Home remedies, shampoos, oils, over-the-counter medicines…you name them, I’ve tried them all.

However, each came with its own set of side effects.

  • Home remedies: Some natural remedies such as henna made my hair dry and worsened the problem.
  • Shampoos: Most shampoos came with false promises and did nothing for my hair. Worse, they had harmful chemicals with negative effects on my hair.
  • OTC medicines: I developed skin irritation because of the medicine and got a ridiculous amount of hair growth on my forehead and back. They also affected my periods, and I had to take hormonal pills to correct them. The hormonal pills added to the problem.

I was discouraged. 

After investing so much money and emotions, here I was, still with the problem, which was only worse.

In addition to thinning, my glossy hair turned dull. 

It was as if each day was a bad hair day.                            

In addition to the fear of losing my boyfriend, hair problems made me anxious.

“What if I lose all my hair?”

For a woman like me, hair was an integral part of my femininity. Losing them would mean losing my womanhood and confidence.

I was losing hope!

And just when I was about to give up, I came across this hair quiz. At first, I thought I’ll do it just for entertainment. 

In the test, I had to select my hair type, texture, and even scalp type. 

I also had to enter my age, desired hair growth goals, and answer if I had any stressful moments. So it was really personalized. 

When I answered this short quiz, I got a personalized plan and a hair set for my hair growth journey. It said that I can regrow my hair just in 3 months with all-natural products for hair growth.

Usually, I wouldn’t have believed this. But this was an “aha” moment for me. 

I mean, it never struck me that the stress of the exam could be the cause.

I gave it a try (the last one, I promised myself!).

The hair set comes with 4 products:

  • Shampoo: To be used as frequently as needed on wet hair.
  • Conditioner: Recommended after washing hair with shampoo. To be applied on wet hair, avoiding the scalp.
  • Mask: To be used instead of the conditioner, once in ten days.
  • Spray: To be applied on the roots (no need for washing as it doesn’t make the hair oily).

Did the products work?

Frankly, for the first few weeks, there wasn’t any change.

It felt as if I’d be back to getting anxious and losing my relationship.

But what I saw after the first month was fantastic!

I noticed baby hairs and literally cried seeing them.

“Was it early rejoice? What if it affected the quality of my hair?”

I kept a close eye. And decided to stop the hair set if there were even minor changes in hair texture.

After all, I didn’t have the mental or physical energy to deal with this problem anymore.

The good news: Hair quality improved instead of worsening. Yay!

And after I got some confidence in the product, I researched more about its ingredients.

That’s when things were clearer. 

The hair products had natural nutrients and ingredients to boost hair growth, including 77 minerals, 5 vitamins, 18 amino acids, biotin, keratin, and caffeine.

It’s no rocket science that nutrients are essential for hair growth, but having them through a diet would be challenging.

One more important factor that made this product useful and safe for me was the fact it had no parabens, silicone, sulfates, GMO, DMDM, artificial fragrances, or colors. In other words,  it was chemical-free.

I won’t lie to you. I was about to give up…

But I’m all over the moon I didn’t… because the amazing results were well worth the wait.

I was slowly gaining my confidence back. What’s even better, I was thrilled as I didn’t have to make vague excuses to avoid dates with my boyfriend.

I could finally meet him without having to worry about my hair. 

And the best part…

He could playfully run his fingers through it again.

All this didn’t happen overnight, but things were slowly falling back into place.

I wouldn’t be happier as I got my long, luscious hair back.

It was as if my hair had a second birth.

And that’s the main purpose of writing this article. I want to encourage all women going through similar sufferings.

For us women, the hair fall problem is more intense as hair is more about femininity and emotional concern. 

So, if you are a woman like me who is troubled with hair loss and losing confidence…

Or hair loss is affecting your relationship…

Or, you’re spending hours on setting a hairstyle to cover a bald spot…

Or feeling less attractive because of hair thinning…

It’s possible to manage this problem!

Your scalp and hair follicles aren’t getting enough nutrients. 

Once you nurture your hair, it can grow back. 

Who knows, you might get the shiny hair and bangs you’ve always dreamed of with Moérie.

I can say this from experience. 

All in all, this is how I found a solution for my hair loss. It all started with a simple quiz. And I wish the same for you.

I’m much more confident after getting my thick, luscious hair back. No anxiety of losing them or worrying about hiding the problem from a loved one.

And just how it happened to me, in a few months, you may be able to see the hair you love in the mirror. 

Click here to start the hair growth quiz and give your hair the special care it deserves!

Results may vary due to personal features.


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