From an Insecure Obese Girl to a Proud Dancer

What if I told you that I could not allow anyone to take a photo of me about three months ago? Now, I can proudly pose in front of the photo lens and tell you my story. 

Before I start, I would like to introduce myself. I’m Jennifer, but you can call me Jenny.

I’ve struggled with weight since I turned 15. 

One of my biggest dreams was to become a dancer, to feel beautiful and free. I wanted to move gracefully like these beautiful people in music videos.

Almost every day, kids bullied me at school for being that slow-paced big girl who wouldn’t even hurt a fly…

Girls laughed at me when I tried to attend the PA classes because I couldn’t run as fast as other kids. 

It was a harsh time for me; because of that, I became very insecure about my looks. 

I avoided being with strangers, I had to find many excuses just not to be around others.

All this time, I felt isolated and hurt.

I gained the most weight in my college years because I had built poor eating habits.

I spent my free time watching online dancing lessons alone…

And snacking – yes, snacking.

During seminar breaks, lunch, and after, I loved eating these dense and delicious sugary carbs like honey nuts, baked sweet potato chips, burgers, tacos, or many others. 

I had a colleague there who also loved snacking along with me while preparing for exams, so we became close friends.

Snacks helped me calm down, but I became a sugar addict…

I hate to say it, but back then, I weighed 237 pounds.

I had a flab around my stomach, waist, thighs, and underarms.

With a body like that, all I could wear was baggy clothes and nothing more.


Every time I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw my ability to dance slowly drift away…

Soon, I discovered that running was one of the best ways out of this for overweight people like me. 

Because it can improve stamina by increasing oxygen flow in the muscles, strengthening the heart, and burning calories fast.

And, I thought that if I would ever succeed, I would be able to dance as much as I wanted.

For as long as I remember, I was battling my weight using every running solution that I found online…

And with every weight loss tip and trick that so-called “influencers” had shared about (weightwatchers, noom, betterme, runiac)…

With every diet (keto, paleo, Atkins, the fasting diet, the grapefruit diet, the green tea diet)…

I returned to the weight plateau I couldn’t escape – the needle on my scales would move down a bit and go back up again.

I was constantly thinking about food and ways to eat less of it. But that just left me perpetually hungry and deprived.

Deep down, I wished something – ANYTHING – would change.

And with every falling teardrop from my face, I was losing hope.

I was pissed off with myself because I allowed my eating habits to control me and my weight. 

At the age of 30, I felt like an old grandmother who couldn’t run or even walk half a mile without pain in joints and without catching her breath. 

My heart was breaking because I had to sit down and take a rest…

If any of this sounds familiar, then read carefully what I’m going to share with you next…

When my close friend and I caught up face to face just before the summer, she left me speechless. The woman I’d known for 9 years no longer existed. 

In her place was a fit, sexy, and healthy person who looked much younger than me, even though we were the same age.

She explained that she used this app called Joggo that gave her a personalized runner’s plan based on her age, weight, health history, favorite foods, and so on. 

The plan is then based on your first free run results, so you get the most accurate routine built just for you.

The way it works is simple – you get an adjusted running routine at your own comfortable time. 

Then, after two weeks, professional runners evaluate your results and give feedback on your well-being. Depending on these results, you can adjust the intensity of your routine.

Also, you can get reward points for performance and compare them with friends to see how you are improving.

And it’s designed specifically for women in their 30s.

They also help people with injuries and give valuable consultations on any running-related topics. 

There’s not just basic information about running that you can find everywhere because professionals have your back all the time.

No matter if you’re a professional runner or a complete beginner…

It sounded easy AND effective – and that’s exactly what I was looking for.

I have to admit that I was skeptical at first about this personalized plan…

All this time, I’ve tried so many different diets and activities at home or outdoors that I lost patience a long time ago. 

But after doing a lot of research, I found that I made a mistake because I chose what’s working for someone else with different metabolism, allergies, and especially health conditions. 

It didn’t work for me personally. 

Because no one ever taught me about what nutritional balance MY body really needs, what I should eat, how and how much I should exercise, and so on. 

Unless I would hire an expert nutritionist and spend at least $100 for a single consultation, I doubt it would solve anything too…

So, I had two options at that moment: 

  1. Hire a specialist and do everything on my own and hope not to fail miserably again…
  1. Or just take the risk and go with the personalized plan.

After seeing my friend’s breathtaking transformation, I went straight for Joggo’s plan.


I’ve lost over 40 pounds, and now I can finally say that I’m going in the right direction.

I feel comfortable in my own skin and don’t feel like I have to hide my body all the time. 

I ditched oversized clothing and can wear a dress with confidence.

And I was finally able to join a dancing class I had been dreaming of since childhood.

But I need to be honest. 

When I first signed up for Joggo, I had my doubts. After all, I used to fail every time I tried running.  

The first few days with Joggo were a bit challenging, but I made sure to walk at my own pace and not push myself too far. 

Several weeks later, I could walk faster and faster. With every walk, I felt stronger and more confident with my decision to start. 

After a month, I was running. I realized I was able to run and enjoy it. 

This moment brought me such enormous joy – after all these years!

Now I have much more energy, so I can dance more freely without running out of breath. 

All I did was answer a simple, free 1-minute quiz. 

What I received was the exact opposite of the generic workout plans and diets I tried before from the internet. Professional trainers and experts customized the running and meal plan for my specific needs.

The app did everything for me. What used to frustrate me was that that the basic plans wouldn’t adjust to my busy schedule. This app tailored the program to my needs when my life got in a way with my training and meal plan and I couldn’t keep up.

Plus, I got to pick from thousands of personalized recipes that took no longer than 15 minutes to prepare… complete with tips on how to eat out without much hassle. 

The meals in this plan were so delicious and satiating that the constant need to snack had disappeared altogether – and I haven’t had a single hunger pang! 

Yes, the first few days were a little trickier, but things got a lot easier after my body adjusted. 

I no longer have to rely on willpower or deal with constant cravings. 

It feels like I have a personal trainer and nutritionist in my pocket who keeps me focused, accountable, and motivated every step of the way.

I know you’ve probably been burned by other weight-loss programs before, but I swear this is different.

I was this close to giving up. My friend’s helpful nudge gave me the courage to try Joggo, and the app seriously changed my life. 


Could your dream body be just one quiz away too? 

Just close your eyes and imagine for a moment. 

How would you feel having a dream body you’ve always wanted, being healthier and more energetic inside out? 

How about suddenly having the energy to power through all the simple tasks that may look difficult today?

Being able to say a big “YES” whenever your family and friends invite you to fun events and trips?

If there was a chance that all this could happen thanks to Joggo, would you take that chance?

I’m glad I did. 

Because every time I look at myself in the mirror… or when others shower me with compliments… 

I know that my life has completely transformed. And I’d never go back. 

I couldn’t feel prouder of myself. 

I’m enjoying life to the fullest. Without guilt, regrets, or embarrassment.

And I want you to experience that for yourself too. 

Just like…

Take a free 60-second quiz and see how fast you can achieve your weight loss goals with your own personalized running plan.

Results may vary due to personal features


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