Does This Popular Fitness App Work? Jesse’s 28-Day Experiment

If you follow wellness trends, you may have seen the new Fitter app that recently went viral. 

We wanted to figure out why people were so hyped about it. One of our readers, 47-year-old Jessie Holmes, tested out the app’s workout plan.

It took her 28 days, and, **SPOILER ALERT**, it worked!

First things first. What’s the Fitter app?

Fitter claims that signing up to their program is like having a personal trainer and nutritionist, only a hundred times less expensive. 

In practice, this means you get a fully personalized exercise plan, complete with beginner-friendly instructional videos to follow along. 

On top of the exercises, you may also receive a list of meals with pre-counted calories and nutritional values to help you lose weight with minimal hunger.

What does personalized actually mean? 

It means that an expert trainer ensures that the exercises you get are ideal for your fitness goal, body type, problem areas, fitness level, daily routine, and schedule. 

If you try their meals too, you’ll get hundreds of recipes to choose from, including delicious healthy snacks and desserts to satisfy your “sugar tooth,” meals ready in under 10 minutes, a vegetarian menu, low-calorie burgers, healthy pizzas… and a whole lot more.  

This is perfect because it ensures your workouts have enough variety to keep you motivated while also ensuring you fully cover your nutritional needs. 

Jesse’s 28-day experiment with Fitter’s personalized plans

Let me start by saying that when I installed the app, I had my reasons to believe that this might sound good on paper, but it wouldn’t live up to my expectations in the real world (like many other weight loss apps I had tried).

At first, I wanted to give Fitter a try for at least a week and see how it goes.

Day 1 – Preparation

After completing the quiz, I received my personalized workout plan with hundreds of meal recipes made by professional coaches and nutritionists – all based on my personal preferences.

Fitter encouraged me to eat. BUT to eat the right portions, so I didn’t feel miserable and deprived. 

Everything was taken care of for me as if I had hired an expert nutritionist (except I could fit it in my pocket).

That really took the guesswork out of my way.

I started my experiment by taking care of my diet first because I knew that food is as equally important as exercising. 

I needed to check my initial weight – the real numbers were 188lb.

Day 4 – I started moving

I’m not an active person overall. 

Since I spend most of my days sitting and working by the computer, I almost don’t burn any calories, and for that reason, I’ve gained some weight.

When I get home by bus, I usually lay in my cozy bean bag, read romantic novels, sometimes drink some wine, or just binge Netflix and enjoy my happy time with my cat.

But this time, as soon as I got home, I picked up my phone and started doing Fitter’s exercises. 

Gosh, I thought it would make me fall on my knees out of exhaustion while catching my breath.

It’s funny because I was wrong. I got easy-to-follow guides – how to properly do the workouts without any gym equipment, using just my own body weight. 

And what do you know, I felt great after my complete 15-minute workout, and I didn’t even break a sweat. I felt so energized that not even coffee could replace such a feeling, haha!

I could easily track how many calories I’ve burnt with each exercise and the time I’ve spent working out. It really helped me learn and improve my progress.

So I decided to continue with my experiment.

Day 15 – I’m still on track

Here I am, at the stage where most people would just quit. I know some friends who tried losing weight on their own and lost motivation after two weeks.

I know the struggle well because I work with them at the office, and we talk about this almost every day. 

But what I realized was that most of their failures come from not knowing how to manage their workouts correctly.

That’s why Fitter’s personalized workout plan helped me get through that barrier of frustration and desperation.

Just an interesting observation. And I liked how this was going for me. 

I didn’t need to force myself to get my sportswear and start exercising in the same room where I’d been spending my couch potato days not too long ago.

I started to enjoy my 30-minute walks to the office – I saved some money on public transport, which is also a great benefit.

Day 28 – It’s time to see my results

Now, this is where it got interesting. My co-worker noticed that my chin got leaner, and my waist narrowed a little. I didn’t say anything about that, but I wanted to ask for a favor.

Since my scale was broken, I asked if he could lend me his one more time because I knew he was still trying other weight loss apps without success. 

He was keeping it at work and would check his weight daily. Luckily for me, he gave it to me just for one day.

After my shift ended, I quickly went back home.

As soon as I opened the door, I took off all my clothes and threw them down on the floor.

And when I stepped on the scale…

I was beyond excited to see how much closer I had gotten to my goal weight. 

I promise you, as soon as I saw the results, it felt fan-tas-tic. It was real, I felt the difference in my clothes, my colleagues noticed it, and now, I see it in numbers.

I mean, I was always a bit of a childish person – a young soul, but now I feel that my body feels younger too.

Of course, no one will ever tell you the exact feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of that “YES!” moment.

But if you won’t try it yourself, you won’t ever know what it’s like.

Because for the first time, finally, my body decided to work on my goal of losing weight. 

So if you ask me, “Are you happy with Fitter? Would you recommend it?”

I cross my heart, and I tell you – I’m all smiles, and it works. 

Fitter’s features that made my weight loss journey far more exciting: 

  • Quick and easy workouts at home without gym equipment. I used only my own body weight and was able to set up my workout time. Mine was 15 minutes a day.
  • Eating foods that are personalized to you without any restrictions.
  • Helping you build healthy habits that last so you could improve the quality of life and enjoy the process of losing weight.

Also, did you know that a personal coach costs around $400 for weekly sessions?

Just to hear that you need to do the same workouts or eat the same meals like Fitter has to offer for A LOT less than that.

Would I recommend it?

Absolutely yes!

  • Especially if you live a sedentary life like me and spend your days sitting in front of a screen, driving, and so on.
  • Or just don’t want to go to the gym and pay for expensive coaches to do the same workouts that Fitter gives you.
  • And, for those of you who don’t have much time in the kitchen like me… there are hundreds of delicious recipes that you can prepare in under 30 minutes or less.

Now, I find it more entertaining to do exercises rather than just binging countless seasons of my favorite shows in the evenings. Don’t get me wrong, I love tv series, but today, I love my health more.

And, I want to continue this experiment and see where it will take me in 3 months or even a year.

So, if you like my results, stay tuned for my further experience with the Fitter app!

Results may vary due to personal features


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